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Week of Oct. 22 in Teacher Ed News 

GLOBAL Diverse Issues in Higher Education. Dearth of Black Male Teachers Discussed at Colloquium   Colleges and universities should be much more aggressive in recruiting and preparing Black males to become school teachers. That was one of the many sentiments expressed on Thursday among scholars and practitioners who gathered at the International Colloquium on Black Males …

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Week of Sept. 24 in Teacher Ed News 

GLOBAL National Council on Education and the Economy. Solving the Teacher Shortage Crisis: How Some Countries are Working to It   While some American states and districts have responded to shortages by bringing unqualified and unprepared individuals into the profession, some of the world’s top-performing education systems are taking a different tack to combat teacher shortages …

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Week of June 11 in Teacher Ed News 

GLOBAL EUReporter. Inclusive education and tailored approaches can help combat poor educational outcomes for #Roma   Camille Gangloff of the Council of Europe presented the INSCHOOL project, the aim of which was to enhance social inclusion of Roma by promoting inclusive education and teacher training in selected schools in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and …

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