Week of Oct. 2 in Teacher Ed News

| October 6, 2017

Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE). Conference 2017 [Oct. 23-25, Dubrovnik, Croatia]

Center on International Education Benchmarking. Respect for Teachers Highest in China, South Korea and Singapore  Countries that have high levels of respect for teachers are more likely to encourage strong students to enter teaching and to offer strong teacher training.

Chalkbeat. Want more young people to aspire to become teachers? Try paying teachers more  “In countries where teacher salaries are higher, 15-year-old students are more likely to expect to work as teachers,” the researchers Seong Won Han, Francesca Borgonovi, and Sonia Guerriero conclude, using data from the OECD

Education Week. The [U.S.] Teacher of the Year Went to Ethiopia to Train Educators—and Learned a Lot

UNESCO. World Teachers’ Day – 5 October 2017  …bring together teachers, trainers, policy-makers, as well as researchers and other education stakeholders to celebrate teaching, academic freedom, and what we need to do to ensure quality higher education and a sustainable future for the teaching profession.

1) Creating High Teacher Quality in Teacher Prep Programs- Radio Talk With AACTE Members An online Education Talk Radio program last month featured AACTE members in a discussion of how their educator preparation programs contribute to high teacher quality.
2) Nominate Leaders for AACTE Awards by Oct. 12
3) New Report Rings Alarm Bell on Teacher Shortages  Teachers who enter the profession through alternate routes are 25% more likely to leave the profession than those who have had full preparation… Teacher preparation programs have experienced a whopping 35% decline in enrollment in the last 5 years.
4) Podcast Interview Explores Implications of New Science Standards for Preparing Teachers

AAQEP. AAQEP Board Adopts Policy to Recognize Accreditation from Other Accreditors

Chronicle. The Crisis of Civic Education [OpEd by Derek Bok] Professors are also much freer from outside pressures than public-school teachers in determining the content of their courses and the materials they assign their students. Colleges, then, have a vital part to play.

1) Accreditation for Teacher Prep Needs a Makeover, Say Former Ed. Officials  “Because the current teacher education accreditor has shown it cannot and will not reform itself, a new type of accreditor, not dependent on schools of education and their personnel, but instead on the employers of graduates from schools of education and teacher preparation programs, should be created.”
2) A Guide to State ESSA Plans: Goals, Teacher Quality, and More  In their plans, states generally outlined ongoing reforms to certification, teacher preparation, and professional development rather than proposing brand-new initiatives.
3) Here’s How Teachers’ Racial Attitudes Compare to Those of Average Americans
4) Illinois Eliminates Some Requirements for Teacher Licenses  Some administrators say those changes have helped fill jobs in areas with teacher shortages. But advocates for tough licensing standards say eliminating coursework and testing requirements may not guarantee educators have the credentials needed to work in public schools.
5) Is The Cat in the Hat Racist?  Martin, who has also been a teacher-educator, also believes that programs preparing teachers need to engage with similar questions …“If the teachers don’t have training in cultural sensitivity and diverse children’s books, they have a disconnect going into the classroom—and they have a disadvantage. And they don’t know it,”
6) Louisiana education report: Rural teachers get less training  The report says 13 percent of classes are taught by uncertified or out-of-field teachers in urban and suburban school districts, while that number grows to 21 percent in rural districts.
7) More emergency teaching certifications approved in Oklahoma  Under the certificates, individuals can be employed prior to completing education or training requirements. Most of those individuals are newcomers to education, but some are certified teachers who lack certification in the subject matter or grade level they’re needed for.
8) New tech to prepare Wyoming students for teaching careers  The University of Wyoming is planning to use an “augmented reality” program to prepare the teachers of tomorrow for their future work in the classroom.

NEA Today
1) “All I Want to Do is Teach And Help My Kids,” says DACA Teacher  …teachers originally hired through Teach for America (TFA), which has actively recruited DACA recipients.
2) What Would Thomas Jefferson Say to Betsy DeVos?  The reformers, who came on the scene in the 1830s, take these schools and aim to improve them. They started to establish teacher training schools.

New York Post. Why We Need to Start Teaching Tech in Kindergarten [OpEd by Ivanka Trump] …starting with K-12 curricula, but also continuing through vocational, skill-based training and apprenticeship programs…

NCTQ. Best Books for New Teachers (Part I)

North Carolina State Univ. TIP, NC State Education Establish $10K TIP Teaching Scholars Award Program  “This partnership with The Innovation Project enables us to create a pipeline of highly qualified pre-service teachers who will work in some of the districts facing the greatest teaching shortages…”

Stanford Univ. SCALE.
1) 2017 National edTPA Implementation Conference [San Jose, CA, Nov. 3 – 5; Registration Deadline Oct. 12]
2) edTPA Connections to CAEP
3) New to edTPA? edTPA 101 [YouTube promo]

Urban Institute. Diversifying the Classroom: Examining the Teacher Pipeline  Even if all black college graduates became teachers, the number of black teachers would only barely exceed the number of white teachers. Teacher diversity gaps are constrained by a limited number of diverse college graduates.

Washington Post. Here’s a great way to get kids to learn. Unfortunately, too many schools don’t do it.  Today’s “reformers” believe direct instruction can be made to work if teachers will teach to subject-matter standards and kids will try harder to remember what they’ve been taught.

Chalkbeat. 22,000 New Yorkers will get new college scholarship from the state after 94,000 applied

NPREd. ‘Biggest-Ever Free College’ Program Reaches 6 Percent Of New York Students

Politico. Students at private colleges still awaiting word on Enhanced Tuition Award  Because of the restrictions and timing of the program, most of the state’s more than 100 nonprofit colleges and universities decided not to opt into the program.

1) Alternative Routes to Certification
2) Teach NYC! Conference 2017  Hosted by the NYC Department of Education, Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality, the second annual Teach NYC! Conference invites you to join us and find your pathway to becoming a teacher in New York City.  [Nov. 15]

Teachers College.
1) Getting Started with Digital Literacy. A webinar for K-8 educators with special guest Detra Price-Dennis…
2) Teacher as Activist: Supporting Immigrant Students in Urban Classrooms

The74. Exclusive: Documents Show NYC’s Education Department Failed to Answer 526 Public Records Requests Over Past 3 Years  Aaron Pallas, an education and sociology professor at Teachers College… filed a request in July 2011 for documents…he had never received a response from the DOE, just monthly extension letters.