Week of July 31 in Teacher Ed News

| August 4, 2017

BizCommunity [South Africa]. R3.5m bursaries for teacher education in 2018  The bursaries apply to students wanting to study full-time towards a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching or a Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching from 2018 to 2021. 

British Educational Research Assoc. How do we support beginner teachers to develop awareness and understanding of issues of social justice?  …our work is concerned with the complex intersectionality in England between poverty, social class, disadvantage and educational attainment and in particular thinking about how we, as teacher educators, can develop student-teachers’ awareness and understanding…

Int’l Society for Music Education. My Music Education Life: Milca de Paula  It is necessary to have discussions to face the difficulties in the conditions of the teaching work at schools and face the challenges in the formation of the licensed teacher in music, so the reality of the schools of Basic Education can really change. [cf. IJME, Vol. 35/1, New legislation in Brazilian music education: Studying the law and its implementation]

LiveMint. The sordid tale of teacher education in India

1) Clooneys to Help 3,000 Syrian Refugees Go to School in Lebanon  A $3.25 million donation from the Clooney Foundation for Justice, Google and HP will pay for transportation, school supplies, computers, content, curriculum and teacher training.
2) High-Profile Lawyers Targeted in Mexico Spyware Scandal … the government’s probe into the 2014 disappearance of 43 students from a rural teachers college.

AACTE. Multimodal Explorations in Language, Identity, Culture Inform Development of Bilingual Teachers  This interview features insights from the article “Preparing Bilingual Teachers: Mediating Belonging With Multimodal Explorations in Language, Identity, and Culture” written by Patricia Martinez-Álvarez, Isabel Cuevas, and María Torres-Guzmán.

A.I.R. Fostering a New Approach to Research on Teacher Preparation: Results of the First Convening of Researchers, Practitioners, and K–12 Educators

Atlanta Journal Constitution. Teaching method wins Ron Clark Academy math instructor hero status  Jones figured there had to be something to mixing the arts and math. She decided to find out and in 2007 applied to a doctoral program at Columbia University Teachers College, where in addition to being taught the facts, candidates were taught how to teach them.

Chronicle.  Training Graduate Students to Be Effective Teachers  More colleges are making it a priority to teach future faculty members how to teach

CBSDenver. Not Enough Teachers To Go Around In Colorado Since 2010, there has been a nearly 25 percent drop in graduates from teacher preparation programs, according to the CDHE.

Deans for Impact. Seventeen deans awarded Impact Academy fellowship  Together, the fellows’ programs enrolled about 7,400 teacher-candidates in 2013-2014.

1) Can a High School Course Help to Solve a State’s Teacher Shortage?  This fall, two high schools in Provo, Utah will offer students in grades 10 through 12 an introductory course called Careers in Education I, with the aim of enticing young people into the teaching profession.
2) The Next Generation Science Standards’ Next Big Challenge: Finding Curricula  It’s tempting to assume that teachers can just develop curricula on their own and learn to teach it—after all, lesson planning is a huge part of preservice teacher-preparation programs.
3) Nearly Two-Thirds of New Science Educators Lack Training in Their Subjects  …almost two-thirds of new science teachers (64 percent) taught at least one course outside of their field in their first five years in the classroom, while 40 percent taught mostly or entirely out of field during that period.
4) Performance Pay Law Not Paying Off for Top-Rated Teachers, According to Report  …the report argues that the discrepancy between salary awards for advanced degrees and “highly effective” ratings flies in the face of decades of research that has concluded that teachers with master’s degrees are no more effective than teachers without one.
5) Skip Coding, Teach Data Science  They find the certification processes deeply flawed and (not surprisingly) want a lot more certified CS teachers with multiple roots to the classroom.

Hechinger Report. Rising popularity of dual-language education could leave Latinos behind  … DCPS is competing with the rest of the nation to hire highly qualified teachers who are not only trained in specific subjects, but also capable of running a classroom in Spanish.

NYTimes. A Wakeup Call on Writing Instruction (Now, What’s an Adverb?)  The Common Core has provided a much-needed “wakeup call” on the importance of rigorous writing, said Lucy M. Calkins, founding director of the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University… But policy makers “blew it in the implementation,” she said. “We need massive teacher education.”

Tulsa World.
1) Oklahoma approves nearly 900 emergency teacher certificates
2) State of education in Tulsa draws Teach for America members and alums passionate about fixing schools

WNYC. Tens Of Thousands More Women And Minorities Are Taking Computer Science  The College Board, Code.org and other authorized providers are also training teachers to facilitate the course… “We are by far the largest player in creating new computer science teachers…

Chalkbeat. Among NY students seeking new Excelsior scholarship, potentially many who aren’t qualified or could pay a price later  …TEACH, a federal grant program aimed at encouraging aspiring teachers to enter high-needs subject areas and schools. But, like Excelsior, it places restrictions on the jobs that prospective teachers can take once they leave school…

Education and Teacher Education Today. Letter from the SUNY Deans of Education to the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York  We, the Deans and Directors of Education Programs in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, write to strenuously object to the SUNY Charter Schools Institute’s recent action to virtually eliminate teacher certification requirements for charter school teachers. 

InsideSources. New York Has Nation’s Highest Per Pupil Expenditure; But Is it Enough?  Michael Rebell, …a professor at the Teacher’s College at Columbia University…at the time of the 2006 lawsuit, Rebell said that about 17 percent of teachers in the state were uncertified—now that number is down to under one percent, which he considers to be a major victory.

NYSED. Office of Higher Education Newsletter. The Office of Higher Education (OHE) is pleased to launch a monthly newsletter to inform the education community of current and upcoming activities related to higher education. To subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please sign up on the OHE website at https://listserv.nysed.gov/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=ohenewsletter&A=1%20.

NYSED Regents
1) July meeting. Higher Education Committee Consent Agenda
Selected items from the July 2017 Higher Education Committee Consent Agenda are below. To view the entire list and the items’ supporting materials, go to: http://www.regents.nysed.gov/node/8712

  • RE: Establishment of a Residency Certificate for Students Enrolled in a Classroom Academy Residency Pilot Program
  • RE: Pathways for Candidates to Pursue Transitional A, Initial, and/or Professional Career and Technical Education Certificates
  • RE: Permanent Extension of the Option for Certain Out-of-State Candidates to be Eligible for a Conditional Initial Certificate

2) Arts Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) Test Development Experts Needed
Seeking educators to participate in test development activities for the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) in the Arts. These certification exams are for teacher candidates seeking certification in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Certified educators, including those from higher education, who have extensive content expertise in the area of one or more of the four arts are encouraged to apply to participate in the test development process.

SUNY Charter School Institute. Proposal that SUNY charter schools be able to establish their own teacher preparation programs and “certification” system. The public comment period ends on September 9. Submit comments to: Ralph A. Rossi II, SUNY Charter Schools Institute, 41 State Street, Suite 700, Albany, New York 12207, (518) 455-4250. E-mail: charters@suny.edu

TimesUnion. SUNY deans speak out against teacher hiring plan  The deans of education programs at 18 State University of New York schools are condemning a proposal they say would lead to unqualified teachers in New York classrooms.

 Washington Post. What’s the link between charter schools, political donations and teacher certification in New York?  SUNY’s requirements call for clinical experiences that are “diverse and immersive, ideally over a full school year.” The SUNY-proposed regulation for charter schools, in contrast, is less than three weeks (100 hours) of field experience under the supervision of an experienced teacher who may even be uncertified herself.

Teachers College. NY Daily News. Manhattan principal builds successful high school with diverse students  [Kate Burch holds a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in International Educational Development, with a focus on Peace Education]