Week of June 26 in Teacher Ed News

| June 30, 2017

EduInternational. Education International puts teachers’ needs at the centre of sustainable development  These include a system approach, a strong teaching profession, and a properly developed curriculum.

EqualTimes. As Liberia outsources its education, teachers’ rights are under siege

1) Can a Tech Start-Up Successfully Educate Children in the Developing World?  Kenya has many high-school-educated, unskilled workers who are looking for jobs, and initially, Bridge’s low-cost model depended on that labor pool for staffing schools. Instructors receive three to six weeks of training on pedagogy, classroom management and education technology.
2) Turkey Drops Evolution From Curriculum, Angering Secularists Removing evolution from the curriculum, Ms. Aydogan said, puts Turkey in the same league as ultraconservative Saudi Arabia, where the concept is briefly mentioned in the curriculum but strongly criticized.

StanfordScope. Learning to Teach in Practice: Finland’s Teacher Training Schools

AACTE.  The Wisdom of Crowds: Collaborative Student Teaching Instrument Development

Cal State Univ. CSU’s teacher preparation program is the largest in the nation … prepares more of California’s P-12 teachers than all other institutions combined — and nearly 8 percent of the nation’s teachers

Center for American Progress. Learning Mindsets and Skills  Revamp teacher preparation and professional development programs using the new science on learning mindsets and skills. 

Chalkbeat. Year-long residencies for teachers are the hot new thing in teacher prep. But do they work?

1) At One Houston School, Teaching Job Candidates Must ‘Escape the Interview’  … surely some prospective teachers would find this game a nightmare.
2) Chan-Zuckerberg to Push Ambitious New Vision for Personalized Learning  … even the best-funded improvement efforts are often stymied by institutional barriers to changing how teachers teach and children learn.
3) Dozens of Arizona Teachers Lack Bachelor’s Degrees
4) In Planning Lessons, Math Teachers Rely on What They Learned During Preservice
5) Mentors for New Teachers Found to Boost Student Achievement—by a Lot  A recent federal report that analyzed a cohort of 1,990 first-year teachers found that after five years, 86 percent of teachers who had first-year mentors were still teaching, compared with 71 percent without mentors.
6) Project-Based Learning’s Next Project: Understanding When It Works  Students whose teachers used the project-based-learning curriculum made gains that were 63 percent higher than their peers in the control group in social studies and 23 percent higher in informational reading.

Hechinger Report. TEACHER VOICE: What if instead of the voucher battle, we gave all of the nation’s children a top STEM education  Better-prepared students can learn more thoroughly by helping to bring their peers up to speed…

1) Arizona’s Alt-Cert Law Replaces ‘Teachers’ With ‘Persons’ In Its Classrooms [A. Singer blog] Senate Bill 1042 signed into law in May by Republican Governor Doug Ducey permits “persons” with a college degree to bypass Arizona’s regular teacher certification process to obtain grades 6-12 teaching certificates.
2) United States History: What is Important to Know and Why? [A. Singer blog]  …as a teacher educator I always begin thinking about teaching with the same question. What is important to know and why

Inside Higher Ed. Report on Growth of Early Education Requirements  …examines the growth of college degree requirements for early childhood education workers.

The74. How Trump’s Budget Would Gut Innovations in Teacher Training — Just as Things Are Getting Better

NYTimes. How Silicon Valley Pushed Coding Into American Classrooms  Code.org … pushes for education policy changes, develops curriculums, offers online coding lessons and trains teachers…

Washington Post. Undergraduate education is broken. Solutions start with faculty and rigor.  Indeed, there is a growing separation between faculty who teach and faculty who research at too many colleges, especially large research universities…

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities. [cIcu]
1) Independent Sector Schools of Education meeting,  June 21 [ppt attached]
2) Legislative Priorities  Expand the Masters-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship Program

NYSED, Office of Cultural Education. Classroom Resources

Politico NY. Charter sector secures win in Albany, clearing a path for deal on mayoral control  SUNY is now planning to create “an alternative teacher certification pathway to charter schools.”

SUNY Charter Schools Institute. Regulations To Be Proposed for Certification of Teachers in SUNY Authorized Charter Schools

AACTE. Wrapping Up the Spotlight on the St. John’s RISE Program  …the Residential Internship for St. John’s Educators (RISE) of St. John’s University has generated a strong sense of identity and mission among professors, interns, and PK-12 partners alike.

Chalkbeat. New York City’s racial disparities spill into gym class, according to new report  A 2015 report from the city comptroller’s office found … about one-third of schools did not have a full-time certified PE teacher… The city has also committed to adding 500 PE teachers by 2019…

NYDailyNews. Turnover, a charter school plague   For all but the Teach for America types who intend to log a few years and switch tracks, the union jobs are better jobs, where educators build careers.

NYTimes. Preaching the Value of Social Studies, in a Second Career  Adaptations of some of these units are available through the new online Success Academy Education Institute, where the network has posted its elementary school literacy curriculum.

Politico. After years of torment, de Blasio sees hope in mayoral-control deal That stand-off became slightly less heated last week, after charters won new regulations that created alternative paths to certification for charter teachers. The regulations help solve an existential problem for growing charter networks that have struggled to hire enough certified teachers…

Teachers College. Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of Public Education …”it’s hard to find freedom of decision in classrooms” and thus to educate others to be free thinkers and citizens.

The74. Analysis: The Fierce Fight Over Mayoral Control Reflects De Blasio’s Weakness on Education  …more teacher preparation and time set aside for parents…    …Jeff Henig, professor of political science and education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, believes political chest-pounding is not just forgivable; it can be necessary.

Village Voice. Integrating NYC Schools Will Take More Than A ‘Diversity Plan’  “The irony of mayoral control in my mind is that after centralizing standards, the curriculum, the assessments, what it left decentralized was student access to schools,” said Amy Stuart Wells, a professor of sociology and education at Columbia University’s Teachers College…