Week of Nov. 13 in Teacher Ed News

| November 17, 2017

Center for Education Innovations. Luminos Fund’s Speed School [Ethiopia] We hire our teachers from the community as well and train them in the Speed School pedagogy.

EdWeek. New Data Detail Effect of Inclusion on Teaching Time  Data from a survey of educators in more than three dozen countries and regions, … the pace of inclusion has outpaced the number of teachers trained to teach students with special education needs.

Helsinki Times. Researcher: Finland’s basic education in state of confusion after reforms  Teachers have not been offered enough training opportunities to help them adapt to the emphasis placed on digital learning in the new core curriculum…


How Community Partnerships Can Combat the Teacher Shortages The new video educates viewers on how university, school, and community partnerships aid in creating a robust pipeline and conditions critical to recruiting and retaining teachers.

Deans for Impact. Learning about the wondrous American experiment  And we hope those of you in the field of teacher preparation will consider working alongside us so that we can strengthen teaching, strengthen the opportunities for the next generation of students, and in so doing strengthen the wondrous experiment that is the United States of America.

1) Educating for a Digital Future: Thoughts on Curriculum [M. Tucker blog]  Seeing this emerging picture, educators could prepare to sort our young people into two bins,  a small one big enough for the super rich, their professional retainers and their children, who would need or would be in a position to demand a fine education, and all the rest, who, as ‘surplus labor’ live on the dole, who would need and could afford, very little education.
2) Give Teachers a Voice in Education Reform: Four principles for a more robust public education system
3) Groups Share Resources to Help Teachers Fight Fake News in Class
4) Holcomb’s 2018 education goals skip some of Pence’s most controversial priorities  Holcomb’s 2018 agenda includes: Requiring every Indiana school to offer at least one computer science class by 2021, as well as training for teachers in computer science… Broadening teacher licensure requirements for people interested in teaching career and technical education classes.
5) Learning About Training Needs of Online Teachers  …only a handful of states required training or professional development for online teachers in 2012, even though a large body of research demonstrates the importance of high-quality teaching for student learning…

National Education Policy Center. Education Interview of the Month: Greg Smith Interviews Ken Zeichner on Independent Teacher Prep Programs

New York Times. House G.O.P. Tax Writers Take Aim at College Tuition Benefits  … many doctoral students would see huge tax increases, since the tuition that universities waive for them in exchange for working on campus as researchers and teaching assistants would be deemed taxable income. At expensive research universities like Stanford and Harvard, the new tax bills could swamp graduate-student stipends.

nprEd. Here’s How The New Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students


City and State New York.
The charter school standoff, explained The charter schools committee of the SUNY board of trustees recently approved a controversial new plan to revise teacher certification requirements for charter schools that it oversees.

1) A.3676 (Glick)/S.2487 (LaVall) Passed Senate and Assembly, Delivered to Governor Relates to admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs for certified teachers already holding a graduate degree
2) Senate Bill S6791 Introduced June 18, In Senate Rules Committee  An act to amend the education law, in relation to requiring persons applying for a certificate or license to be a teacher to receive a passing score on the academic literacy skills test and the teacher performance assessment

New York State Education Department.
DASA Task Force  The New York State Education Department received a recommendation from the Legislature that the Dignity for All Students Act (Dignity Act) regulation be amended and syllabus changed so that the training becomes a three-credit course that places the social patterns of harassment, bullying, and discrimination in an appropriate context of multicultural education. In response, the Commissioner reconvened the DASA Task Force to examine the amount of training and content of the DASA curriculum.

NYSED Regents Meeting  November 2017 agenda
1) State Education Department Proposes Regulation Changes to Expand Opportunities To Obtain A Transitional G Teaching Certification Beyond STEM Areas
2)  Update on the edTPA Standard Setting Committee and Amendment to §80-1.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to Extend the edTPA Safety Net and Revise the Eligibility Criteria for the Multiple Measures Review Process

NYS Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. November 2017 meeting [agenda]

UPDATE: Public Debate on SUNY Charter Institute Certification Policy
NYT Editorial – The Best Charter Schools Deserve More Leeway on Hiring, Nov. 3, 2017

Responses to NYT Nov. 3rd editorial
a) From Susan H. Fuhrman, President, Teachers College, Columbia University

b) From Betty Rosa, Chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents


c) From Jason Zwara, policy manager for Northeast Charter Schools Network

d) From Alan Singer, Hofstra Univ. teacher educator

e) NY Post OpEd in support of charter schools


ABC Eyewitness News.
NYC program inspires youth to pursue careers in education  “I am actually on a mission not just in this school, I have asked all high schools in the city to have future teachers’ clubs in their high schools,” Chancellor Carmen Farina said.

EdTech. VR Gives Student-Teachers a Taste of the Classroom  A University at Buffalo virtual reality training program lets educators deepen their pre-service experiences.

Spectrum News. Nicola Clarke: Math teacher divides her time to help multiply success of others  In addition to teaching full-time in the program, she is a mother to four girls and a full-time student, a double major in math and education at Hunter College. 

WNYC. As City Recruits Male Teachers of Color, Retention Challenges Persist  …new male teachers of color in the NYC Men Teach program. Since 2015, the initiative added 900 men of color into the teacher “pipeline,” which includes college students who have expressed a commitment to becoming teachers, according to a spokeswoman at the Department of Education.