Week of May 22 in Teacher Ed News

| May 26, 2017

Education International.
1) Education for Refugee and Unaccompanied Children in Italy. ‘We are not equipped, we don’t have mediators or teachers trained to teach illiterate pupils (docent alfabetizzatori), etc.’”.
2) EI research reinforces advocacy against growing privatisation of public education EI strongly deplores the practice of employing fewer teachers, underqualified teachers, or unqualified staff in order to boost profit margins.

OECD. Do new teachers feel prepared for teaching?

1) AACTE Leads Effort to Save Funding for Title II-A of ESSA
2) Call for Proposals, Reviewers for 2018 AACTE Annual Meeting ‘Celebrating Our Professional Identity’ [Baltimore; March 1-3, 2018]
3) Statement on President Trump’s Proposed Education Budget for 2018

Center for Teaching Quality. Teacher residencies: A foundation for teacher retention?

Chalkbeat. Training overhaul aimed at a big IPS shortfall: Just 1 in 4 student teachers stick around. In order to attract new teachers and make sure they are well prepared, IPS is rolling out a host of plans, from making sure student teachers in traditional programs are working with experienced mentors to launching two new residency programs.

Columbia County News Times. Students sign letters of intent for pursuing teaching careers “It’s three courses that they take, and it is an education pathway,” said Dr. Judi Wilson, associate dean for the College of Education at Augusta University…

EdSource. Federal support for teacher training to continue, but next year’s funding in doubt

1) Higher-Income Teenagers Are More Financially Literate, Global Test Finds Anand Marri, an associate professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, said that schools should beware of curricula that seem to aim more at creating customers for banks than at helping students understand how to manage their money…
2) States Look to Military Veterans to Fill Teaching Positions Since being established in 1993, Troops to Teachers has turned out 20,000 teachers through both traditional and alternative routes to certification.
3) Rural Iowa Districts Tackle the English-Language Learner Teacher Shortage Still, some Iowa education degree programs don’t offer coursework to prepare teachers for working with ELLs.
4) Teachers’ Low Expectations for Students of Color Found to Affect Students’ Success Cherng [NYU] recommends that teacher-preparation programs or professional development should address these biases.
5) Trump’s Budget Eliminates Funding for Teacher Training, Class-Size Reductions

IDRA. School Integration – Preparing Teachers for Working in Diverse Classrooms

1) Agency-By-Agency Look at Trump’s Budget Eliminates after-school and teacher training programs, ends subsidized federal student loans and loan forgiveness programs for public servants…
2) The Little-Known Statistician Who Taught Us to Measure Teachers …[Sanders] raised on a small dairy farm and earned a doctorate in statistics and quantitative genetics from the University of Tennessee… merit pay systems that would give raises to teachers with good value-added scores, to aid retention and recruitment.

The Atlantic. Why Expanding Access to Childcare Isn’t Enough just six states’ programs met all 10 of the NIEER quality standards—things like staff professional development, staff-child ratio, and teacher education level.

The 74. Harvard’s Fernando Reimers on the Crucial Need to Teach Kids to Be Strong Global Citizens the very first school of education in a university in America about 100 years ago… So the theory of the president of Teachers College was, “We’re going to have to prepare teachers who have the flexibility of mind to find new ways to teach these kids whose parents are Irish or German or Italian and so on.”

Chalkbeat. New York stands to lose $433 million in education funding under Trump budget, state says The budget would slash teacher preparation, after-school programs, and college aid for low-income students, they said.

1) COMMENT ON New York’s ESSA DRAFT PLAN [May 9, 2017 – June 16, 2017]
2) NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Rosa and State Education Commissioner Elia’s Statement on Trump’s Proposed Budget

NYS School Boards Assoc. Teacher shortage? What teacher shortage? [May 2017 report]

WGRZ. Here’s the quickest way to get a teaching job in NY teacher shortages in New York exist largely in such hard-to-staff subjects as science, math, special education, English as a second language, bilingual education, foreign languages and technology…

The Atlantic. The Power of Digital-Comic Therapy in Schools Hunter College, part of the City University of New York, offers a nationally recognized teacher-education program for learning disabilities. The school already uses graphic novels in its programs…