Week of June 12 in Teacher Ed News

| June 16, 2017

Education International. Increasing workloads taking a toll on Scottish teachers  … fewer than half of those surveyed would currently recommend teaching as a career choice – this is far worse than in our previous survey.

NEA. The Secret to High-Performing Nations’ Success? A Respected, Professionalized Teaching Force   “Strong teachers means strong education,” said A. Lin Goodwin of Columbia University who examined Singapore’s system. “And teachers need to stay in the system so that the system benefits from their wisdom.”

NYDailyNews.  Brooklyn teacher helps Chinese immigrant students overcome language barrier via cooking, film lessons  Dong graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education from Shanxi University in 1985 and taught psychology at Xinjiang University, before obtaining her master’s in education from Beijing Normal University in 1999.

Total Croatia News. While Croatia Argues over Education, Finland Abolishes All School Subjects

1) A Teacher’s Viral Video Explains Why Teaching Is Tiring
2) Betsy DeVos Warns Charter Schools Against Becoming ‘The Man’  …  slash other programs that charters benefit from… $2.4 billion in money for teacher quality... but some teachers clearly weren’t convinced by her sales pitch.
3) Poor Students Face Digital Divide in How Teachers Learn to Use Tech  There’s widespread agreement that teachers aren’t coming out of college well-prepared to navigate this new digital environment.
4) Pro-Accountability Ed School Dean to Take on Bigger Role in Teacher-Accreditation Group  CAEP, has elected her [Gallager] to lead its board of directors…she expressed wariness of unregulated programs, saying ed. schools won’t hold themselves accountable for the teachers they prepare if they don’t have to. 

Hechinger Report. Good news: There is an answer to the shortage of black and brown teachers  The proportion of teachers who are female (predominately white) grew from 67 percent in 1980-81 to more than 76 percent in 2011-12, according to the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE)…

NEA Today. Experts Discuss How to Find – and Keep – Teachers of Color  Margartia Bianco is a professor at the University of Denver and founder of Pathway2Teaching…The program encourages students to attend college and then return to their communities as culturally responsive teachers.

1) Decades-Old Work-Study Program Faces Major Cuts Judith Scott-Clayton, associate professor of economics and education at Columbia University Teachers’ College, said work study has shown to have a positive effect on college persistence and completion, especially for low-income students…
2) Trump Will Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S., Reversing Campaign Promise  … immigrants enrolled in the 2012 program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, “will continue to be eligible” to renew every two years and notes that “no work permits will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates.”
3) To Understand Betsy DeVos’s Educational Views, View Her Education  Mr. Booy, a self-described “radical idealist,” … thought he could change the world after college by moving to a low-income neighborhood and becoming a public school teacher. 

NPR Ed. Hey Higher Ed, Why Not Focus On Teaching?  A lot of our K-12 teachers didn’t come out of college with that depth of knowledge of the science they’re supposed to be teaching.

NBC New York. Looming NY Teacher Shortage Showcases Urgent Need to Recruit New Ones: Union Traditionally, local SUNY colleges provided a steady pipeline of new teachers, but that’s no longer the case. At SUNY Potsdam, for example, the number of education majors dropped sharply from over 700 in 2010 to just about 200 in the fall of 2016. 

NYS Assembly.  A.3676 (Glick)/S.2487 (LaValle) passed both Chambers of the Legislature; now awaits Governors’ signature.  Amends section 210-a of the education law to provide that the graduate record examination (GRE) or substantially equivalent admission examination requirement will not apply to certified teachers and school administrators who already hold a graduate degree when applying for a graduate-level teacher program.

NYS Higher Ed Srvcs Corp. New Excelsior (public IHE ) and Enhanced Tuition (private IHE) award applications available with new regulations

NYSED Regents.
1) Proposed Amendment to Add a New Section 80-5.23 to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to Establish a Residency Certificate for Students Enrolled in a Classroom Academy Residency Pilot Program
2) NEW PERMANENT RULE: Proposed Amendments to Part 80 of the Commissioner’s Regulations Related to the Elimination of the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) for Teacher Certification and to Remove Unnecessary References to the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST)
3) NEW PERMANENT RULE: Proposed Amendment to Section 80-1.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Establishment of a Multiple Measures Review Process for the edTPA
4) Appointments and Reappointments to the State Professional Standards and Practices Board 

New School Center for New York City Affairs. What’s Needed for ‘3-K for All’ and Child Care Centers to Work and Play Well Together?   These disparities make it nearly impossible for some EarlyLearn centers to hold on to certified teachers, creating what the New York City Public Advocate’s office has described as a “troublesome hierarchy in which the teachers who work with the youngest and poorest children are paid the least.”

1) Eva Moskowitz’s urgent lessons   For years, New York City’s “balanced literacy” pedagogy encouraged teachers to base literacy lessons on reading and writing that reflected the lives of students. Success Academy’s version of balanced literacy mostly directs students’ attention not in the mirror, but out the window.
2) Success Academy boss Eva Moskowitz tells in video why the charter school is great  Moskowitz gave some details in a YouTube video showing a web-based menu of lesson plans and other material the network uses to teach reading.

1) Ending the Curse of Remedial Math  And a group of New York City high school teachers are, in a pilot program, being trained in CUNY Start’s model of teaching.
2) For Children With Autism, No More Being Hushed  To devise it, she teamed up with Shirley Cohen, a professor of special education at Hunter College. (Nest teachers are required to take two graduate-level courses at Hunter focused on teaching children with autism.)

The74. Success Academy Launches Online ‘Education Institute’ to Share Curriculum, Professional Development  In the fall, the network plans to open a teacher-training facility at Hudson Yards in Manhattan with a lab school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.