Week of Oct. 3 in Teacher Ed News

| October 7, 2016

bne IntelliNews. Romanian schools face head teacher crisis as reforms postponed Many potential candidates have either left the system, which has been dominated for decades by mediocre politically-connected head teachers…

Christian Science Monitor. Back in school, German kids meet their new classmates: refugees Many teachers have been hired with little or no education experience.

EducationWeek. Finland’s Education Minister Discusses New National Curriculum and PISA Scores We’re very much investing in teacher education.

AACTE. 69th Annual Meeting March 2-4, Tampa, FL. Early Bird Registration [deadline Oct. 19]

Brookings/A. Duncan. An open letter to America’s college presidents and education school deans Seven years ago, I spoke at Columbia University’s Teacher College and challenged the sector to step up, to create revolutionary change.

CAEP. Seeking Accreditation Chief, 2017 Conference Proposals; Fall Conference Draws 1,400 Participants

1) $67M teacher training grant awarded to La. education dept.
2) Having the Difficult Race-Bias Conversation
3) Looking for More Support, New Teachers Turn to Online Communities …many education students join the new teacher Twitter chat, either independently or at the suggestion of an education professor.
4) New Teachers Make Up a Significant Segment of Profession New teachers often report feeling unprepared for the realities of the classrooms.
5) Teachers Seize On ‘Growth Mindset,’ But Crave More Training 35 percent of teachers surveyed by Education Week’s Research Center said their training and professional development had included strategies…
6) Universities Revamping Teacher Prep to Provide More Hands-On Training Modeled after medical-training programs, teacher residency programs have been cropping up across the country since 2001.

Huber, C. & Kuncel, N. (2016). Does College Teach Critical Thinking? A Meta-Analysis. Review of Educational Research

Huffington Post/L. Darling-Hammond. The Answer To Teacher Shortages: Creating A Sustainable Profession There are fewer new entrants, with teacher preparation enrollments having dropped by 35% between 2009 and 2014.

NewYork Daily News. Kids to America: More black and Latino teachers, please

The Atlantic. The Ticking Clock of Teacher Burnout Policy-level ingredients, such as high-quality teacher preparation and adequate support for beginning teachers, matter too.

Pennsylvania Dept. of Education. Relay Graduate School of Education application denied

US News&World Report. 2016 Education School Rankings

Hechinger Report. University bureaucracies grew 15 percent during the recession, even as budgets were cut and tuition increased Cf. CUNY-System and SUNY-System offices

Gottesman Libraries. Book Talk: Remixing the Classroom, with Randall Allsup & Guests, Tuesday, 10/11, 5-7pm “Randall advocates for an open, quest-driven teaching model that has repercussions for music education and the humanities more generally.”

TC Kossoff Lecture. Taking the Election to School: Making Education a Focus of the 2016 Election [Oct. 13, 6:30pm]

TCRecord & Vialogues. The Laundromat as the Transnational Local: Young Children’s Literacies of Interdependence .