Week of May 21 in Teacher Ed News

| May 25, 2018

Education International
. High Court slams Bridge International Academies   The U.S. based  multinational has a chain of for profit, private schools targeting poor families in an increasing number of African and Asian countries. It uses unqualified teaching staff, who deliver pre-determined content from a tablet to fee paying students.  

University World News [AU]. Teacher development is neglected in internationalization  In particular, our research indicates the need for teacher training and professional development programmes to include pedagogic strategies to assist international students with enhancing their English language skills and facilitating effective communication with international students from non-English speaking backgrounds. 

Webster University. Teacher Education Students Immersed in International Practicum in Leiden, the Netherlands


. edTPA Handbook Improvement Survey

Chalkbeat. Here’s where you can find new workforce training classes in Memphis   Roughly 15 teachers will given the opportunity to train in one of the new focus areas next year, according to Joris Ray, an assistant superintendent. The district will pay for another 45 teachers to take an IT certification exam and ongoing training.

1) 5 Ways Teachers Can Use Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Classroom   Immersive-reality technology is slowly creeping into the education world, whether as a tool for training new teachers or adding excitement to student learning.
2)  Have Your Feelings for Black and Latino Students Lowered Your Expectations for Them?  [By J. Pitts, MA student at Teachers College] Especially while the teaching force remains mostly white and female, we have to wrestle with some uncomfortable truths. Are your goals for your black and brown students different for your white students, and how can you change that?
3) Is STEM Oversold as a Path to Better Jobs?   Studies have reached mixed results about what kind of teacher training makes a difference for STEM outcomes. Several studies conclude, though, that teachers who demonstrate math-content knowledge are linked to greater student-test scores in that subject.
4) Mississippi cuts math teacher test score, citing shortage   Supporters say Mississippi set its score too high in 2013, when it joined most other states in requiring a score of 160 on a standardized test of mathematical knowledge known as the Praxis II. 

1) House GOP Plans Meeting on PROSPER Act
2) New Fix for Public Service Loans   Borrowers may qualify if they have been denied for Public Service Loan Forgiveness because some or all monthly payments were not made under a qualifying payment plan, if they worked for at least 10 years for a qualifying employer, and if they have made 120 payments on their federal student loans. 

Money. ‘I Didn’t Really Have a Choice.’ Meet the Teachers Quitting Their Jobs Due to Low Pay and Dwindling Benefits  Over the last five years, there has been a 35 percent decline in enrollment in teacher education programs, Darling-Hammond said. Potential teachers can be lured into other fields with more promising wages like tech — or waitressing and bartending.

NYTimes. Kentucky Math Teacher, Riding Wave of Public Anger, Defeats State House Majority Leader   The most significant changes affect future teachers, whose pensions would be part of a new retirement plan and require them to work longer before receiving payments.

NPREd. Education Department Launches ‘Top-To-Bottom’ Review Of Teachers’ Grant Program   This is how the grant program works: It gives teachers money, often called TEACH grants, to pay for an undergraduate or a master’s degree. In exchange, they agree to teach a high-need subject, such as math, for four years in a school that serves lots of low-income families.

USAToday. Democrats have a better deal for teachers and our kids, too: Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi   First, we will dedicate $50 billion for states and school districts to increase teacher compensation and recruit and retain a strong, diverse workforce over the next 10 years.

US News & World Report. What Veterans Need to Know About Student Loan Discharges   The Education Department will now match borrowers on the National Student Loan Data System who have federal student loans or aid through the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education, or TEACH Grant Program, to the VA’s database.

Washington Post. Is Congress about to gut funding for teacher preparation programs?    PROSPER is the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success and Prosperity Through Education Reform Act, …now goes to the full House for a vote, probably this week; the Senate has not yet taken it up. Along with eliminating millions of dollars in federal student aid and other actions, PROSPER would also eliminate federal funding for teacher preparation programs.


1) Next Generation Learning Standards Implementation
2) State Education Department Awards $750,000 in My Brother’s Keeper Native American Grants   Also…NYSED awarded grants to 16 colleges and universities to help them bolster the retention of highly qualified individuals who value equity and reflect the diversity inside and outside of our classrooms, particularly in high-need schools with recurrent teacher shortages. 

Pearson/NYSTCE. seeking candidates to participate in a field test of selected-response (multiple-choice) and constructed-response (essay) items that may appear on future NYSTCE


. Why a medical school prospect decided to teach chemistry in New York City instead

Chronicle. Which Colleges Pay Full Professors the Most?
Private nonprofit institutions   5. Columbia University $215,094   19. Teachers College. $176,518

Pix11 News. Pre-K or sit at home? Programs for kids with special needs are in trouble  Private programs pay certified special education teachers $20,000 to $30,000 less than a special education teacher earns in New York City’s public schools. The public schools hire many teachers away from the nonprofits, resulting in a 30 percent teacher turnover rate.