Week of February 26 in Teacher Ed News

| March 3, 2018

Association for Teacher Education in Europe
. Winter Conference 2018 Aftermovie

Education Week. In Canada’s Public Schools, Immigrant Students Are Thriving  “It’s very competitive” says Janette Pelletier, a professor at the University of Toronto. Last year, her university’s teacher-preparation program had almost 400 applicants for 75 available slots. And the government covers the costs of teacher preparation for prospective educators…

European Commission. Teaching Careers in Europe: Access, Progression and Support  The survey looks at how countries monitor the supply of teachers, how countries license teachers…

Tes. Exclusive: Recruitment crisis leaves millions for initial teacher training incentives unspent   The teacher recruitment crisis has left millions of pounds earmarked for initial teacher training unspent this year, a new DfE document reveals. 


1) Annual Meeting March 1-3
2) Congressional Briefing Highlights Impact, Importance of TQP Grants
3) NCTQ Brief Calls for Closer Tracking of Teacher Supply, Demand
4) Research on Deans’ Beliefs Wins AAUA Award

1) Indiana lawmakers resurrect proposal to let districts hire more unlicensed teachers   The tests have been criticized recently for being too difficult and keeping potentially qualified teachers out of the classroom at a time when schools have struggled to hire in certain subjects such as math and special education.
2) ‘Personalized learning’ comes to teacher training, bringing big ambitions and big questions   The future of education will “move away from focusing on what you’re being taught to what you’ve actually learned,” said Arthur Levine, the former president of Teachers College and the head of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the organization behind the Academy.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education. Cultural Biases Persist in National Licensure Exam for Teachers   Weighing a pig won’t make it fatter, and racist exams will not increase the number of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in the nation’s classrooms.

Education Week.
1) ‘Educators Get Transformed From Life-Changers Into Wardens’: Chris Emdin on Urban Schools   This self-work is more important and rigorous than any academic work one may engage in on the path towards becoming an effective teacher.
2) States Should Use Data to Curb Teacher Shortages, Report Says   Massachusetts stands out for being the only state that actually requires preparation programs to demonstrate that they are training teachers in the areas that districts are hiring, a step that the report suggests other states should take.

1) After Years of Fighting, Idaho Retains Climate Change in Its Education Guidelines  “When a new teacher comes in, they need to see all the concepts that they’re responsible to teach,” Ms. Ward-Engelking said. “To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing that it’s been so controversial.
2) Trump Wants to Arm Teachers. These Schools Already Do   At a meeting at the White House with other governors on Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, a Republican, told Mr. Trump that in more than 100 school districts in Texas, teachers and other personnel carry a weapon and are trained to respond to an attack.


1) Clinical Practice Work Group Survey and Regional Meetings
2) Office of Teaching Initiatives edTPA Multiple Measures Review Process Multiple Measures Review for those students who scored within two points of passing the edTPA. NOTE: The edTPA Safety Net will no longer be available as of July 1st,  final portfolio submission date May 24th.
3) Open Comment Periods for Proposed Regulations with Implications for EPP Programs
Continuous Accreditation Requirement for Educator Preparation Providers (P)  Public comments until: April 9, 2018. Allows certain institutions of higher education who seek registered educator preparation programs to be accredited by an accrediting association seeking recognition.
Safety Nets for Teacher Certification Examinations (P) Public comment until: April 9, 2018.Eliminates the requirement that candidates must complete all certification requirements on or before June 30, 2018 to be eligible to use one or more of the safety nets for the teacher certification exams. Candidates must continue to take advantage of safety nets before their applicable expiration date(s); however, they do not have to complete all additional requirements for certification by June 30, 2018. In addition, the amendment extends the Safety Net for Part two (mathematics) of the Multi-Subject 7-12 Content Specialty Test until such time that the revised Part two becomes operational
4) Urgent Need for Independent Sector Faculty for Theater CST Review Contact Anne Hartjen (518) 474-1087  <Anne.Hartjen@nysed.gov>


1) Alberto Carvalho stuns New York City by turning down chancellor job after first accepting it
2) I covered Alberto Carvalho in Miami. Here’s why I’m not surprised he snubbed New York City

Teachers College.
Presentations at AACTE 70th Annual Meeting.
1) Beyond urban or rural: Effective clinical practices for teaching residencies in diverse contexts. L. Goodwin, C. Horn, L. Vernikoff.
10:30 Thurs. March 1 Room 348, Baltimore Convention Center
2) Cities as Partners: Learning from Communities in an Urban Teacher Residency. L. Goodwin, C. Horn, S. Pratt
10:30 Fri. March 2 Brent – Third Floor, Hilton Baltimore
3)The Supervisor’s Role: Intentional Knowledge Development in an Urban Residency. K. Darity, L. Goodwin, C. Horn
4:30 Fri. March 2 Ruth – First Floor, Hilton Baltimore