Week of July 24 in Teacher Ed News

| July 28, 2017

AACTE. JTE Authors Propose Inquiry-Oriented Standards to Capture Complexity of Teaching  This research was prompted by recommendations from a New Zealand Government Education Workforce Advisory Group. The group recommended, in 2010, a number of structural changes to improve the quality of initial teacher education and induction into the profession.

Blog on Learning Development. “Differential education is a competitive factor”  Finnish educator and author Pasi Sahlberg predicts a backlash against global standardization and says teachers need different training and skills to succeed. It’s not enough to have a “reform”. We need to change several things simultaneously and it starts with teacher training.

PRNewswire. Collaborative Effort Between Educators From Singapore and India to Build Capacity in Early Childhood Education in Mumbai  …through the following initiatives: A teacher resource guide which will be produced by both the SIVs and master trainers and used in teacher training programmes to teach pedagogy skills

UNESCO. Investigating Teacher Agency in Implementing the Early Primary Curriculum of Ugandan Schools  This study shows the potential of ICTs in supporting sustainable teacher training programmes whose potential is immense though not yet tapped fully in Uganda. 

1) AACTE Chapter Develops Statewide Student Teacher Observation Tool
2) Applying for Federal Research Funding? View On-Demand Webinars From IES for FY18

CAEP. Family Engagement: Practice that Empowers & Motivates  …family engagement is important – both conceptually and technically – for teacher candidates and inservice teachers alike.

1) 6 problems the NAACP has with charter schools — and 5 of its ideas for how to reshape the sector  “Charter schools should not be permitted to waive any licensing requirements for teacher and leaders working in their schools,” the NAACP report says…
2) Schools near state lines perform worse — and rules discouraging teachers from moving may be to blame  …states that require prospective teachers to clear a high bar to become certified may worry that making it too easy for an out-of-state teacher to receive a license could reduce teacher quality.

Early Childhood Education Degrees. America’s Typical Teacher  42.5 years old, female, holds Masters degree or higher, underpaid, teaches 21-27 students per class, not allowed enough time to collaborate with other teachers…

Education Week.
1) Are Charter Schools Bad for Black Children? The NAACP Asked, Here’s What It Found  The group lays out a formula for improving charters that includes: Requiring all teachers be certified.
2) Betsy DeVos Is a K-12 Advocate. So Why All the Action in Higher Ed?   The feds have far more authority over colleges…than they do over K-12 schools…  And the Higher Education Act has been due for a facelift for several years now. DeVos, in fact, has said she’d like to scrap the HEA and start from zero.
3) Computer Science Teachers Needed. But Who Will Pay to Train Them?
4) Don’t Mourn or Applaud the End of $2 Billion in Teacher-Training Money Just Yet
5) To Attract Teachers, More Cities Eye Discounts on Housing  Memphis has a teacher residency program that provides teachers in training with free housing in the former Sears, Roebuck & Co. building, which is now a mixed-use high-rise.
6) The Many Ways We Are De-Professionalizing Teaching [Blog] …the professional preparation and advancement of teaching looked very different 25 years ago … The talk then was about full-year field experiences and paid internships for prospective teachers.
7) Two Years Is the Worst Amount of Time to Teach  Teach for America turned 25 last year and continues to treat teaching as more stepping stone than career

EdTech. As Connectivity Improves, The Digital Divide Persists in Teacher Tech Preparation

Education First. Transforming How We Prepare Our Teachers …new brief on how teacher preparation programs are innovating.

Marzano. Marzano Research to Support U of W’s Future Educator Development

NPR Ed. Teachers With Student Debt: These Are Their Stories  You need a bachelor’s degree …increasing pressure to get a master’s degree and the many ways to repay loans or apply for loan forgiveness.

Penn GSE. HBCU Schools of Education: at the Forefront of Teacher Education for a Diverse Teacher Workforce

Teaching/Math/Culture [Blog] Teacher Education In The New Economy

The Atlantic. Why the Myth of Meritocracy Hurts Kids of Color…the onus is also on teacher-prep programs to ensure aspiring educators know how to address these controversial topics.

Washington Post. NAACP report: Charter schools ‘not a substitute’ for traditional public schools and many need reform  The task force recommended … the following procedures: Require charter schools to hire certified teachers. Many states allow charters to hire the uncertified at far higher rates than traditional public schools.

The Atlantic. How Teachers Are Taught. But Dirck Roosevelt, a visiting associate professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, says … “To know mathematics sufficiently to design a bridge or to supervise the construction of a bridge is not remotely the same thing as to know it in such a way that you will know what your sophomore algebra student is going to find difficult,”

New York State Register. Governance, Structure and Operations of SUNY Authorized Charter Schools Pertaining to Teacher Compliance [p. 23 ff]
Public comment will be received until Sept. 9.
Ralph A. Rossi II, SUNY Charter Schools Institute, 41
State Street, Suite 700, Albany, New York 12207, (518) 455-4250, email: charters@suny.edu
Current SUNY Charter Schools. 165 total, over 140 in NYC.

NYTimes. Proposal Would Let Charter Schools Certify Their Own Teachers  Kate Walsh, …said that charter schools are not set up to focus on the difficult work of training teachers, nor are they in a position to offer the kind of coursework even very talented teaching candidates need to receive.

Chalkbeat. New York City has sent its first offer letters for 3-K for All. Here’s a look at the new pre-K initiative by the numbers  …the education department is also providing teacher training, social workers and other support for existing centers run by ACS.

NYCDOE. Application & Hiring Process  Our schools have high hiring needs for teachers in specific subject areas: Bilingual Education; Early Childhood Education; English as a New Language; Mathematics; Physical Education; Science (all subjects); Special Education

Teachers College.Some New York charter schools could soon be allowed to certify their own teachers. What could that look like?  Teachers College Visiting Associate Professor Dirck Roosevelt was quoted in the… story on regulations recently proposed by SUNY that would enable some charter schools to design alternative certification programs.