Week of June 25 in Teacher Ed News

| June 29, 2018

BBC News
. Teacher numbers at lowest since 2013, official figures show   …qualified teachers leaving the profession outnumbered new recruits… A spokesman for the Department for Education pointed out that an additional 32,000 trainee teachers had been recruited last year.

Education Week. British Columbia’s Curriculum: A Glimpse of the Future?   In both cases, all teachers are required to have five years of college and university preparation, in Finland at that country’s research universities, in British Columbia to a standard comparable to the Finnish standard. 

Inter-American Dialogue. The Future of Education In Latin America And The Caribbean: Possibilities For United States Investment And Engagement  … potential future collaboration, including supporting teacher education and preparation, institutional reform and strengthening, pre-primary education and early childhood development, English instruction and expansion and the use of technology as a tool for learning.

International Education News. PISA Treatment? Exploring the Side Effects of Education Reform   …teachers with high academic performances in secondary schools have been found to benefit high performing students but hurt low performing students, contradicting the policy recommendation derived from PISA data that school systems should recruit high performing graduates into teaching.


. KIPP charter network launching biliteracy program at new Denver elementary school   KIPP plans to train teachers for five weeks this summer. Dobie-Geffen said teachers who already have the state’s credential for teaching students who aren’t fluent in English are “a bonus.”

Chronicle. Universities Are Hotbeds of Scholarship on Mass Incarceration. But Are They Doing Enough to Fix the Problem?   National surveys show that 60 to 80 percent of private institutions and 55 percent of public ones compel undergraduate applicants to answer criminal-history questions, according to a report by Judith Scott-Clayton of Columbia’s Teachers College.

1) Gifted Students ‘Make the Most’ of School in Alaska  Strunk said there are no teachers at his school who are trained to work with gifted children.
2) Teachers View Immigrant Parents as Less Involved. That Mindset May Be Hurting Students  Teacher-preparation programs are partially to blame for these paradigms of “good” and “bad” parents that fail to take into account cultural differences… characterize having immigrant parents as a deficit, and professors shy away from critical conversations about race, ethnicity, and culture.
3) Will 3,000 Teachers in South Carolina Soon Retire Because of a Policy Change?   South Carolina estimates that it will need more than 5,000 new teachers each year, but teacher-preparation programs graduate about 2,000 candidates a year. 

Forbes. Over A Year Ago, A Federal Court Struck Down VAM: Why Are We Still Using It To Evaluate Teachers?

Hechinger Report.
1) Five things you should know about the people watching your children   Child care workers who earn a bachelor’s degree make more than their colleagues with just an associate’s degree or with no degree, but early childhood majors still make less than any other college-educated workers.
2) Piqued: The case for curiosity Scientists are discovering that curious learners from low-income households perform as well as affluent students.  Another option is for teachers to model curious behavior. Curiosity, as it turns out, is contagious.
3) The importance of difficult conversations in U.S. classrooms: Teaching about the migrant crisis   The teachers-in-training I work with speak of a “Food Around the World Day,” …They never discussed immigration when they were students, and they are unprepared to teach those who have recently come to the United States. There are ways to do better.

1) From Community College to a Selective University   ..a 2016 report from the Community College Research Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College found that of the nearly 1.1 million students who enroll at two-year institutions each year, about 80 percent indicate their goal is to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree. But only 14 percent earn a bachelor’s degree within six years.
2) Senate Appropriators Boost Pell Grant   Senate appropriators on Tuesday advanced a fiscal year 2019 funding bill that boosts the Pell Grant and appropriates new funds to address eligibility issues for borrowers seeking Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
3) The Graduate Training Trade-Off ‘Myth’  New study says “tension” between graduate training in research and teaching is false and that teaching training may actually build research confidence and output.

NYTimes [editorial]. How Entitled Parents Hurt Schools   In 1932, Willard Waller’s classic work on the sociology of teaching pronounced parents and educators to be “natural enemies”… Controversies can escalate quickly, and unprepared educators sometimes make things worse.

WashingtonPost. Bill Gates spent hundreds of millions of dollars to improve teaching. New report says it was a bust.


. My Brother’s Keeper: Changing the Narrative – June 2018

NYS Board of Regents. Board of Regents Acts to Amend Dignity for All Students Act Regulations. Public comments accepted through 7/23/18


Teachers College.
1) Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom. This course is offered in an online, self-paced format. Students are invited to enroll any time.   …developed in partnership with award-winning educator, Detra Price-Dennis
2) Grounded in Service, Uplifting Students: Brittany Davis   …decided to pursue her master’s degree at TC, because she felt the College – and New York City – would prepare her to become a fourth- or fifth- grade teacher “in ways I wouldn’t experience anywhere else in the United States.”
3) Vialogues video featuring Felicia Moore Mensah: “Whiteness as Property in Science Teacher Education