Week of May 13 in Teacher Ed News

| May 17, 2019

International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET). 63RD Annual Conference Hosted by The University Of Johannesburg [9-11 July]

Mexico Daily News.  Concept born in Mexico is at forefront of worldwide revolution in education: A visit to a Knotion school in Guadalajara, where iPads have replaced textbooks and coaches have replaced teachers   “As for teachers, we don’t use that word anymore. The members of my staff are coaches, who do their best to help our students carry out their own research…” 

Sydney Morning Herald. Australia facing urgent maths teacher shortage after 30 years of inaction   About 75 per cent of students in years 7 to 10 are already being taught maths for at least one year by a teacher not trained in the subject area and the situation is set to worsen… Decisions to become a maths teacher often start with studying high-level maths in year 12, and the proportion of year 12 students doing these subjects fell 32 per cent between 1996 and 2014…

Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) 2019 ConferenceQuality Teachers and Quality Teacher Education: Research, Policy And Practice [Cracow, Poland, 16-18 May]


AACTE/SCALE. Release of 2019–2020 edTPA Handbook and Templates [AACTE login required]

Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). New accreditor of educator preparation programs has 75 members as of May 2019, majority (46) in New York State

Chalkbeat. The Starting Line: Head Start disruptions, discipline revamps, and new dyslexia laws   Georgia’s new law is the most sweeping, mandating dyslexia screening for every kindergartner and requiring future teachers to learn the latest research on dyslexia. But some advocates worry that disagreement within teacher preparation programs about the definition of dyslexia and the best ways to address it could limit the law’s impact. 

Chronicle of Higher Education. Its City Was Hurting. The Schools Were Strapped. So This University Took Charge.   Ball State believes it has a head start. For decades, the university has run immersive-learning projects… Many connect students to local health-care providers, arts organizations, and businesses. Some of the most established programs are run out of the Teachers College, which has long planted students in Muncie classrooms to learn by doing.

EducationNC. Educator preparation programs could face harsh sanctions if legislators don’t act  Probation would come if the EPP failed on any standards for two years in a row, or if three subgroups failed any standard in a year, or if one subgroup failed any standard for three years in a row. 

Education Week.
1) 65 Years After ‘Brown v. Board,’ Where Are All the Black Educators?   Despite these challenges, most of the black teachers and principals in segregated schools pre-Brown had better credentials than white educators, Fenwick said. Though they were barred from attending many Southern, segregated institutions of higher education, many black educators received tuition scholarships to earn master’s and doctorate degrees at integrated universities like Columbia …
2) How Can Teachers Bounce Back From Failure? When a lesson falls flat, it can be tough to recover and move on.Teachers say they’d like training on how to accept and learn from their mistakes
3) Mississippi’s New Solution for the Teacher Shortage Mississippi has launched the nation’s first state-run teacher residency program to tackle two problems: a growing number of unfilled teaching positions in the state, and a lack of diverse teachers in the profession.
4) Raise Teacher Pay, Fight Segregation, Rebuild Schools: One 2020 Candidate’s Big Education Plan   On Monday, Castro released his “People First Education” plan…  One-year residency programs for prospective teachers, as well as competitive grants to states to support teachers going to the highest-need districts, should be used to improve the pipeline of strong teachers.
5) Teacher Experience and Preparation Led to Stronger Black and Hispanic Achievement, Study Says   Teacher certification was strongly associated with achievement for students of all races and ethnicities. The higher the percentage of teachers in a district working under emergency permits, waivers or intern credentials, the lower the average achievement for all studentswith students of color facing a larger negative impact than white students.
6) Why We Weren’t Surprised to See Teachers Holding a Noose: Don’t assume educators “know better” when it comes to racism. Many don’t [commentary by Shaun Harper, AERA president-elect] Furthermore, schools of education must do a better job of preparing aspiring teachers and school leaders to understand racial violence and ensure it is eradicated from our schools. 

