Weeks of Feb. 5 and 12 in Teacher Ed News

| February 16, 2018

. Uganda: unlicensed schools continue to operate, defying Government’s decision   … the for-profit education provider Bridge, who refuses to comply with the authorities’ request to meet national minimum standards on infrastructure, curriculum and teacher qualifications.

Hindi News. हिमाचल सरकार ने लांच किया टीचर ऐप, शिक्षक सीखेंगे पढ़ाने के नए तरीके

NLTimes. Dutch to cut university tuition in half for first-time students. Those wanting to become teachers can get the discounted price for two years, which the government hopes will address the current teacher shortage in the Netherlands.

1) DfE allows unlimited resits for teacher entry tests.  Ministers have sought to ease the teacher recruitment crisis by allowing unlimited resits of the professional skills tests that must be passed before anyone can enter initial teacher training.
2) ‘If Damian Hinds doesn’t prioritise the recruitment and retention of teachers our economy will suffer’  Figures released before the end of 2017 show the number of applications to initial teacher-training has dropped by a third compared with the previous year.

The Sydney Morning Herald. From tradies to teachers: The plan to ‘shake up Australia’s schools’  A national review of teacher registration … will look to streamline the process for becoming a teacher around Australia, with a view to making it easier for people in trades and other professions to switch careers.


1) AACTE Annual Meeting [March 1-3, Baltimore] February 20 Last day to register online (thereafter, registration is on site only)
2) New Partnership Pilots Inclusion of Community Colleges in AACTE Membership   About 800 community colleges nationwide offer some type of teacher preparation, including many programs that lead to bachelor’s degrees and licensure as well as others that prepare candidates to move on to 4-year institutions.

1) Last-minute proposal would let up to 10 percent of teachers in Indiana district schools be unlicensed  Under this proposal, districts could hire teachers who hold alternative licenses that require little more than bachelor degrees, like the license allowed for charter schools, or no licenses at all
2) Trump’s proposed education budget: more for school choice, less for teacher training. Teacher training advocates in particular have bristled at proposed cuts to Title II.
3) What a $10,000 fellowship for rural teachers will and won’t do to address teacher shortages  In addition to making up to 60 $6,000 stipends available each year, it would also allow people pursuing alternative licensure to apply for the benefit in exchange for a commitment to teach in a rural school for at least three years.

Edutopia. Teacher Recruitment Starting in High School  From Mississippi to Hawaii, new programs recruit high school students to become teachers.

1) Here’s How States Are Using Title II Funds to Strengthen the Teaching Profession  3. Making Teacher Licensure and Certification More Useful Too often, licensure tests are not meaningful measures of teaching abilities, but rather “bureaucratic hurdles,”…
2) In Wake of Parkland Shooting, Proposals for Arming Teachers Likely to Resurface  While districts generally require extensive training for educators who would be armed at school, this type of legislation generates a lot of outrage and concern from educators.
3) Latino Teachers Face Stereotypes, Are Asked to ‘Prove Their Worth,’ Report Says  The report points to grow-your-own programs as a way to recruit and retain more Latino teachers
4) Teachers say curriculum update to include more black history  The fact that many schools don’t spend enough time on the subject, he said, can be blamed on other factors as well, chiefly a lack of training for teachers.
5) Trump Seeks to Cut Education Budget by 5 Percent, Expand School Choice Push.  In order to achieve those proposed spending cuts, the president copied two major education cuts he proposed last year: the elimination of Title II teacher grants …
6) When Students Assault Teachers, Effects Can Be Lasting  “Mainstream teachers rarely get training on how to de-escalate violence in the classroom,” said Espelage, the University of Florida professor. “Some of the training we give to special ed. teachers, I think we need to give to all teachers.”

Hechinger Report. Teachers, how does it feel to be oppressors?   Colleges of education and teacher certification programs must do more to address the psychological bases of racism, patriarchy and white privilege.

Houston Chronicle. Programs, workshops, even graduate degrees help K-12 teachers get fluent in STEM.  Patricia Reiff directs the [Rice] university’s Master of Science Teaching Program, which allows K-12 teachers to take courses or even earn a graduate degree.

Language Magazine. Bill in Congress Aims to Help ELL Teacher ShortageThe Reaching English Learners Act has been introduced in Congress in hopes of creating a solution to the national shortage of ELL teachers.

Medium.  Marquette University’s College of Education is paving the way to address the teacher supply challenge.   Eckman, associate professor and chair of educational policy and leadership, says the team wanted to develop a streamlined, efficient graduate program for non-education majors who realize they want to become teachers later in their college years or after starting other careers.

Monmouth University. Monmouth Dean is Revolutionizing Teacher Training Programs   The program that he has created at Monmouth begins placing prospective teachers into schools as early as possible as undergraduates. And he wants his education majors to embrace substitute teaching.

. New York education officials move to block rules allowing some charter schools to certify their own teachers  The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday, seeks to overturn regulations approved by the State University of New York in October allowing charter schools it oversees to design their own teacher-certification programs.

InsideHigherEd. Putting Money Where His Mouth Is? New York governor Andrew Cuomo has made huge claims and drawn sharp criticism with his higher ed policies.  “I definitely think there’s a fair question of whether the dollars behind these proposals match the scale of what people imagine,” said Judith Scott-Clayton, an associate professor of economics and education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

NPR Ed. The Gap Between The Science On Kids And Reading, And How It Is Taught  …skilled reading is associated with children’s spoken language, grammar and the vocabulary they already know. It’s about teaching kids the correspondence between the letters on a page and the sounds of words. This basic science does not go into the preparation of teachers.

NYPost. Regents putting vested interests ahead of New York’s kids  The new rules, OK’d by SUNY’s Charter Schools Committee in October, only apply to SUNY-governed public schools. But they’re still a threat to the players (education schools and teachers unions) who win under the old rules.

1) Clinical Practice Work Group Recommendations and request for input.    
2) Creation of New Certification Area in the Classroom Teaching Service for Computer Science– Comment period ends Feb. 26
Send comments to: Kelly Grace, NYS Education Department, 89 Washington Avenue, 975 EBA, Albany, NY 12234 <regcomments@nysed.gov>

Politico New York. Education Department, Regents file complaint over SUNY charter teacher certification  The state Education Department and Board of Regents on Thursday filed a complaint in Albany County Supreme Court challenging controversial teacher certification changes made by SUNY’s Charter Schools Committee.

Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. November 2017 meeting minutesDecember 2017 meeting minutes

Wall Street Journal. New York Education Officials Challenge Charter Schools’ Right to Certify Teachers.  The SUNY board’s Charter Schools Committee voted in October to let high-achieving charters certify their own staff, if candidates got 160 hours of instruction in behavior management and other skills; had 40 hours of experience in the field under a supervisor’s eye; and passed one exam.

. Daisy Zheng: Volunteer tutor helps city students break through  Breakthrough New York is a non-profit organization that’s been around for nearly 20 years in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan… And for Zheng, that goal is to one day become a teacher.

NYTimes. ‘Smart Is Something You Get’: How a Bronx School Succeeds  Ms. Sorden … is augmenting her master’s from Columbia University’s Teachers College with a doctorate in education from St. John’s University.