Week of Sept. 4 in Teacher Ed News

| September 8, 2017

Education International. Mexico: global campaign demands justice for 43 missing Mexican students  On September 26th, 2014, students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College gathered to head to Mexico City  to attend the commemoration of the anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre

Education Week.
1) Cellphones, Apps Power Learning for Syrian Refugees  …there’s limited information about how tech access will affect educational outcomes, if at all, said Mary Mendenhall, an assistant professor of practice in the International and Comparative Education Program at Teachers College.
2) Mexico offers teaching jobs to ‘dreamers’ returning from US

NCEE. Empowered Educators Aug. 24th Webinar. Featuring: L. Darling-Hammond, A. Lin Goodwin, Pasi Sahlberg, Marc Tucker, etc.

Unite for Quality Education. Evaluating the Liberian School Privatisation Program  Considering that PSL schools receive enormous increases in spending and inspection, and, as the midline report notes, had “first pick of better trained” recently graduated teachers, this situation has the potential to create a two-tiered education system in Liberia.

AACTE. How Teacher Education Can Elevate Teacher Quality: Highlights From Sept./Oct. JTE

Business Insider. America’s teacher shortage is leading some states to lower their requirements to become one  A teacher shortage has led legislators in several states to lower requirements to become a public school educator.

1) Teachers protected by DACA launch a new school year under a threatening cloud  Teach For America is joining many other education organizations in continuing to lobby Congress to pass the DREAM Act, which would create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children.
2) XQ is taking over TV to make the case that high school hasn’t changed in 100 years. But is that true?  …Ansley Erickson, an assistant professor of history and education at Columbia University Teachers College. But, she said, there has been a massive transformation of high school…  Schneider elaborated on what has changed: “A century ago, teachers were largely untrained and oversaw very large classes in which rote memorization was the rule.

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CFP

Education Week.
1) Could an Apprenticeship Be a Viable Way to Prepare Special Educators?  An Ohio teacher-educator has an idea that she thinks will fill persistant teacher shortages in special education fields—and potentially revolutionize teacher preparation.
2) Differences in Performance WITHIN Schools: Why So Much Greater Than in Other Countries?  New teachers, fresh out of teachers college, get very little support from the veteran teachers and often leave the occupation early feeling they have failed at teaching.
3) Senate Panel Rejects Trump Teacher-Funding Cut, School Choice Proposals  The legislation would leave intact the main federal programs aimed at teacher training and after-school funding.
4) Trump School Choice Proposals, K-12 Cuts Again Rebuffed by Senators But the teacher training program isn’t out of the woods just yet. The House of Representatives spending bill, which will have to be conferenced with the Senate measure, would seek to scrap that program entirely

1) Football Favoritism at F.S.U.: The Price One Teacher Paid  Ms. Suggs decided to leave Florida State, after five years, with an education specialist degree — one step short of her doctorate.
2) More Protests of Trump’s Plan to End DACA Expected  “It’s like my life is crumbling on top of me,” said Salgado, who graduated from Murray State University in Kentucky last year and in is her second year as a high school Spanish teacher just outside Nashville, Tennessee.
3) Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues  “Teachers can’t help but be seduced to make greater use of the technology, given these efforts by tech companies,” said Samuel E. Abrams, director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Wall Street Journal. Teacher Shortage Prompts Some States to Lower the Bar  In the face of a worsening teacher shortage, several states around the country are loosening requirements for credentials that will make it easier to teach in public school classrooms.

Washington Post.
1) Most teachers believe that kids have different ‘learning styles.’ Here’s why they are wrong.  I frequently hear from teachers that they learned about the theory in teacher education classes. I’ve looked at all of the well-known educational psychology textbooks, and none of them present the idea as correct. But neither do they debunk it.
2) The false narrative behind a glitzy live television show about school reform  But a century ago, almost everything else was different. Teachers were largely untrained. Rote memorization was the rule. Students brought a hodgepodge of books from home and were instructed in an unpredictable range of content. 

WCVS [Virginia]. Superintendents fear teacher shortage is near ‘crisis situation’  We checked the numbers at UVA-Wise. In 2011, the teacher education program had 60 students enrolled. This year, that number is down to just 29.

Chalkbeat. After blasting Success’s board chair, Chancellor Rosa to visit Success Academy on first day of school  At a recent conference, Rosa strongly condemned a policy shift that would benefit Success Academy — a SUNY proposal to allow charter schools to certify their own teachers.

Education Week. Some New York Charter Schools May Soon Certify Their Own Teachers  …training for charter school teachers working toward the special license (30 hours of instruction and 100 hours of classroom training) wouldn’t even equal that of a cosmetologist (1,000 hours of instruction), or a real estate broker (120 hours of instruction and two years of on-the-job experience.)

Hechinger Report. OPINION: As New York City pubic schools open, here are three strategies to help every student succeed under the new education law [OpEd by A. L. Goodwin & K. Parkes]

HuffPost. Opposition Rallies Against Plan To Put Unqualified People In Classrooms  Comments can be submitted online or mailed to Charter Schools Institute, State University of New York, 41 State Street, Suite 700, Albany, NY 12207 by September 10.

Lohud. NY teachers wanted: Here’s why  New York has nearly 8,600 fewer active educators than it did five years ago, and the number of SUNY students majoring in education has dropped 50 percent since 2007, fueling fears of a looming teacher shortage across the state.

NY DailyNews. Let charter schools certify teachers  Charter schools wouldn’t be starting from scratch, because many already run their own teacher training programs.

NYSED. Comments on the Governance, Structure and Operations of SUNY Authorized Charter Schools Pertaining to Teacher Compliance

1) New York education leaders: Scrap charter school teacher proposal: Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa speak out
2) There’s more than one way to train a great teacher  The most vocal critics of this approach are entrenched in traditional university schools of education. With some notable exceptions, universities fail to train the teaching force that kids need.

Chalkbeat. With Trump moving to end DACA, New York City leaders pledge support for students and teachers  Teach for America has actively recruited almost 200 “DACA-mented” teachers to its corps. New York State officials in 2016 authorized DACA recipients to earn certain teacher certifications and professional licenses. It is unclear how those teachers will be impacted.

New York Times. For Teachers Working Through DACA, a Bittersweet Start to the School Year  In May 2016, New York State allowed DACA recipients to get licenses for teaching…The city’s Department of Education, whose schools reopened for the year on Thursday, does not keep track of how many teachers have DACA. But Teach for America, the national program that places young teachers in low-income neighborhoods, does. Twelve of the organization’s 180 teachers with DACA are in New York classrooms…

Teachers College.
1) Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom  …Detra Price-Dennis and top professional development platform Teach Away, with the aim of delivering online digital literacy training that helps K-8 educators maximize student learning outcomes in the classroom.
) Heeding Her Call: Urban Education responds to Mariana Souto-Manning’s framework for re-centering minoritized communities in social justice research

ThinkProgress. Meet Gabe, a DACA recipient and aspiring South Bronx science teacher who’s helping low-income kids