Week of Nov. 20 in Teacher Ed News

| November 24, 2017

Education International
. Cease funding Bridge International Academies, says British parliamentary committee Bridge teachers use a tablet pre-loaded with lesson plans to teach classes aligned with the national curriculum of each country, ensuring consistency of learning across classrooms.

The Open University. Teacher Education in sub-Saharan Africa: Reach and teach thousands of teachers and children

Transforming Teacher Education and Learning. [Ghana] 1st Challenge Fund End of Project Learning Event: Told in tweets!


Education Post
. It’s Not Enough to Know the Content, Teachers Also Need to Know the Context of Their Students’ Lives …we, as teacher educators, become students and members of the context, ourselves. We teach within communities, not just classrooms, and give teacher candidates opportunities to learn alongside community members, inside community-based organizations.

Education Week.
1) Here Are Six Strategies for States to Build Stronger Teacher Pipelines 4. Bring more diversity to the teaching workforce… CCSSO points to grow-your-own programs to prepare community members or those already working in the school, like paraprofessionals, to become teachers. And some states and universities have created residencies that better support prospective teachers—those have been shown to increase diversity and lead to better retention rates.
2) Virginia Becomes First State to Require Computer Science Instruction It’s notoriously hard to tell what, specifically, candidates are learning in their preparation programs, but this data does suggest that the teaching force will need some ongoing training in order to turn the SOLs into good teaching.

edTPA/AACTE. State Policy Currently there are 764 Educator Preparation Programs in 40 states and the District of Columbia participating in edTPA. 17 states now have policies in place requiring a state-approved performance assessment as part of program completion or for state licensure and/or state program accreditation/review. 

Network for Public Education. Charters and Consequences: An investigative Series …we support all legislation and regulation that will make charters better learning environments for students and more accountable to the taxpayers who fund them… A rejection of all ALEC legislation regarding charter schools that advocates for less transparency, less accountability, and the removal of requirements for teacher certification.

1) Most Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong High school textbooks are particularly bad about stating absolutes because these materials “teach history” by giving students facts to memorize even when the details may be unclear…
) Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class A new generation, he said, is being taught that “the scientific method and the scientific community is not to be trusted.”

Public History Weekly. Focusing on Democracy: A Teacher Educator’s View


. New York State My Brother’s Keeper Community Network Reaches Significant Milestone with More Than 20 Member Communities Across New York State NYSED awarded $3 million in Teacher Opportunity Corps II (TOC) grants to increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.


Inside HigherEd.
CUNY Chancellor Will Step Down

NYTimes. Head of City University Will Step Down

U.S. News and World Report. Innovating Education: Eva Moskowitz, the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools, is a polarizing figure but she says her way works. But if you compare our writing to the writing of the most affluent kids, there is a difference and it’s a struggle for us. It also has to do with a teacher shortage. If you look at who works at elite private schools or those at affluent urban schools, those teachers tend to be very educated themselves.