Week of March 6 in Teacher Ed News

| March 10, 2017

Education International. Standardised tests and Global Citizenship: a flawed relationship? The deprofessionalisation of the teaching profession was also highlighted as a threat to education for sustainable development, global citizenship and human rights.

Unite for Quality Education. Not “Always Learning” (As Much As Desired): Rebranding Pearson As The “Efficacy Company” In Educationindividuals accumulate huge amounts of debt paying for credentials, degrees, and training from educational providers and yet, may still end up un(der)employed…

Times Higher Ed. Global higher education might turn upside down as West turns inward

115th US Congress.
1) H.J.Res.57Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Department of Education relating to accountability and State plans under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.
2) H.J.Res.58Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Department of Education relating to teacher preparation issues.

1) Annual Meeting Highlights
2) Statement on the Rescindment of the Federal Regulations for Teacher Preparation Programs

C-SPAN. U.S. Senate Vote on Resolution to Rescind the Teacher Preparation Program Regulations The U.S. Senate voted 59-40 to rescind the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations for teacher preparation programs.

1) Building Up the Teacher Workforce in Small-Town Iowa teachers brand new to the profession, who are coming out of college. You’re not just coming into a classroom and maybe being supported—you’ll be supported on a weekly basis.
2) Congress May Turn Focus to Higher Ed. Law’s Renewal In February, the House of Representatives voted to block regulations governing teacher-preparation programs that were finalized late last year by the Obama administration.
3) Senate Votes to Block Obama Teacher-Preparation Rules
4) Updated Higher Education Law Could Impact Data, Access for K-12 Students Among those issues are what kind of information about colleges and universities prospective students will be able to see.
5) With New Administration, 100Kin10 Renews Call to Support STEM Teachers 100Kin10, a national nonprofit focused on recruiting, preparing, and supporting teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math … reiterated the importance of their mission in a new political climate.
6) With White House Backing, Senate Overturns ESSA Accountability Rules

Futurism. Your Next Teacher Could Be a Robot

NEAToday. Educators Told to Intern at Local Businesses To Renew Teacher Licenses

NYTimes. Obama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress

The Atlantic. Training Students to Outpace Automation Schools near Detroit have reworked curriculum to include both technical and soft skills.

Washington Post.
1) Senate votes to repeal Obama rule on teacher training “By overturning these regulations, Congress would tell our nation’s teacher preparation programs that they will not be held accountable for how well they educate aspiring teachers,” Walsh said…
2) Teacher: Here’s the history lesson Betsy DeVos needed on black colleges and the Ku Klux Klan The colored schools employed teachers of a lower grade of qualifications and at smaller salaries than the whites. 

New York Post. Will New York open the door to teachers who can’t read? At its meeting Monday, the board will vote on eliminating the Academic Literacy Skills Test…

NYSED Regents. March 13 Meeting agenda

Chalkbeat. Is New York City schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña on her way out? Aaron Pallas, an education professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, also recently hinted that her term is coming to an end.

Teachers College.
1) Gap Between Refugee Policy and Practice Hinders Urban Refugee Children’s Access to Education [by TC Profs. Mary Mendenhall, S. Garnett Russell, Elizabeth Buckner] …displaced children vulnerable to the same problems faced by native urban poor children in attending school: over-crowded local schools, inadequate resources and teacher training, far distances and lack of safe transportation to and from school.
2) Teacher Opportunity Corps application [March 15 deadline]