Week of Sept. 17 in Teacher Ed News

| September 21, 2018

. France Bans Smartphones in Schools Through 9th Grade. Will It Help Students? However, he acknowledged that phones were a top concern of the young teachers he trains, who inevitably ask how to deal with smartphone use in class. “Most of them think that they will be more protected with the law,” he said. “Let’s wait and see. But I doubt it.”

Project Syndicate. Education in the Age of Automation One potential barrier to this approach is a dearth of well-trained teachers. In Sub-Saharan African countries, for example, there are some 44 pupils for every qualified secondary school teacher, on average; for primary schools, the ratio is even worse, at 58 to one.

The World Bank. Educating for the future: The case of East Asia   3. Select and support teachers throughout their careers To help teachers become more efficient in implementing 21st century curricular reform, more and better pre- and in-service teacher training and development are needed.


1) Have you thought about teaching? Colorado teachers union sells the profession in new videos  There are a lot of factors contributing to a shortage of teachers in Colorado and around the nation. One of them — with potentially long-term consequences — is that far fewer people are enrolling in or graduating from teacher preparation programs.
2) Michigan’s ‘band-aid’ for filling teaching jobs is expanding. Here’s what you need to know.   It shows that teachers with alternative certification are concentrated in Detroit, largely at charter schools, and that they’re disproportionately at a handful of schools.
3) With the alarm sounded statewide over shortages, Chicago forges ahead with a teacher experiment   …in Illinois, where education advocates say the teacher shortage has become dire, residencies have the potential to address a host of problems, from filling critical vacancies in special education to building an on-ramp for career changers and community members who have deep ties to their neighborhood schools.

1) A New Day for Teacher Prep   By working in close collaboration with one another and with states and P-12 partners, AAQEP members are positioned to get better and better at developing profession-ready educators with the capacity to support success for all students. It’s a new day for accreditation in educator preparation.
2) Dual-Language Learning: 6 Key Insights for Schools   “That’s been one of our biggest challenges, to find a pipeline of teachers, qualified teachers. We’ve been finding an alternate way to help certify teachers that we need.”
3) New Teachers Are Often Assigned to High-Poverty Schools. Why Not Train Them There?   “This is a new movement in education,” Darling-Hammond said in an interview. “It’s the sign of a new way of thinking about how to bring in new teachers productively. It’s a great antidote to the traditional U.S. way of putting teachers in classrooms and letting them either sink or swim.
4) What K-12 and Higher Education Can Learn From Each Other It is important for K-12 educators to realize that higher education is built on research, not teaching. . Moreover, while Ph.D.s often tend to be the instructors of record in college courses, there is actually very little in terms of the academic preparation for a doctorate degree that prepares them for classroom instruction. This, too, is a sharp contrast to K-12, where teachers largely must undergo a teacher-preparation program to become certified. 

Encoura. How Prospective Student Mindsets Influence Major and College Choice   ROI-seeking Career Pragmatists, along with career-minded Career through Academics and Experiential Interest students, are more likely to prefer an in-state public institution. These Mindsets are often sensitive to price, and likely overlap heavily with students interested in studying healthcare, education, and social work.

Hechinger Report. Ten jobs that are safe from robots   High school teachers need at least a bachelor’s degree and, to work in public schools, a teaching license or certification… Due to its highly interpersonal nature, high school teaching ranks very low on the automation-risk scale.

1) Education Dept. Blocked From Canceling Debt Collection Contracts
2) Multiple Measurements to Predict Success “We’ve got enough evidence now for people to move in the direction of using multiple measurements,” said Elisabeth Barnett, the lead researcher on the project from the Community College Research Center and a co-author of the report. “One thing becoming clearer is that high school GPA is an especially good measurement.”
3) Positive View of Higher Ed, With Lots of Caveats When it comes to attitudes about certain colleges, the public view is mixed. The public is more likely to have a favorable view (and any view) of public than of private higher education.

Vox. Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller could soon be out of Texas classrooms. Moses gets to stay in.   The board took a preliminary vote to make a number of changes to curriculum, including scrapping mention of Clinton and Hellen Keller from sections on citizenship and removing a phrase referring to the “optimism of the many immigrants who sought a better life in America.”


. State Education Department Announces Bronx International Community High School Teacher Named 2019 Teacher of the Year   He earned his Master of Arts in Secondary Education with a specialization in History from Bard College. Susso holds a professional teaching certificate in 7-12 social studies.

NYS Board of Regents.
1) Early Childhood Workgroup’s Blue Ribbon Committee Final Recommendations [Comm. incl. TC Prof. Souto-Manning]
Strengthening the Early Childhood Workforce

  • Elevate Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
  • Develop Career Pathways for Childhood Educators
  • Recruit a High Quality Workforce
  • Strengthen Teacher and Leader Preparation
  • Develop Concentrations in Early Childhood Teacher Certification

2) Proposed Addition of a New Section 80-3.16 to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to Allow Individuals Completing a Program Accredited by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) to Obtain an Initial Certificate in Speech
3) Proposed Amendments to Section 80-3.7 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Initial Certificate Requirements for Individuals Who Have a Graduate Degree and Two Years of Postsecondary Teaching Experience in the Area of Certification
4) Proposed Amendment to Section 80-1.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Reinstatement of the Educational Technology Specialist Content Specialty Test Safety Net for Candidates Seeking Education Technology Specialist Certification
5) Proposed Amendment to Section 80-1.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Extension of the edTPA Safety Net for Candidates Who Receive a Failing Score on the Library Specialist edTPA


. City may have to pay out $1.7B over biased teaching exam   The teachers’ case involves the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, a state-mandated exam that city educators and job applicants were required to take from 1993 to 2004… Four teachers in 1996 first filed a suit over the test. They targeted both the state and city, but an appeals court ultimately let Albany off the hook since the city is the teachers’ employer.

Teachers College. Center for Innovation in Teacher Education and Development (CITED). TeacherEd Confidential: Venture Capitalism and the Academic Underbelly [Oct. 3 7:30pm]

The 74. Investigation: New Records Reveal What It Takes to Be One of the 75 NYC Teachers Fired for Misconduct or Incompetence Between 2015 and 2016   Termination in New York City does not result automatically in revocation of a state teaching certificate, and most of the fired teachers retained their license.