Week of Feb. 18 in Teacher Ed News

| February 23, 2019

Australian Teacher Education Association.
Conference 2019 Call for Abstracts [deadline 8 March 2019]

Education HQ. Labor to offer bursaries for best teachers A Labor federal government would offer Australia’s “best and brightest” tax-free bursaries of $40,000 to become teachers.

EducationNext. Do Smarter Teachers Make Smarter Students? We consider data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an association of 36 largely developed countries…research conducted within the U.S. and in other settings has shown that common measures of teacher qualifications such as advanced degrees, experience levels, and professional preparation are not consistently related to classroom effectiveness.

South China Morning Post. Just 24 teachers in four years finish course and collect Education Bureau grant to improve their skills teaching Chinese as a second language in Hong Kong, watchdog finds   Cheung agreed that those qualified to teach non-Chinese students the language were few and far between and that there should be a mandated percentage of how many teachers should be trained in the specific area, similar to that of special education needs.

Teachers College. Talking Out of School: TESOL authority John Fanselow on how to disobey the rules   “Since I first was asked to supervise teachers practice teaching in a teacher training college in Nigeria 57 years ago, I have seen teacher preparation and ways to improve teaching and learning as a joint enterprise of exploration rather than a series of directives from ministries, school districts and politicians to implement,” writes Fanselow, who worked for the Peace Corps in Africa throughout the 1960s, in his introduction to Small Changes.  


AACTE 71st Annual Meeting.
Award and research presentations, keynote speeches by Marilyn Cochran Smith, Mary Dilworth, Leslie Fenwick… [Feb. 22-24, Louisville, KY]

EdSource. Support, strengthen education reforms in California, new report urges: Learning Policy Institute cites signs of progress, much work to be done   And to build a “strong stable” workforce of teachers, the state should consider forgivable loans and scholarships, teacher residencies and adequate mentoring for beginning teachers, the report urged.

1) Are Teach For America Members Allowed to Go on Strike?
2) ‘Teach to One’ Personalized-Learning Model Has No Effect on Students’ Math Scores, Federal Evaluation Finds “There is no causal evidence that Teach to One has either positive or negative effects on student outcomes,” said Douglas D. Ready, the director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, in an interview.

Hechinger Report.
1) How grassroots efforts are trying to solve the teacher shortage crisis: One teacher at a time, nonprofit groups try to address the lack of teachers in the Mississippi Delta.   To become certified in Mississippi, teachers must meet three requirements: Earn a bachelor’s degree; complete a traditional or alternate teacher training program; and pass the Praxis.
2) Teacher shortages force districts to use online education programs   One basic marker of quality is certification, meaning teachers have been trained in the subjects or grade level they’re teaching. Generally, schools with a higher population of at-risk students — those who are low-income, English language learners, or students of color — tend to have more teachers who lack full state certification.

Learning Policy Institute. Why Our Education Funding Systems Are Derailing the American Dream   In New Jersey, for example, the state responded to a school finance lawsuit by funding high-quality, full-day pre-k programs for 3- and 4-year-olds in the state’s highest poverty districts and investing in certification and training for all preschool teachers.

National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education. Puerto Rico Charter Sector to Take Off   Teachers in Puerto Rico retained their jobs after María, and the presence of their union remained strong, constituting a significant obstacle to plans for a transformation of the island’s school system akin to the overhaul in New Orleans.

The Atlantic. The U.S. Teaching Population Is Getting Bigger, and More Female …research shows that fewer female college students are seeking teaching degrees: In the late 1970s, roughly a third of the women enrolled in U.S. colleges were majoring in education; today the share has dropped to 11 percent.


Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching
1) November 2018 meeting minutes
2) December 2018 meeting minutes

WKTV. Utica College Offers Program To Ease Teacher Shortage, Helping Local Districts In Need   “New York State is now an extremely high demand low supply so the Transition B Program is helping to fill that gap,” said Richard Moon, P-12 liasion and coordinator of student teaching at Utica College. The Teacher Certification Program allows aspiring teachers to secure full-time employment in local schools via an alternative pathway to certification…


Gotham Gazette
. A Fairer New York City Requires Salary Parity for the Early Childhood Workforce   CBO early educators that hold a bachelor’s degree earn a starting salary of just over $42,000 and those with a master’s degree earn a starting salary of nearly $48,000; compared to starting salaries of nearly $58,000 and just over $65,000 for prekindergarten teachers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees, respectively, at DOE schools…

Teachers College Peace Corps Fellows Program. PeaceMakers Speakers Series: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams [March 1, 6pm]