Week of Oct. 29 in Teacher Ed News

| November 2, 2018

CTV News
. Ontario government to require math test for new teachers   The legislation comes after the Education Quality and Accountability Office, which administers standardized assessments in the province, said this summer that math test scores among public elementary students have been decreasing over the last five years..

Hürriet Daily News. Turkey’s education minister unveils education reform program  There will also be changes in the education of the teachers. “The training of teachers should definitely be changed in education faculties [of universities]. We cannot control the system without controlling the resources,”

International Education News. Leading Futures: Flip the System UK: A Manifesto for an Education Evolution  “A growing teacher recruitment crisis is looming unless greater support for teachers is forthcoming, the President of NASUWT Scotland warned.”… Welsh Government figures showed the target for trainee teacher intake in secondary schools and for PGCEs had both been missed in 2015-16.

The Straits Times [Singapore]. Mid-career scheme for would-be teachers at international schools launched   Mid-career professionals looking to switch careers now have a scheme where they can train to become teachers in international schools.


1) Colorado Gives Grants to AACTE Member Institutions to Combat Teacher Shortage   The projects will establish teacher residency programs, leverage technology for improved professional support, and encourage more teacher candidates to specialize in high-need content areas.
2) Radio Show Highlights Efforts to Retain, Recruit Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teachers   …the teaching profession as a whole has sort of lost its respect and dignity. That prevents many Black and Latino males from even considering the profession as a career option, compounded with the fact Black males and Latino are needed now more than ever to be in the classroom.” said Kuykendal, associate professor and dean of the school of education at the University of Indianapolis.

AAQEP. Quality Assurance Symposium [Feb. 21, Louisville, KY]

1) As Michigan’s poorest 4-year-olds wait for classroom seats, free pre-K for all kids seems elusive.  …places facing shortages or high turnover for its preschool teachers have turned to Teach for America to fill gaps, or provided scholarships for early childhood educators to obtain degrees that would raise their wages.
2) Teacher residencies have many admirers but still train few teachers. California may be about to change that.   Teachers who go through the programs have to commit to teaching for four years in the district or school that sponsors the residency, and if they leave early they’re on the hook to pay back some of the grant funding.

Chronicle of Higher Education. Margaret Spellings Is Stepping Down at UNC. Will Anyone Want to Replace Her?   She cited changes that she has set in motion and seemed wistful about goals that hadn’t been reached yet, among them a “college-going culture” and better teacher-preparation programs.

Education Post. Let’s Put The Science of Reading in Teachers’ Hands, So Kids Aren’t Left Behind   Teacher training is a critical missing link in helping children learn to read. The International Dyslexia Association has identified only 25 colleges in the U.S. [incl. TC Reading Specialist program]

Education Week.
1) Teachers Colleges: The Weakest Link [Opinion, M. Tucker]  Our schools of education are the weakest link in our public education system, and, of all the system’s parts, they may be the hardest to change with the tools available to policy makers. Perhaps that’s why we don’t really even try.
2) Teaching Force Continues to Grow  The teaching force has continued to grow larger, less experienced, and more racially diverse, as high rates of teacher turnover continue, a new analysis shows.
3) Why Doesn’t Every Teacher Know the Research on Reading Instruction? [Commentary]   I’m hopeful this renewed interest will serve as a catalyst for overhauling reading instruction in our teacher-preparation programs. However, relying solely on better preparation for the next generation of teachers is a slow delivery system to children.

Hechinger Report.
1) OPINION: Teachable moments from the Pittsburgh shooting   We need to change our language to encourage a culture shift at home and in schools.  A quick and informal survey of my college students lets me know that they received (and still receive) gendered messages.
2) Research evidence on bullying prevention at odds with what schools are doing   Jonathan Cohen, a psychologist and an adjunct professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, is currently working on a paper about the gap between anti-bullying policies and the scientific evidence on bullying… he argues that schools should combine consequences for bullies with mediation, counseling or a learning experience.
3) TEACHER VOICE: We need phonics, along with other supports, for reading   The teacher preparation courses since the 1990s certainly deserve blame for “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and leaving a generation of students without strong reading skills.

New York Times.
1) After Teacher Walkouts, Arizona Republicans Jostle Onto Education Platform. Mr. Ducey’s challenger, David Garcia, a professor of education at Arizona State University, has a radically different vision… He is an Army veteran with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and an expert on the huge troves of data that have transformed education research over the past two decades.
2) Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way? [Opinion] …kids need to learn how the words they know how to say connect to print on the page. They need explicit, systematic phonics instruction…Teacher preparation programs continue to ignore the sound science behind how people become readers.

Tribune Star. Indiana’s teacher shortage slightly improved   The reasons for the shortage haven’t changed. “We don’t pay well, the job is tough” and prospective teachers are often having difficulty passing the tests required for certification, McDaniel said. Some are choosing to go out-of-state to teach because of difficulties passing Indiana’s CORE content area assessment exams. 


. CityViews: Focusing on the Wrong Teacher Shortage Crisis in New York   …there are gaps between subject area specializations of recently trained teachers and the current distribution of teaching jobs in New York: the share of teacher preparation graduates in mathematics, science, English, and social studies is less than the share of classroom instructors currently teaching in those critical fields.

NYSATE/NYACTE. October 2018 Conference Archives.

NYSED. Office of Higher Education October Newsletter
1) Assessment Vouchers
2) CTE Grades 5 and 6 Extensions
3) Teacher Diversity Pipeline Pilot Grant RFP    …must include an eligible New York State institution of higher education with an approved undergraduate teacher preparation program
4) Recruitment for the Students with Disabilities, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Health Education CSTs


1) After report that New York City is ending its Renewal turnaround program, big questions remain   “There seems to be good reason to think that the program is going to be shut down after three quarters of a billion dollars has been pumped into it without much positive impact to point to,” said Aaron Pallas, a researcher at Teachers College who has studied the Renewal initiative.
2) Anti-Semitism is on the rise in schools. After Pittsburgh, teachers grapple with a response.   At New York City’s Harvest Collegiate High School on Monday, social studies teacher Andy del Calvo [Teachers College MA ’13] did what educators often do: He adapted his lesson for the times.

Teaching Residents @ Teachers College. TR@TC Induction Newsletter | November, 2018 | Fall Edition

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