Week of Oct. 22 in Teacher Ed News

| October 26, 2018

Diverse Issues in Higher Education
. Dearth of Black Male Teachers Discussed at Colloquium   Colleges and universities should be much more aggressive in recruiting and preparing Black males to become school teachers. That was one of the many sentiments expressed on Thursday among scholars and practitioners who gathered at the International Colloquium on Black Males in Education in Dublin.

Tes. Does personality count when it comes to teaching?   If schools could screen recruits to ensure they have the right character for the job, it could improve retention and boost pupils’ attainment. But, says Marc Smith … in the grip of a recruitment crisis, would we want to limit the pool of applicants based on perceived personality traits?

Unite for Quality Education. Argentina, profit now guides education policy making   The team have mapped the various actors in the sector – some of them very recognisable – like the Varkey Foundation and the franchise ‘Teach for America’ – as these are global education players and brands.


. Radio Interview Highlights Emerging Technologies in Educator Preparation   Every pre-service teacher at NSU is required to take an emerging technologies course that includes the robotics unit where the candidates build and program their own robot. The course prepares teacher candidates of every subject to enter the classroom ready to use robotics as part of their curriculum if they choose to do so.

AACTE/SCALE. 2018 Teacher Performance Assessment Conference [Oct. 19-20] Incl. edTPA’s Focus on Academic Language and its Influence on the Feedback Teacher Candidates Provide on Student Assessments, Brandie Waid (TC PhD ’18), Drew University & Benjamin Bailey, Teachers College, Columbia University

Casper Star Tribune. Fewer educators graduating from UW is warning sign of teaching crisis to come, dean warns   Enrollment at the University of Wyoming’s College of Education has fallen by a quarter in recent years, its top administrator warned lawmakers recently as he sought to ring the bell about a looming teacher shortage that some districts are already feeling.

Education Week.
1) 5 Things to Know About Today’s Teaching Force  There has been a huge increase in new hires of teachers, and while many of those are recent college graduates, others are leaving another career to join teaching.
2) How History Class Divides Us  Keffrelyn Brown, a professor of cultural studies in education at the University of Texas, Austin, who helps prepare teachers there, said the incoming candidates she works with often hold simplistic, myopic perspectives on race—the idea, for example, that racism is something that only occurred in the past or is limited only to certain individuals.
3) Teachers Criticize Their Colleges of Ed. for Not Preparing Them to Teach Reading   Reading, James said, should not be a guessing game, and it becomes one with the balanced literacy approach. She concluded: “I find it disheartening and sad that teachers in the field are more knowledgeable about current research and practices than your professors.”

Forbes. Want To Keep Students Engaged? Ask, Don’t Tell   For teachers who themselves were schooled in traditional classrooms, with rows of desks and a teacher lecturing, transforming a classroom into a bastion of active learning is no small feat… Fortunately, programs and initiatives across the country are working to help teachers incorporate more hands-on learning across the curriculum.

Hechinger Report.
1) Mississippi lags in computer science grads, teachers— but it has a plan to fix that   In 2016, the state failed to graduate any teachers certified in computer science
2) OPINION: The Opt Out movement is gaining ground, quietly  [by TC Asst. Prof. O. Pizmony-Levy]

Learning Policy Institute. The Tapestry of American Public Education: How Can We Create a System of Schools Worth Choosing for All?   States also vary in accountability requirements for charter schools. In all states, charter schools administer state assessments…Twenty-eight states require teachers to be certified; three states and the District of Columbia do not.

New York Times. Google Is Teaching Children How to Act Online. Is It the Best Role Model?  It has taken the lead partly by developing useful products specifically for teachers and students, rather than simply repurposing its consumer or business tools for school use. Millions of students now use Google Classroom, a classroom-management system that allows teachers to assign and correct lessons online.

Post Crescent. Across Wisconsin, ’emergency license’ teachers are running classrooms   Districts across Wisconsin fill positions with “emergency license” teachers. Here’s a look into what it’s like to teach while learning to teach.

Teaching Tolerance. Checking Yourself for Bias in the Classroom  Unconscious bias can shape the responses of even the most well-intentioned educators. But you can check yourself—one teacher shares how.

The Atlantic. What I Learned About Life at My 30th College Reunion: “Every classmate who became a teacher or doctor seemed happy,” and 29 other lessons from seeing my Harvard class of 1988 all grown up.

U.S. Education Dept. Education Secretary DeVos Announces Recipients of 2018 Terrel H. Bell Awards for Outstanding School Leadership  [Incl: Dr. Reginald Landeau, alumnus of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program at Teachers College]

Washington Post. Education professor: My students asked who I would vote for. Here’s what I told them.   And if I wanted to know how individual students were doing, I would simply ask a teacher. They really are quite good at describing the skills possessed by each of their students!


My Brothers Keeper.
Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) II   The purpose of TOC II is to increase the rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.

NYSUT. TOC support program helps aspiring teachers every step of the way   “The purpose of TOC is to increase the number of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers,” said Nancy Brown, dean of Old Westbury’s School of Education.

Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching.  Meeting Minutes – July 2018

WCNY Capital Press Room [15 min. radio interview] Teacher Recruitment Efforts   New York is on the verge of a massive teacher shortage. An upcoming conference will feature an initiative by education groups across the state to attract new teachers to New York’s schools.


. Teaching high schools get a boost as New York City works to diversify its educator corps   The city is set to go from five teaching-themed high schools two years ago to 25 schools with courses or clubs meant to set students on a path to heading their own classrooms. And Chancellor Richard Carranza is making a personal pledge to students who participate: Fulfill their goal of becoming teachers, and he’ll assure them a job.

City and State New York. The 2018 New York City 40 Under 40   [Incl: Matthew J. Camp Director of Government Relations, Teachers College] “It’s really important to know that Teachers College is a big place that does a lot of things.” Besides educating the next generation of educators, the school also focuses on health, psychology and advocacy.

City Limits. NYC’s Special Education System Feels the Impact of Teacher Shortages   According to state data, in the 2016-2017 school year, 49 percent of District 75 teachers had a Master’s or Doctorate, compared to 37 percent of total teachers in the state. But the data also indicated that 19 percent of D75 educators were teaching “out of certification,” compared to an average of 15.9 percent in New York City’s 32 other school districts.