Week of Sept. 3 in Teacher Ed News

| September 7, 2018

Education International
. Caribbean education unions’ young teacher training for a bright future for teachers and education   … they articulated a long-term plan of visits to the Teachers’ Training College in Guyana, to encourage newly trained teachers to become members of the GTU and enlighten them on their rights and responsibilities.

UNICEF. Education at risk for more than 3.5 million school-aged children in the Lake Chad Basin   Communities were engaged to participate in the continuous protection of schools, and in Nigeria this knowledge is being integrated in the training of pre-service teachers.

The Age [Australia]. ‘I don’t want people with ATARs of 35 going into teaching’: Labor’s schools plan   Raising the ATAR required for teaching degrees and rethinking NAPLAN tests will be key areas of focus for Labor if it is elected at the next federal election.

Transforming Teacher Education and Learning [Ghana]. Teacher-Trainee adopts innovative skills for teaching   A Teacher-Trainee at Accra College of Education has developed Improved Practical Classroom teaching aid skills to assist slow pupils at the lower primary level to catch-up gradually with the rest of the class.


60 Minutes/CBS News
. Why Bill and Melinda Gates put 20,000 students through college   Now it’s Kaira Kelly who’s doing the teaching after earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education with her Gates Scholarship.

Economic Policy Institute. The teacher pay penalty has hit a new high   Even if teachers may be more motivated by altruism than some other workers, teaching must compete with other occupations for talented college and university graduates.…

Education Week.
1) edTPA Encourages Reflection, But Disrupts ‘Natural Learning Process,’ Teachers Say   14 percent said it helped them learn to prepare assessments and analyze student data. But many students surveyed said they didn’t think the assessment would help them become better teachers.
2) How Can We Support More Empowering Teacher-Student Relationships?   …many teacher training programs have yet to integrate coursework that explicitly tackles the relational side of teaching
3) Teachers Are Paid Almost 20 Percent Less Than Similar Professionals, Analysis Finds   Overall, teachers’ weekly wages lag by more than 25 percent compared to similarly educated professionals in 16 states. There are no states where teacher pay is equal to or better than that of other college graduates. 

Chalkbeat. Lifting the veil on education’s newest big donor: Inside Chan Zuckerberg’s $300 million push to reshape schools   CZI has backed efforts to infuse the concept into teacher training, including through the Woodrow Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy ($3 million), the New Teacher Center ($1.7 million), and the Harvard Graduate School of Education ($1.1 million).

Hechinger Report. OPINION: Confessions of a white teacher in an urban school   My first year of teaching was in 1999-2000. This was 17 years before Christopher Emdin wrote For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood, and before professional learning communities were possible on Twitter… The secret to being a good teacher is, I think, to be just a little bit subversive. Never forget that you are teaching children, not a curriculum.

NCEE. The Early Advantage: Rapid Change in Early Childhood Education and Care Around the World   In the new book, The Early Advantage 1: Early Childhood Systems That Lead By Example, world-renowned early childhood researcher Sharon Lynn Kagan and her team of international experts examined the innovative approaches to early childhood policy, practice, and service delivery in these leading systems.

NCTQ. What school districts can do to tackle teacher shortages   Only half the people who graduate from teacher prep programs actually take teaching jobs as new teachers in any given year. One reason is that teacher prep programs generally produce about twice as many education graduates as schools are hiring—they’re just not producing the types of teachers that most schools need.

NEA Today. Back to School Without a Qualified Teacher   The LPI report also notes that short-term strategies, like hasty certification programs, likely worsen the problem. Under-prepared teachers leave at two to three times the rate of well-prepared teachers.

NYTimes. Can Good Teaching Be Taught?  

The Guardian. Teacher shortages worsening in majority of US states, study reveals   Short-term licensure, which is labelled and categorized in different ways across all 50 states, represents a quick fix to the teaching crisis. Empty positions are filled by teachers who may have a bachelor’s degree, or certification in another topic, but still have further education requirements to complete.


Program Draft, 2018 Annual Fall Conference  [Oct. 10-12, Saratoga Springs]

NYSED. Office of Higher Education August Newsletter

Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching.
1) April Meeting Notes
2) May Meeting Notes


1) Mayor de Blasio says fate of 50 turnaround schools will be decided this year  “The goal posts have never been very clear — either in terms of specific outcomes that would guide hard decisions or timelines,” said Aaron Pallas a professor at Teachers College who has studied the Renewal program.
2) New York City’s new chief academic officer has a plan: to give teachers resources that work for every single student   Starting in 1997, Chen taught in New York City for about three years before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, founded by the influential Columbia professor Lucy Calkins. [Teachers College MA ’99, EdM ’09, EdD ’16]