Week of June 4 in Teacher Ed News

| June 8, 2018

Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich.
US Secretary of Education visits PH Zurich  Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education of the United States, visited the PH Zurich on June 6, 2018. The education system and teacher education in Switzerland were at the center of her interest.

Al-Monitor. Egypt’s education system set for major overhaul   “…teachers must undergo training and professional development. Therefore, the ministry aims to train about 500,000 teachers across all governorates through Teachers First, a development program for teacher training.”

EdWeek. The Gates Foundation’s Education Plans Go International   Gates recently announced a change in strategy to its U.S. education programming, with a heavier focus on improvement replacing its former emphasis on teacher performance.

NYTimes. Mexican Court Orders New Investigation Into Missing Students  On Sept. 26, 2014, the 43 students from a teachers college disappeared in the town of Iguala in the southern state of Guerrero. The Attorney General’s Office said local police working for a drug cartel handed the students over to cartel members.


. An Update of the Federal Law Governing Higher Ed Appears Dead. Now There’s a Fight Over Who Killed It…the Prosper Act. It is broadly unpopular with Democrats in Congress, college leaders, and many student-advocate groups because it would eliminate the subsidy on student loans that students now receive while in school, and would eliminate Grad PLUS loans, among other provisions.

Credible. Student loan cutbacks not expected to land on Trump’s desk this year   Even if the PROSPER Act sails through the House — a vote is expected as soon as this month — Republicans have a slimmer majority in the Senate. Democrats who hope to win back control of Congress in November aren’t expected to allow the bill to come to a vote.

1) Computer Science Educators Wanted: How This New Program Is Addressing the Shortage   Public-private partnerships are one way to address the nation-wide shortage of computer science-trained educators, and the latest comes in the form of STEMpath, a new graduate-level educator certification program that isn’t quite a master’s degree.
2) The Key to 21st Century Classrooms Isn’t Tech. It’s Evolved TeachingThe power of the teacher comes not [from] the information she shares but from the opportunities she creates for students to learn how to learn, solve problems, and apply learning in meaningful ways.

edTPA/AACTE/Pearson. October Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Conference [Proposals Due June 15]

1) Louisiana Hopes New Early-Childhood Credential Will Professionalize Workforce   Starting in 2019, all lead early-childhood teachers will be required to have a state-developed Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate, or be working toward one.
) Ready for a Shooter? 1 in 5 School Police Say No   Thirty-three percent of officers responding to the Education Week Research Center survey agreed that “training and arming a select group of teachers would make schools safer.”
) Want to Produce Good STEM Teachers? This Program Is Getting Results   Texas science and math teachers who are trained in the UTeach preparation program are substantially better at raising student test scores than other teachers in the state, a new study shows.

HechingerReport. Oklahoma externship pays teachers for hands-on experience in engineering and science   According to the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, in August, 2017, there were more than 500 teaching vacancies in Oklahoma. The state approved more than 1,400 emergency teaching certificates, allowing schools to hire people who were not yet certified teachers.

InsideHigherEd. Softening Claims of the Marshmallow Test   He said researchers and educators need to be more careful when making pronouncements about ideas like self-control, and to temper our expectations. “If we think that this is actually an important skill that we try to target for kids to unlock later life outcomes,” he said, “our results suggest, ‘Probably not.’”

1) In the Age of Trump, Civics Courses Make a Comeback   For those teaching civics and civic engagement, the goal isn’t to get students to finish one project, but to make community involvement a habit — and one type of action often does lead to another.
2) The Cost of Going Back to School as an Adult   IBM’s Transition to Teaching program reimburses $15,000 of expenses to become certified as a teacher — an undertaking that Keith Gordon, 64, an IT software specialist, accomplished four years ago while working at IBM.


. Gordon M. Ambach, New York Education Chief in ’80s, Dies at 83   He graduated from Yale in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in American studies and earned a master’s in teaching and an advanced certificate in education administration from Harvard.

Senate bill S08776; Assembly bill A10952. Contact your elected state legislators Urge them to co-sponsor proposed bills to amend the legislation that requires a 3.0 GPA for admission to graduate teacher education and school leader programs.


. Building Bridges: A Good News Education Story [OpEd by Prof. A. Singer] The Hofstra program prepares teachers to engage their students as active learners who are comfortable living and working in diverse settings and examining difficult issues. The goal is that these young people, as they grow older, will become change agents who will work toward a more equitable and just future.

NYTimes. In a Twist, Low Scores Would Earn Admission to Select Schools   Amy Stuart Wells, a professor at Teachers College at Columbia University, said that all students can achieve at a higher level if teachers are well-trained and use an approach targeted to each child’s level of achievement, among other things.