Week of Jan. 14 in Teacher Ed News

| January 18, 2019

Center for Innovation in Teacher Education & Development
(CITED). An Introduction to Design-Based Implementation Research: A CITED Workshop [29 May, Kings College, London]

East Anglian Daily Times. “It was my dream to teach, but the reality was a nightmare”   In the past year, SCITT had 70 trainees for secondary education… every teacher who is trained by SCITT gets a job, 100%, which must count for something. It is a commendation of their training – as well as an indication that teachers are sorely needed. We also know that most train in the area where they live and so local recruitment often means more teachers in local schools.

New York Times. Yalitza Aparicio of ‘Roma’ and the Politics of Stardom in Mexico: The film’s star was on her way to being a teacher when she landed the role.  To prepare for filming, Cuarón asked Aparicio and García to improvise scenes. He was amazed at how quickly they began playing Cleo and Adela — not replicating a conversation they might have had after class at teachers college.


5 Eyewitness News
. St. Paul Public Schools program meant to get more teachers, more diversity in classrooms   Residents in the program co-teach in a district school for a year – all while working on their master’s degree and obtaining their teaching license over 15 months. The program has incentives. It pays for books, it pays a $21,000 stipend and it offers a reduced tuition rate at the University of St. Thomas. 

ABC 7 News. Bay Area schools facing teacher crisis as LA teachers go on strike   Silicon Valley companies are recruiting teachers with degrees in math and science, taking them out of the classroom. “Anyone with a degree is valuable and most teachers have multiple degrees,” said VP of the Jefferson Union High School District Board Kalimah Salahuddin.

Association of Teacher Educators.   Registration – Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA [Feb. 16-20]

Chalkbeat. Tennesseans hope their new education commissioner can get testing right   Huffman and Schwinn share a Teach for America background – much to the chagrin of some. Schwinn launched her education career through the alternative teacher training programs in Baltimore. Huffman was a frequently divisive leader who left after three years of clashing with teacher groups, superintendents, and state lawmakers over policies ranging from teacher licensing and evaluations to charter schools and academic standards.

Education Week. 1) How to Redefine ‘Good’ in Education [by Prof. A. S. Wells] In our research and the professional development at Teachers College, Columbia University, we are learning about the process by which racial, ethnic, and economic segregation is reproduced and legitimized by a hierarchical understanding of different races and cultures in our society. This racial hierarchy, which is often vehemently denied by many who perpetuate it, fosters implicit racial biases that shape the choices of educators, parents, and home buyers. 2) Is It Time to Kill Annual Testing?  Educators must be equipped to recognize the features of high-quality classroom assignments, whether garnered from highly rated instructional programs, district curriculum, or teacher-created tasks. When such assignments are the norm, educators will also have the kind of meaningful formative assessments our students deserve. 3) National Teacher of the Year Set to Join House Education Committee   Among other things, she campaigned on providing teachers with more resources, more career training, and making college more affordable. 

Forbes. These 5 Trends Will Dominate STEM + Education In 2019   We are heartened by supports for emergency-credentialed teachers to become fully certified and customized tools to help teacher-prep programs and school districts deal with STEM teacher deficits. It is noteworthy that California and Pennsylvania are doubling down on teacher residencies, intensive programs where aspiring teachers prioritize hands-on, practical learning in K-12 classrooms, guided by master teachers.

Inside Higher Ed. Takedown of Online Education   The paper indiscriminately trashes online education, said Fiona Hollands, associate director and senior researcher at the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

New York Times. ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.’ Why Some Boys Can Keep Up With Girls in School.   A study shows the Asian-American gender academic gap starts later, giving educators insight into how to help boys of all races and pointing to the influence of social pressures.

The Atlantic. The Unique Racial Dynamics of the L.A. Teachers’ Strike: The city’s public-school teachers are predominantly people of color—and a plurality of them are Latino, like most of the students they serve.   …both the state and district are actively engaged in diversity-focused teacher-recruitment initiatives—and LAUSD even offers its own accredited teacher-preparation program targeted at people who already live in the community in which they’d teach.

The Post and Courier. South Carolina’s deep teacher shortage got even worse in 2018, school survey shows   The number of new teachers is dwindling — fewer college students are enrolling in South Carolina’s education schools — and the state is struggling to keep new teachers on the job… schools often turn to stopgap measures like hiring foreign teachers on three-year visas.

Valdosta State Univ. [GA]. VSU Ranked Among the Nation’s Best by U.S. News and World Report   Valdosta State University is one of the best colleges and universities in the nation when it comes to distance education… a Master of Arts in Teaching in English to speakers of other languages, foreign language education, health and physical education, special education deaf and hard of hearing education, special education adapted curriculum, or special education general curriculum…


New York State Education Department.
January Regents Meetings 1) Consent Agenda: Amendments to Section 80-3.7 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Initial Certificate Requirements for Individuals Who Have a Graduate Degree and Two Years of Postsecondary Teaching Experience in the Area of the Cer 2) Proposals: a) Proposed Amendments to Section 80-5.4 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Employment of Substitute Teachers Who Do Not Hold a Valid Teaching Certificate b) Proposed Amendments to Sections 52.21, 57-2, 75.8, 80-1, 80-2, 80-3, 80-5, 80-6, 90.18, 100.2, 100.13, 100.15, 100.17, 100.19, 151-1, 154-2, and 200.2 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and 30-1, 30-2, and 30-3 of the Rules of the Board o

  • Third, the Department proposes changing the number of CTLE hours that can be claimed for serving as a mentor to a student teacher from 15 hours to 25 hours in each five-year registration period.
  • Fourth, the Department proposes changing the number of CTLE hours that can be claimed for serving as a mentor to a first-year teacher from 25 hours to 30 hours in each five-year registration period.
  • Fifth, the Department proposes to remove the restriction on claiming CTLE hours for serving as a mentor to a student teacher in instances where the teacher preparation program provides remuneration to the mentor teacher.

3) Presentation: Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education in New York State [Expert committee incl. TC Profs. M. Souto-Manning; A. S. Wells]

Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. January Meeting Agenda

Teachers College. With a Golden Ticket, Doing What He Was Meant to Do   Buckingham and seven other 2018-19 O’Neill Fellows have each received $40,000 in tuition assistance to fund their elementary or secondary teacher education master’s degree programs, leading to initial certification. [Video clip: Celia Oyler, Professor of Education, discussing the impact of TC’s new Abby M. O’Neill Teaching Fellows program]