Week of July 1 in Teacher Ed News

| July 3, 2019

Center for Global Development30 New Findings in Global Education: RISE Conference 2019

  • In rural Ghana, personal and professional challenges in the lives of new teachers are associated with lower learning and reduced socioemotional development among their students
  • In middle schools in Pakistan, in-class technology together with teacher training (to help them integrate the technology effectively) increased both effort and test scores among students

Education HQ Australia. Practical experience is crucial for improving teachers’ confidence in their classroom and student management   The changing landscape of Australian society, thus classrooms, means that it might be time to review the training provided to pre-service and in-service teachers and to ensure they are prepared with what they need to know and do to meet the increasingly diverse challenges they encounter.

Education International. “The Fast Track for Newly Arrived Teachers in Sweden: the union’s perspective”   The Swedish government took the initiative of creating the so called “fast-track” into the teaching career since a relatively large group of immigrants had a background in teaching.

Forbes. Number Of Teachers Quitting The Classroom After Just One Year Hits All-Time High   Almost one in six teachers (15.3%) who qualified in 2017 left the state school sector in England within a year, according to data published by the Department for Education today…Teaching training courses have also repeatedly failed to hit their targets, with particular shortages in STEM subjects.


Associated Press. Official: Oklahoma emergency teacher licenses up 54% in 2018-19   State-issued nonaccredited teaching certificates allow people without a state teaching license to teach in a classroom for two years while they complete training. The vast majority of nonaccredited teachers have degrees and work experience in other professions. 

Association of Teacher Educators. 2020 Annual Meeting.  Atlantic City, NJ Feb.15-20  Call for Proposals extended to July 15

Chronicle of Higher EducationDemand for Campus Child Care Is Growing. Choosing How to Provide It Can Be Fraught.   In California, a teacher at a for-profit center is required to have only half the early-childhood-education credits required of full teachers at nonprofit centers, and assistant teachers at for-profit centers aren’t required to have any.

Education Week. Forty Percent of Elementary School Teachers’ Work Could Be Automated By 2030, McKinsey Global Institute Predicts   It’s also important that today’s educators understand how the ways in which work is gendered could affect the futures their female students face. Women may be particularly well served by receiving the training to participate in flexible and remote work arrangements that involve telecommuting, the report suggests.

Richmond Times-Dispatch. Virginia launches teaching degrees at colleges in effort to curtail teacher shortage   The state is launching 53 new teacher preparation programs and 25 new degrees, by Gov. Ralph Northam announced last week, that will let people become teachers after getting an education degree in four years.

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE). edTPA Team Transition News  Dr. Andrea Whittaker has decided to step away from her role as the National Director of edTPA…

UChicago Consortium on School ResearchArts Education And Social-Emotional Learning Outcomes Among K–12 Students: Developing A Theory Of Action   This does not mean that being intentional about leveraging social-emotional components is easy. To the contrary, doing intentional social-emotional work can be quite difficult at times and is not necessarily a skill that is taught in teacher-training programs.

University of North Carolina-CharlotteCato College of Education: UNCC Diversity Recruitment Video

Washington Post. Borrowing for college just got a little cheaper


New York Association of Colleges for Teacher EducationExcelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning— first fully online, open-access issue

NYSATE/NYACTE Annual Fall ConferenceOctober 17-19 Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs

NYS Legislature; Education Bills Passed.
1) Master’s-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship. This bill opens New York’s Master’s-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship program to students who pursue graduate education degrees at private, not-for-profit colleges and universities.
2)  Graduate GPA Bill. After several years of advocacy, a bill to end the requirement that students pursuing graduate degrees in education fields have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA finally passed both Chambers

NYS RegisterOpen Public Comment Period. Professional Development Plans and Other Related Requirements for School Districts and BOCES   (4) A teacher acting as a mentor to a new teacher in the classroom teaching service as part of a school district’s or BOCES’ mentoring program pursuant to section 100.2(dd) of this Title may, at the discretion of the school district or BOCES, credit up to 30 hours of such time toward his/her CTLE requirement in each five-year registration period. (5) a teacher acting as a mentor to a teacher candidate pursuant to section 52.21 of this Title may, at the discretion of the school district or BOCES, credit up to 25 hours of such time toward his/her CTLE requirement in each five-year registration period.   Data, views or arguments may be submitted by August 10 to: Petra Maxwell, NYS Education Department, 89 Washington Avenue, Office of Higher Education, Albany, NY 12234, (518) 486-3633, email: petra.maxwell@nysed.gov


Bank Street College Prepared to Teach. Residency Mentoring Workshop August 5-6

Chalkbeat. What NYC’s departing instructional guru learned overseeing the nation’s largest school system Weinberg [TC MA, English Ed] oversaw curriculum, teacher development, college preparation efforts, and managed some of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s biggest priorities, including making computer-science classes available to all students by 2025.

Teachers College.
1) Class Action: The case for empowering our teachers.In a three part series, TC community members ponder teaching’s challenges, reflect on how TC equips teachers to thrive, and offer ideas for restoring the stature teaching deserves.
2) Student and Alumni Profiles
Kimberely Durall (M.A. ’15)   “I majored in education to keep learning while inspiring kids with a background like mine. I didn’t want the limits the world places on students to follow them into my classroom.”

Billy Fong (M.A. ’11)   Fong, who received the 2018 Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award, credits Central Park East II’s leadership for supporting him, and TC mentors such as Celia Oyler for encouraging him to think creatively. 

Raven Hebert (MA ’06) “Teaching was what Hebert wanted to do, and variety was why. At TC, inspired by science education faculty member Jessica Riccio, she embraced her “inner happy nerd” and learned to gear instruction to different students’ needs.”

Lisa McDonald (Ph.D. Candidate)  “My being a teacher stems from this brown little girl who wanted someone to take the time to know me,” says McDonald, a TC Science Education doctoral student… McDonald next encountered a teacher of color at TC, where Professor of Science & Education Felicia Mensah has acquainted her with critical race theory — racism viewed as part of America’s systemic fabric. 

Rebeca Madrigal (M.A. ’98)   “I had to create a channel for my student — his experiences in Mexico,” she recalls. “It was Fidel’s first sign he had knowledge. And it opened my eyes to what being a teacher means.”

Emily Moxey (M.Ed. ’06) As a teenager, Moxey cared for a neighboring family’s two-year-old child who was deaf. In TC’s deaf education program, she learned to “fit the instruction to the child, not vice versa.”

Kevin Paiz-Ramirez (M.A. ’13)  Paiz-Ramirez immediately thought of his TC mentor, hip-hop science educator Christopher Emdin, who advocates knowing what kids face each day, whether it’s dodging gangs en route to school or dealing with gender discrimination.

Larrolyn Patterson Parms-Ford (M.A. ’19, Music & Music Education) Brings Her Voice to the Classroom    We expect black women to be musical artists. But where are the black female music teachers?”…She’s proud of the conversations that ensued, one of which concluded with a black female student expressing her desire to one day become a music teacher as well.

Eric Williamson (M.A. ’19) Williamson learned that empowering young people to create music they find relevant inspires their broader musical curiosity. At the Teachers College Community School in West Harlem, his students performed hip hop and rap as well as classical music and standards.