Week of May 15 in Teacher Ed News

| May 19, 2017

Education International. Work underway to improve teacher training on climate change education

IEN. Improving education in and out of school in South Africa (Part 3) it is simply not possible to ensure that there is a “qualified teacher for every child” – the focus of many policies in the US.

NLTimes. Teachers Strike Could Shut Dutch Primary Schools For Days “A sign on the wall, a clear signal: the classes are too big, many teachers suffer from burnout, the shortage of teachers is rising rapidly…

NYTimes. Gunmen Attack, Rob Journalists in Mexico’s Guerrero State Iguala is the city where 43 teachers’ college students disappeared in 2014 after being detained by local police.

1) NBCTs Say Quality Preservice Prep Matters Long After They Become a Teacher of Record
2) NCTQ Offers Mixed Reviews of Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Prep findings and recommendations continue to be founded on limited data gleaned from reviews of policies and procedures but not what actually occurs in programs.

Chalkbeat. Report: Trump education budget would create a Race to the Top for school choice The newspaper obtained what appears to be an advance version of the administration’s education budget… They include cuts to after-school programs for poor students, teacher training…

DeansForImpact. The Failure Bow Teaching often involves performing as well and, as teachers will tell you, it’s incredibly improvisational.

1) Arizona Is the Latest State to Drop Teacher Training and Experience Requirements
2) How Trump’s Altered the Landscape for Education Advocates And advocates for public school educators say they’re worried that proposals that once looked unlikely to come to fruition—like a massive cut to teacher-quality funding—might actually make it across the legislative finish line.
3) TEACH-NOW Is First Online Teacher Prep. Program to Meet New Standards TEACH-NOW, … has received a full seven-year accreditation from the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation—making it the first online institution to meet the council’s new, more-rigorous standards.
4) Teaching Teachers to Address Race and Equity in the Classroom Bradshaw stresses the need for training on equitable practices woven into teacher preparation, professional development, licensing, and accreditation.
5) Voucher Proposals Expose Rift in School Choice Movement That money would come in part from cutting $9 billion from K-12 education, including teacher training and after-school and summer programs.

Forbes. If We Can’t Repeal the Higher Education Act, Let’s Try To Improve It  The central problem with many education schools is that they are “obsessed with promoting social justice ideologies at the expense of open-minded inquiry,” the report states. A great deal of research shows how poor much of the teaching in education schools is—see for example…

Hechinger Report. “Discovering” black teachers at HBCUs Low-income and first-generation collegians score lower on standardized test than their upper-income, multigenerational peers. This holds true for the teacher prep programs’ entrance exam, PRAXIS, as well as requirements for certification.

1) Free Tuition? Tennessee Could Tutor New York Ms. Riel — who first learned about the program at her high school assembly …wants to become an elementary school teacher.
2) How Google Took Over the Classroom It started training programs with names like Certified Innovator to credential teachers who wanted to establish their expertise in Google’s tools…
3) No Such Thing as a Math Person “it’s due to being around girls who came in with higher math scores, or teacher quality differences, that’s what the research suggests.”
4) The Little-Known Statistician Who Transformed Education The research convinced Bill Gates to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on measuring and improving teacher effectiveness. 

Slate: Betsy DeVos Wants to Kill a Major Student Loan Forgiveness Program …there are also more modest loan forgiveness programs specifically for teachers and health care professionals who work in high-need areas…

Washington Post.
1) In Arizona, teachers can now be hired with absolutely no training in how to teach
2) Trump’s first full education budget: Deep cuts to public school programs in pursuit of school choice Gone, for example, would be … $2.1 billion for teacher training and class-size reduction.
3) We are teaching kids how to write all wrong — and no, Mr. Miyagi’s rote lessons won’t help a bit the National Council of Teachers of English affirm the position that the use of isolated grammar and usage exercises not supported by theory and research is a deterrent to the improvement of students’ speaking and writing…

InsideHigherEd. Not Exactly Free: John M. Burdick provides an insider’s view as to why he thinks the New York State Excelsior Scholarship isn’t actually giving students free college. Increasing the number of students without providing significantly more funding to CUNY and SUNY will result in faculty members teaching even more courses and having more of those courses taught by dedicated but underpaid adjuncts and graduate students.

NYSED. State Education Department Announces 13 Public Meetings To Be Held To Receive Comment On Draft Every Student Succeeds Act Plan

AACTE. Preservice Residency Helps Candidates Develop Teaching Style, Confidence The School of Education at St. John’s University (SJU) and its Residential Internship for St. John’s Educators (RISE) in partnership with Queens school districts develop high-quality teachers

1) New York City is honoring 19 exceptional teachers. Here’s who they are TC alumni: Keira Dillon, Patrick Murphy, Rosario Orengo, Diana Shteynberg, Nash Matute. Instructor and cooperating teacher C&T Dept.: Jessica Martell
2) With a major but little-noticed move, New York City signals that learning starts at birth

NYDailyNews. Progressive East Harlem school principal who clashed with parents leaving for new job “With nearly 30 years as an educator and as a former graduate and adjunct professor of Bank Street College, I will use my experience in progressive education to support the school,” Esposito said.

WNYC. Schools Warned to Be Vigilant Over Immigration Officers Teachers at the forum said they would benefit from more training, so they would know what to do if immigration officers showed up at their school.