Week of July 3 in Teacher Ed News

| July 6, 2017

CPRE. Strategies for Strengthening the Technical Workforce: A Review of International Evidence  …UNESCO (2013) found that a main concern in the implementation of ICT in TVET was that teachers were often not prepared to use ICTs in teaching

New South Wales Teachers Federation. Commercialisation in Public Schooling  “Commercial producers have a place in the resource market for teachers but must never be considered as a substitute for quality teaching — this is what we are trained to do and we must remain the experts in this regard”.

AACTE. New edTPA Resource for the 2017-2018 Program Year  Handbooks and Templates 2017-2018 – No changes, except for Classical Languages, Elementary Education, Elementary Literacy, Literacy Specialist, Special Education, and World Language. [login required]

Brookings Inst. Stemming the tide: Are public school districts keeping the best and brightest teachers?  If an English teacher has more peer teachers with more experience, advanced degrees, and professional certification, this English teacher is less likely to move to another school across town. 

CAEP. Board of Director appointments

Chalkbeat. Has the charter school movement gone awry? A new book says yes, and it’s causing a stir  …recommendations that include expanding the number and type of charter authorizers, ensuring charters are not bound by teacher certification rules, and reducing charter school regulations.

CT Mirror. Education Commissioner Wentzell: ‘Our English Learners Need More Support’  I am really proud that our education preparation institutions are doing a much better job with this.

Deans for Impact. Why mythbusting fails: A guide to influencing education with science  Experiment after experiment has shown that matching the form of instruction to a student’s preferred “style” of learning – such as auditory or visual – does not improve a student’s understanding. 

1) ‘Course-Choice’ Efforts Grow to Give Students More Options  “No matter what Secretary DeVos does, the focus needs to be on investing in our public schools, especially in training and retaining good teachers and educating students of all abilities,”…
2) Program aims to help teachers stay in profession  The News Journal of Wilmington reports that the state is creating a new academy for high schoolers considering a career in education. 

NPR. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos And Education Dept. Over Delay Of Borrower Defense Rule

NYTimes. DeVos Is Discarding College Policies That New Evidence Shows Are Effective  Bridgepoint Education, a publicly traded for-profit college corporation, offers an online associate degree in early education through Ashford University that costs almost $34,000 in tuition, fees and supplies, most of which students finance with debt. Fewer than half of students finish on time, and the median graduate earns less than $16,000 per year. 

Stories from School. Educators Rising: Start ‘Em While They’re Young  Basically, Educators Rising works with secondary teachers to identify black, brown, and white young people–as young as 13– who have potential as future educators.

Wall Street Journal. Exclusive Test Data: Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills

Washington Post. What should students know about religion? New guidance on teaching it in public schools.

Chalkbeat. Some charter school teachers could become certified without a master’s under proposed new SUNY rules

InsideHigherEd. New State Aid, With Strings Attached  Private colleges in New York State criticized Governor Cuomo’s plan to give some of their students much more aid in return for limits on tuition increases and more money from institutions. 

NYSED. Statement from Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa, the Board of Regents & State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on SUNY Charter Proposal   …ensuring that strong and effective teachers with the proper training, experience and credentials are educating New York’s children in every public school – including charter schools. SUNY’s teacher certification proposal is cause for concern…

NYS United Teachers.
1) NYSUT blasts charter school industry’s attempt to bypass teaching standards  …regulations proposed by the charter school industry that would allow some charter networks to bypass state certification standards and set up their own training programs for teachers — meaning students in publicly funded charters could be taught by individuals with as little as 30 hours of classroom instruction.
2) Stop Backdoor Teacher Certification for SUNY-Authorized Charters!

Politico. Charters move closer to new teacher-certification rules, worrying education schools

MotherJones. How Income Inequality Is Messing With Kids’ Brains  Dr. Kimberly Noble’s laboratory at Columbia University looks like your typical day care center—save for the team of cognitive neuroscientists observing kids from behind a large two-way mirror. The Neurocognition, Early Experience, and Development Lab…

Teachers College. Affirming Their Choice: Admitted Students Day at TC  “Whenever I worked in a school whose curriculum was inspired by TC, I loved it,” says Nassau, who will earn her master’s degree in the Department of Curriculum & Teaching, possibly with an additional focus on teaching art.