Week of January 29 in Teacher Ed News

| February 2, 2018

Deutsch Welle [DW].
German elementary schools ‘rent’ male teachers  The Rent a Teacherman program aims to put more men in elementary schools…Christoph Fantini, head of the teaching program at the University of Bremen, told DW. “They have simply never seen a man in this position, so they don’t know how to address him properly.”

DutchNews.NL. Two in five workers would consider becoming teachers  Around 40 per cent of working people interviewed said they were interested in teaching…

1) Exclusive: Teacher trainers ordered to rethink entry standards to ‘maximise recruitment’  Teacher trainer providers have been told they will be checked to see if they are rejecting suitable candidates – after a drastic drop in applications.
2) The Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Canadian prime minister talk about the impact of education on girls around the world at the World Economic Forum  “We’re empowering women so that they can bring change in their local communities, whether it’s through teacher training [or] giving e-learning…”


1) AACTE Awards to Recognize Excellence in Educator Preparation
2) AACTE Board Reaffirms Importance of National Accreditation for Educator Preparation
3) AACTE’s Evolving Relationship With Accreditation

Education Week.
1) 10 (More) Reasons Why the U.S. Education System Is Failing  10. Teacher-preparation programs don’t teach neuroscience.
2) N.M. Teacher of the Year, a Dreamer, Attended Trump’s State of the Union. Here’s Her Story   I’m getting my master’s in education [UNM] with a focus on reflective practice. I’m just there to become a better teacher.

1) More Evidence of a Drop in International Grad School Enrollment  Breaking down the data by discipline, the fields of study reporting the greatest percentage declines in new international graduate students this year were education (-16 percent), arts and humanities (-12 percent)…
2) Senator Wants Quick Progress on Higher Ed Law  Senator Lamar Alexander, the Tennessee Republican who chairs the Senate education committee, said Tuesday that work drafting a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act would begin “within the next few weeks.”

1) With DACA in Limbo, Teachers Protected by the Program Gird for the Worst  …with teachers’ help, she secured private scholarships for a graduate school program for special education teachers who wanted to teach the hearing-impaired.
2) School Shooting Simulation Trains Teachers for the Worst  Teachers across the country will soon be able to train for an active shooter on school grounds using a computer simulation that includes realistic details like gunfire, shattered glass and the screams of children.

Southern Poverty Law Center. Teaching Hard History  The nation needs an intervention in the ways that we teach and learn about the history of American slavery. While that intervention will require some work by state educational departments, teacher preparation programs, school boards, textbooks publishers, museums, professional organizations and thought leaders, we are confident that change can come.

WBOI 89.1.  [Indiana] Lawmakers Move Bill To Get More Teachers Into Schools  With a teacher shortage in the state lawmakers want to help license more teachers by waiving some testing requirements some educators see as a barrier to getting into the classroom.


NYSED News and Notes
. NYSED Proposes More Flexibility in Meeting Safety Net Requirements for Teacher Certification

NYSED Office of Higher Education. January Newsletter

  • Continuous Accreditation Requirement for Educator Preparation Provider
  • Graduate Admission Examination Requirement
  • Certification Exam Safety Nets
  • Clinical Practice Work Group
  • DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) Task Force
  • Recruitment for the Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (Grade 7-12) Mathematics Content Specialty Test (CST) Item Review Committees
  • Continued Recruitment for the Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) in the Arts

New Rochelle Patch. Cuomo Proposes Free College Education For NY Dreamers


1) This NYC teacher was skeptical of training programs like Teach for America — so she completed a teaching residency instead  So when she heard about a new teacher residency program at New York University based on the medical model where doctors-in-training begin practicing medicine under supervision of an experienced mentor, she jumped at the chance.
2) Who’s who on New York City’s School Diversity Advisory Group  Members [incl.]: Amy Stuart Wells, Teachers College, Columbia University