Learning Policy Institute. California’s Positive Outliers: Districts Beating the Odds … we find that the extent of preparation as reflected by teacher certification status has a strong association with average achievement for all students. After controlling for salaries and experience, the percent of teachers holding substandard credentials is significantly and negatively associated with student achievement.

NH Labor News. Julián Castro Unveils Massive ‘People First Education’ Plan   Support state-level partnerships with institutions of higher education that enable pathways for early childhood teacher preparation… Create a clear and consistent pipeline of qualified teachers to high need areas and combat teacher shortage with a national teacher residency initiative. Fund one-year teacher residency programs and grants to states to support transitions of local students and educational professionals into a teaching career, including Grow Your Own Programs—directing these initiatives at individuals who intend on making a life-long commitment to teaching. Integrate these programs with teacher preparation programs at Minority Serving Institutions to support hiring and retention of teachers of color. 

NYTimes. Math Teachers Should Be More Like Football Coaches [OpEd] There are many ways to be an effective teacher, just as there are many ways to be an effective coach. But all good teachers, like good coaches, communicate that they care about your goals.

Washington Post. Why is it so hard to keep schools staffed with teachers? This graphic explains it.

WTHR. Graduate comes home to be a teacher, role model in Indianapolis   Adrian Robinson, a senior at the IU School of Education, said he never had a teacher that looked like him. Because of that, he’s also inspired to become a teacher. “I just wanted to be the teacher I never had and inspire and influence my students,” he said.


New York State Legislature. A04538/same as S05410: AN ACT to amend the education law, in relation to the cumulative  grade point  average  admission  requirement  for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs. (4/25/19 advanced to third reading in Assembly).   Section  1.  Section 210-a of the education law, as amended by chapter 454 of the laws of 2017, is amended to read as follows:  § 210-a. Admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and  educational  leader  programs.  Each institution registered by the department  with graduate-level teacher and leader education  programs  shall  adopt  rigorous  selection criteria geared to predicting a candidate’s academic  success in its program, including but not limited to, a minimum score on the graduate record examination or a substantially equivalent  admission examination,  as  determined  by  the  institution, and achievement of a  minimum cumulative grade point average [of 3.0 or higher] in the  candidate’s  undergraduate  program…   [NOTE: not yet state law; link to correspond with legislators]

NYSED. State Education Department Proposes Changes to Enhance Teacher Preparation Programs to Better Serve English Language Learners  Proposed Amendments Would Require At Least Three Semester Hours of Study in Language Acquisition and Literacy Development for ELLs  60-Day Public Comment Period Began April 24

New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE).  NYSED and the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson are seeking candidates to participate in a field test of items that may appear on future NYSTCE Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics test forms. Field testing begins June 10, 2019, schedule an appointment starting May 13, 2019.

Spectrum News. $500K Given to Buffalo Teacher Diversity Pipeline Program  The purpose of the program is to assist teacher aides and teacher assistants in getting the necessary education and professional training to earn their teacher certification, and bring more educator diversity to Buffalo Public Schools. 

WIVB. NY legislation would require Epipen training for teachers   A legislative proposal in New York would require new teachers to complete training on how to use an EpiPen if a student suffers a severe allergic attack.


NY1. Queens Teacher Who Connects with Bilingual Students Wins Big Apple Award   She was inspired to teach English language learners after helping a cousin navigate the school system. 

NYC Dept. of Education. Chancellor Carranza Announces 2019 Big Apple Award Winners [incl. Karen Pierre-Charles Byrd (Elementary Education Teacher, PS 59 William Floyd, Brooklyn) Teachers College, Dept. of Curriculum & Teaching MA’09]

Teachers College. Office of Teacher Education: Student and alumni profiles Jonathan Buckingham, Odette Castañeda, Sapna Chemplavil, Naeta Rohr

Wall Street Journal. New York City Has a New Way to Teach Math  The nation’s largest school district has a new curriculum for the fall; some teachers say it doesn’t stress the underlying concepts enough