Week of July 10 in Teacher Ed News

| July 14, 2017

Hechinger Report. When it comes to teacher training, the U.S. could learn a thing or two from Canada

NYTimes. Spyware Sold to Mexican Government Targeted International Officials  The mystery began on Sept. 26, 2014, when about 100 students from a teachers’ college in the town of Ayotzinapa struck out to commandeer some buses. 

NZHerald. More than half of Auckland schools up to four teachers short  “I don’t know what the future holds but we’re potentially looking at babysitters in classrooms because we do not have the teachers to fill those vacancies.”

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong teachers oppose appointment of pro-Beijing educator as undersecretary  Cheng Kai-ming, emeritus professor of education at the University of Hong Kong, said it was “a very bad starting point” to pre-screen candidates for administrative positions for their political views…

1) Federal Task Force Identifies Over 150 Ed. Regulations for Review; Comments Due Aug. 21
2) House Hearing Witnesses Stress Privacy Protections for Student Data While Ensuring Researchers Maintain Access

DeansForImpact. Showdown in Texas teacher preparation  Acting collectively, advocates for students and teachers stopped the legislation that would have weakened the quality of teachers entering Texas classrooms.

EdSurge. Does the Word ‘Teacher’ Still Describe What Educators Do in the Classroom?  “There is a thought that because people went to school, that they know what school is [and] how teachers should teach and how students [should] learn,” explains Fuhrman. “It is like having a housing secretary who lived in a house. It is not the preparation that you need. It is a great disservice to the knowledge base underlying education.” 

1) Five Big Tasks for Betsy DeVos  One former state leader who was considering a post balked after seeing the president’s budget request, which would eliminate money for teacher training and slash career and technical education funding.
2) How Teacher Prep Programs Can Help Teachers Teach Math Conceptually
3) Like Trump Budget, House Funding Bill Strips Out $2 Billion for Teacher Training
4) Most Republicans Have Negative View of Higher Education, Poll Finds
5) Teachers Trained Through Fast-Track Program No Better or Worse Than Their Peers  TNTP, formerly The New Teacher Project, has trained and placed about 35,000 teachers in urban areas over nearly two decades… The teachers get on-the-job coaching and support throughout their first year.
6) Watch This Refresher on Trump’s Education Budget in Under 60 Seconds  How will Title II money for teacher training and after-school spending, which together amount to over $3 billion but which Trump wants to eliminate, fare in the House spending bill?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Bill would allow gun education curricula in Wisconsin high schools  The bill also would require the classes to be taught by people who have proof of previous training in firearm safety.

NEA. As More Schools Look to Personalized Learning, Teaching May Be About to Change

NYTimes. DeVos’s Hard Line on New Education Law Surprises States  This feedback was widely criticized by academic groups, including the National Science Teachers Association, who said the department was interpreting the law too literally.

Raise Your Hand Texas. Foundation Launches $50 Million Raising Texas Teachers Program To Elevate Teaching Profession  …a program to provide $50 million over the next 10 years in scholarship funding for students committed to a career in teaching, and technical support for premier Texas teacher preparation programs. 

Chalkbeat. Some New York charter schools could soon be allowed to certify their own teachers. What could that look like?  But Dirck Roosevelt, a visiting associate professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, says professional success doesn’t always translate into the ability to lead a classroom.

cIcu. Summary of June 22 Independent Sector Schools of Education Mtg w/Regent Cashin & Deputy Commissioner John D’Agati [attached]

HuffPost. Politics And Campaign Dollars Shape New York Charter School Policies  Politicians and wealthy business leaders with ties to Cuomo are behind the push to exempt some of the state’s charter schools from hiring certified teachers.

Inside Higher Ed. Zimpher to lead center on education pipelines  Early on, the center will focus on efforts including the creation of a statewide education data system and a “train the trainer” certification program.

Money. 711 Best Colleges For Your Money  [77 IHEs in NYS, highest of 50 US states]

NPR. SUNY charter schools committee considers their own teacher certification  New York’s public schools are grappling with a teacher shortage which many blame on the stringent requirements to become certified in the state.

NYPost. New rules for who can teach are a big win for New York kids  Sadly, most education degrees are practically worthless: Teaching is an art best learned from a master on the job, not a science to be picked up by studying theory.

NYSED Regents. July meeting agenda

Politico. Hochman leaves as Cuomo’s deputy education secretary  Hochman [TC EdD. 1990], a former Westchester County school superintendent and longtime critic of the Common Core learning standards, was appointed to the position in October 2015.

SUNY Board of Trustees
1) Archived Meetings. Proposed Teacher Cert Regs Resolution
2) Proposed Regulations of the Charter Schools Committee

TimesUnion. NY teachers with 30 hours of experience? Charter school proposal stirs debate  The proposal, which would allow high-achieving charter schools to develop their own teacher certification requirements, was quietly floated in the last hours of the 2017 legislative session…

Univ. of Buffalo. UB’s virtual reality expertise creates simulated classroom environment for aspiring teachers  The virtual reality teaching environment created by Lamb and Etopio differs from other teaching simulation platforms in that actual footage of student behaviors occurring within real classrooms will be used…

Bank Street Sustainable Funding Project. ESSA and Quality Teacher Preparation

NYDaily News.
1) Corporate lawyer traded high-paying gig for calling to educate low-income NYC students  So Russell quit his corporate job and applied for training at Success Academy, the first step in eventually becoming a teacher …
2) Technology teacher offers every student chance at coding, computer science classes in Queens school  She cashed in her retirement savings and enrolled in graduate school, earning a master’s degree in education and a teaching certification.

NYTimes. De Blasio’s Concessions on Charter Schools Are Disclosed  Another potentially significant change for the charter sector came in the form of proposed rules, released last month, that would create different ways for teachers at certain charter schools to earn certification and start teaching before the process is complete.