Week of July 2 in Teacher Ed News

| July 6, 2018

. Mao 101: Inside a Chinese Classroom Training the Communists of Tomorrow   Students must now complete up to five courses to graduate — including a class on Marxism, one on morality, a modern Chinese history course, and “situation and policy education,”

TES [UK]. Teachers ‘should model risky behaviour for pupils’

American Institutes for Research (AIR).
Better Data May Equal Better Prepared Teachers   The lack of easy data sharing between K–12 systems and teacher preparation may be costly, in terms of the quality of instruction by new teachers. Without knowing how graduates perform in the first years in the profession, preparation providers are hard-pressed to know how to improve their programs.

Chalkbeat. To reinvent career education, these Indiana districts are making up their own rules   The coalition is also requesting the ability to create its own district teacher licenses. The licenses don’t have to meet the usual accreditation requirements from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. Teachers would still have to follow rules for criminal background checks, but the coalition members hope the licenses would have fewer requirements and let more people teach classes in subjects affiliated with career and technical education.

1) Is There a Link Between Civics Requirements and Teacher Working Conditions?   Social studies teachers … tend to enter the classroom through traditional teacher-preparation programs rather than through alternative programs like Teach For America.
2) No More SAT for Teachers Who Want Certification in Michigan   Sen. Marty Knollenberg, a Republican from Troy, says the SAT doesn’t measure enthusiasm, passion or competency in a certain subject. He says it can be another hurdle to getting people into the teaching profession. The new law kicks in on Sept. 25.
3) Parkland Survivor David Hogg: Nothing More Powerful Than a ‘Pissed-Off Teacher’   “We want our educators like you to be armed—armed with books, papers, pencils, computers, and the supplies and resources you need to help us soar and thrive in this world,” he said.
4) Reading Is Fundamental. But It’s Not a Fundamental Right, Court Rules   And here’s a take from Camika Royal, a teacher-educator: Apparently, the state of Michigan is required to have schools, and schooling is compulsory, but the state is not required to actually teach students to read.

InsideHigherEd. Ed Department Says It Didn’t Botch State Authorization Delay   A notice confirming the two-year delay in putting the new rule in place “was on public inspection Friday (6/29),” the department said. Though the document was “published on paper July 3, the effective date was still Friday (6/29).”

1) Senators to DeVos On TEACH Grant Debacle: ‘Urgent That These Mistakes Are Fixed’   The Education Department confirms that just 15 percent — 1,671 recipients — had their loans changed back to grants.
2) The Ongoing Battle Between Science Teachers And Fake News   A recent study out of Penn State showed that one-third of science teachers are open to the idea that climate change could be naturally occurring, instead of human caused. This poses a particular challenge to people like Susan Yoon, who are training the next generation of science teachers. She’s a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

1) Cynthia Nixon. Parent. Activist. Governor?  We should be focusing on how to eliminate high stakes consequences associated with tests for students, teachers and schools and to reduce testing.
2) Migrant Shelters Are Becoming Makeshift Schools for Thousands of Children  Teachers at the schools are sometimes not state-certified as teachers, according to these accounts… ICE standards say children held at family detention centers should have a curriculum and state-certified teachers essentially identical to those at a regular public school.
3) Trump Administration Reverses Obama on Affirmative Action   In a pair of policy guidance documents, the Education and Justice departments told elementary and secondary schools and college campuses to use “the compelling interests” established by the court to achieve diversity. 

ProvidenceJournal. SAT requirement waning in R.I., and nationally | Poll   Salve Regina adopted a test-optional admission policy in 2011, with two exceptions, nursing and education, because licensing in those professions requires graduates to pass standardized exams.


CICU Schools of Education survey.
CICU is collecting feedback for NYSED on the Independent Sector Schools of Education’s awareness of the Next Generation Learning Standards, inclusion of the standards in your programs, and involvement in or help with implementation of the standards in your program

1) Notice of Adoption

2) Office of Higher Education. June Newsletter

  • Grade-Level Extensions for Certain Candidates Who Hold a Students with Disabilities Generalist Certificate
  • Reinstatement of the Educational Technology Specialist CST Safety Net
  • Educator preparation providers (EPPs) may now choose to pursue accreditation through CAEP or AAQEP.
  • Multi-Subject: teachers of Childhood (grade 1–Grade 6) part two: mathematics Practice quiz

3) Open Comment Period.

4) Statement from Chancellor Betty A. Rosa and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on Trump Administration’s Repeal of Obama-Era Guidance for Schools

New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE). Ongoing Recruitment for Content Experts for Teacher Certification Examination Test Development

Professional Standards and Practices Board (PSPB). March meeting minutes,  April meeting minutes


Teachers College
. Unshaken: Scholarships have helped Ayesha Rabadi-Raol overcome the unthinkable to achieve her dreams   Ayesha is interested in the experiences of “transnational” immigrant student teachers, and – in the current political climate — in helping them “take advantage of TC as a place of activism and change to provide a platform for socially and historically marginalized populations.” She hopes to become a teacher educator herself after completing her dissertation.