Week of Nov. 27 in Teacher Ed News

| December 1, 2017

Hechinger Report
. What France can teach us about how to educate the most vulnerable 2-year-olds  “In preschool, there’s a pedagogy; the (teachers) have master’s degrees; there’s a language focus,” he adds. “It’s much better for low-income children.” (The teachers of 2-year-olds face the same requirements as all public school teachers in France

International Forum for Teaching Educator Development [InFoTED]. InFoTED blogs

New York Times. Beijing Kindergarten Is Accused of Abuse, and Internet Erupts in Fury  “Our professional and high-quality teachers and principals and, more important, our established system to effectively train, grow and retain teaching staff and management talents underpin our high-quality education services,” the company said in its prospectus.

UK Parliament House of Lords [Tuesday 28 November 2017]. Oral Question 1 Improving initial teacher education in order to ensure a high standard of teaching of art, craft and design subjects

The Open University, Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa [TESSA]. Impact of TESSA


. McCormick’s wishlist for the Indiana legislature: diploma fixes and mandatory kindergarten  Seek more flexibility in teacher licensing to allow current teachers to teach more subjects and prospective teachers to skirt red tape. Provide more training for teachers on the new ILEARN test and potential graduation pathways plans.

Education Week. TFA, Alternative Programs Marginally Better Than Traditional Teacher Prep, Study Finds. The new analysis, published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies, looked at a dozen studies of teacher-preparation programs conducted between 1998 and 2015. (The researchers screened more than 700 studies on preparation programs from peer-reviewed journals and the federal What Works Clearinghouse for inclusion in the analysis…

Hechinger Report.
1) Could we improve America by treating 2-year-olds better?  Twenty-seven states allow fewer than five unrelated children to be watched in a home by a care provider with no license or training, according to Child Care Aware. Only 11 states require a license for anyone receiving compensation to watch even one child who is not their own.
2) That day you thought you had it all together, then everything fell apart? You weren’t wasting your time: A look at the learning process of teaching

Inside Higher Ed. A Call to Reform Undergraduate Education  University systems and individual campuses, academic departments and disciplinary associations all have roles to play in advancing teaching, according to the academy. Master’s and doctoral programs should integrate “meaningful and explicit” teacher training opportunities…

Louisiana Dept. of Education. Nearly 500 Louisiana Educators Train To Become Mentors To Future Teachers  Starting this week, nearly 500 expert educators across the state will begin training to become mentors to aspiring teachers completing their preparation in Louisiana. 

University Business. College teachers-in-training prep with virtual students  The University of Wyoming now uses an augmented reality platform with a simulated class as part of its teacher education program.

UW College of Education. Grant to build Washington’s bilingual educator capacity  A new $2.4 million grant to the University of Washington College of Education from the U.S. Department of Education will target that gap by recruiting approximately 60 elementary teacher candidates to earn their bilingual endorsement.

Washington Post. Why it’s a big problem that so many teachers quit — and what to do about iIf we did this with high-retention pathways into teaching — like teacher residencies that train teachers well and provide them mentoring — the demand would drop further each year as these teachers stay at high rates rather than cycling through teaching jobs.


. Is the Board of Regents hostile to charter schools? Depends upon whom you ask.  …[Chancellor Rosa’s] opposition to the teacher certification proposal had nothing to do with the source of the proposal — a charter authorizer — but because, she said, she believes the idea is an affront to the teaching profession and will allow unqualified teachers to enter classrooms.

NYS Assembly. Notice of Public Hearing: The Excelsior Scholarship and the Enhanced Tuition Awards Programs [Dec. 12, 10am, Albany]


Teachers College
1) Community Schools Policy Symposium [Dec. 14, 8-10am; incl. TC Pres. Fuhrman, Prof. C. Riehl] Join Teachers College and Children’s Aid to learn about the latest research on community schools and the implications of this research for education policy in New York City and New York State.
2) Teacher Diversity: Policy & Practice. [Friday Dec. 8, 4-6pm; incl. TC profs. Y. Sealey-Ruiz, D. Price-Dennis] Two panels bring together diverse voices from teachers, academics, advocacy organizations, and the government to discuss teacher diversity policies and thier implementation.

WNYC. Local Teen Sex Educators Lose Federal Support  …88 percent of middle and high schools do not have a teacher licensed to teach health education, and only about 65 percent of teens surveyed in 2016 said they knew where to go for reproductive health resources.