Week of January 15 in Teacher Ed News

| January 19, 2018

. 2018 ATEE Spring Conference ‘Designing Teacher Education and Professional Development for the 21st Century: Current Trends, Challenges and Directions for the Future’ [BIALYSTOK: 7-9 June]

NIE News [Singapore]. Empowering Change in Nepal through Education  Alumna Reshu Aryal Dhungana … completed her Master of Arts in Leadership and Educational Change—a joint masters programme by NIE, NTU, and Teachers College, Columbia University… Another distinguished alumnus of the Master of Arts in Leadership and Educational Change programme, Alan Lim…

TES. Uni launches £100k scholarship scheme to help local schools train teachers  The University of Buckingham has launched a £100,000 scholarship scheme giving local schools the chance to train teachers and school leaders.

The Sydney Morning Herald. Fewer students make the grade for teaching courses as new standards take effect  Victorian students are abandoning teaching courses as tough new entry standards come into force.


1) AACTE Commission Issues Proclamations for Effective Clinical Educator Preparation  In the report, A Pivot Toward Clinical Practice, Its Lexicon, and the Renewal of Educator Preparation, the AACTE Clinical Practice Commission describes a “cacophony of perspectives” across today’s teacher preparation programs regarding what constitutes clinical practice.
2) Researchers Propose Theoretical Model to Embed Social Justice in Classroom Practices, Teacher Preparation

Chalkbeat. Tennessee’s mediocre teacher training programs prompt ‘interventions’ with university presidents  …Tennessee, state officials are holding meetings with top brass at universities where they say programs have grown out of touch with the needs of K-12 classrooms.

Education Week.
1) Betsy DeVos Approves 11 ESSA Plans, Including New York’s
2) How (and When) Researchers Should Speak Truth to Power: Four guidelines for academics who want to participate in heated education debates
3) Teacher Ed. Group Calls for More High-Quality Student TeachinThe American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education’s Clinical Practice Commission released a report today with 10 proclamations on how to better incorporate evidence-based clinical practice in teacher preparation programs.
4) The 2018 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings  …identifying the university-based scholars in the U.S. who are doing the most to shape educational practice and policy. Simply being included in this list of 200 scholars is an accomplishment, given the tens of thousands who might qualify. (incl. 12 from 3rd-ranked TC: Bailey, Brooks-Gunn, Cohodes, Emdin, Fuhrman, Henig, Kagan, Levin, Pallas, Scott-Clayton, Wells, Wohlstetter)
5) TFA Alumni Principals are the Harshest Critics of TFA Teachers

Hechinger Report.
1) Diversity at the front of the classroom could mean more diversity among future scientists  Robert Goodman, executive director of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, is particularly proud of his program’s track record with diversity. About one-third of the physics and chemistry teachers the program trains are black or Latino, “which compares to close to zero percent for conventional teacher prep programs,” he said.
2) Eclipsed by urban counterparts, rural nonwhites go to college at equally low rates  “If you need future bilingual teachers, guess where they are,” Winchester said. “They’re sitting in your high school seats. You’ve got to get students of color through college in order for them to become teachers.”

InsideHigherEd. Profanity, Not Pedagogy  Court rejects terminated professor’s First Amendment suit against LSU, saying there’s no meaningful connection between her vulgar language and training teachers.

KQED. Transforming Physicists, Engineers into Teachers at New MIT Program

Tennesseean. Tennessee education officials vow to better the state’s teacher preparation programs  Much of the attention being paid to Tennessee’s teacher preparation programs is thanks to the Tennessee State Board of Education launch of a database that rates how well educator programs prepare future teachers. 

Facing a state budget crunch, Gov. Cuomo proposes modest 3 percent education boost  Cuomo put forward a $769 million increase in school aid during his executive budget address on Tuesday, less than half of the $1.6 billion sought by the state’s Board of Regents.

Gov. Cuomo Executive Budget FY 2019 Proposal.
1) K-12 Education graphic
2) Higher Ed graphic

1) Board of Regents January meeting, Higher Education Committee agenda
2) Public comment period on proposed regulations.  Send comments to: Kelly Grace, NYS Education Department, 89 Washington Avenue, 975 EBA, Albany, NY 12234, email:regcomments@nysed.gov

a) Alternative Teacher Certification Program Models (P)

b) Grade-Level Extensions for Certain Candidates Who Hold a Students with Disabilities Generalist Certificate (P)

c) Requires Teachers to Complete a Mentoring Program During Their First Year of Teaching (P)

d) Creation of New Certification Area and Tenure Area in the Classroom Teaching Service for Computer Science (P)

3) Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching January meeting agenda
4) Recruiting educators to participate in Item Review for the redeveloped New York State Certification Examination in Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (grade 7-Grade 12) Mathematics Content Specialty Test (CST) [March 6-7].
5) Updates on the NYSED Clinical Practice Workgroup’s Discussions and Next Steps. register for the January 25, 2018 Webinar

Politico New York. Cuomo’s budget trims school aid hike, overhauls transportation spending  “With a $4 billion deficit, you can’t possibly get anywhere near where you want to be on education and health care unless you raise revenues,” Cuomo said.


1) A Chalkbeat roundtable: The promise and perils of charter networks like Success Academy  Success Academy appears to welcome an increasing number of bright young people to learn and execute the scripts, and then watch as they move on to their real careers after they burn out in three years. The consequences of this trend are chilling to imagine.
2) New York City will add dual language options in pre-K to attract parents and encourage diversity  Among the greatest barriers to achieving that is finding qualified teachers…teachers who are native in a foreign language may only be certified in their home country, and it can be hard to transfer that certification to New York.

NYTimes. Some Bright Hopes for New York’s Schools  In fact, the city needs to move more urgently on three fronts: ending profound racial segregation; closing failing schools while opening better ones; and finding more effective ways to train good teachers, retain the best teachers…

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