Week of May 28 in Teacher Ed News

| June 1, 2018

. Nigerian children targeted by for-profit education corporation  …Bridge is on average more expensive for parents, uses unqualified staff, has low standards for staff training and is less concerned about inclusiveness and equality than others. By comparison, public schools in Lagos, which are free, have teachers with the highest level of qualification – all have formal teaching qualifications and inservice training.

TES. ‘Groundbreaking’ study aims to hone teacher education   Initial teacher education (ITE) has been under fire in Scotland in recent times Now, Tes Scotland can reveal details of a “unique” project designed to ensure a steady supply of high-quality teachers at a time of extreme strain on the workforce.

The Conversation. The secrets of immigrant student success [Canada]  In many respects, education policies tend to underscore a preference for fairly broad accommodations within provincial school systems. This approach is also reinforced by teacher education institutions across the country, which emphasize the importance of teaching practises (or pedagogy) and curricula that respect ethnic and cultural diversity.


1) Efforts to Diversify Teaching Profession Not Keeping Pace With Needs
2) TQP Grant Applications Now Open! Intent to Apply Due June 11

Associated Press. Alabama plan to arm school principals draws mixed reaction  The National Association of School Resource Officers, which provides training to school-based law enforcement officers, has said it opposes arming teachers, but other states and local systems are trying it.

Bloomberg Report. Mike Bloomberg’s Remarks at The New York Times Higher Ed Leaders Forum. “Today, I’m glad to announce a new five-year, $375 million commitment to improving education in America… “By now, there is plenty of evidence for what works: Raise standards for students; Raise salaries for teachers in exchange for greater accountability …; Ensure that every classroom is led by a skilled and effective teacher

Center for American Progress.The House Higher Education Bill Is a $31 Billion Loss for Students   … ending the TEACH Grant Program—a $1.4 billion cut

Education Week.
1) Early-Grades Science: The First Key STEM Opportunity   Feeling comfortable with teaching science starts with teacher-preparation programs, experts say. But few schools of education focus on training prospective elementary teachers to become fluent in science or engineering.
2) Santa Fe Shooting: How the Texas Governor Proposes to Keep Students Safe at School   …Expand the state’s school marshal program, an initiative that trains teachers and other school staff to use guns.
3) State gets $1.1 million to help vets become teachers  The federal government has awarded Connecticut a $1.1 million grant to help military veterans become school teachers.
4) Why School Librarians Are Literacy Leaders We Need  Research shows a strong correlation between the presence of a certified school librarian and student achievement.

Encoura. Career Articulation: Getting from Major to Career  Education majors, as you might expect, have narrow career interests and expect lower levels of career support services. They know they want to be college-level teachers, but are open to a few related career pathways like counseling, writing, and teaching.

Hechinger Report. OPINION: We’re not doing enough to support teachers of color [OpEd by John King, Linda Darling-Hammond] Partnerships also can include high-quality teacher residencies, in which participants in teacher preparation programs engage in intensive training in public schools, akin to clinical residencies for medical professionals.

New York Times.
1) Teachers Find Public Support as Campaign for Higher Pay Goes to Voters   Though most school funding comes from state and local sources, not the federal government, congressional Democrats have released a plan to repeal the Trump tax cuts for the top 1 percent of earners in order to spend $50 billion on teacher pay and recruitment and another $50 billion on school infrastructure needs.
2) The Learning Network. Year-End Roundup, 2017-18: All Our Lesson Plans, All in One Place

TESOL International Association. expressed great concern to the U.S. Department of Education over the possible reorganization of the  Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), the office charged with guiding state and local education agencies as they support English learners. 

U.S. Education Dept. Grant Application Open, Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Language Resource Centers Program. The Language Resource Centers (LRC) Program provides grants to institutions of higher education (IHEs) … for establishing, strengthening, and operating centers that serve as resources for improving the Nation’s capacity for teaching and learning foreign languages through teacher training…

Washington Post. Higher education reform stalled in the Senate, while House GOP charges ahead. The chances of Congress achieving higher education reform this year just got slimmer as the top Republican in the Senate on education issues said he sees no path forward.

NYSED Office of Higher Education
. May Newsletter

  • Clinical Practice Recommendations
  • Certification Exam Safety Nets
  • Accreditation Options
  • New Speech and Language Disabilities Certification Pathway
  • CAEP Draft Partnership Agreement New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) Test Development Activities


New York Times
. With School Visits, Chancellor Signals a Softer Stance on Charters   He said he was happy to hear all three of the charters he visited hired only certified teachers, but he steered clear of the divisive political issue at play: that most charter schools in New York City are not unionized.

WNYC. A Class Debates the Importance of Having Male Teachers   As an African-American male teacher, Harris said he wants to be a mentor to students in his English classes at the High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow. To do that, he needed a mentor, and that’s why he joined NYC Men Teach last year.