Week of Dec. 5 in Teacher Ed News

| December 9, 2016

EducationWeek. The 2015 PISA Results: What Do They Mean?  When they are in teachers college, they are required to at least minor—and in some cases major—in the subjects they are going to teach…

HuffPost. The Global Search for Education: Everything You Need to Know About PISA …these countries have a steadfast commitment to outstanding teaching and to supporting schools and students that are struggling.

NYTimes. What America Can Learn About Smart Schools in Other Countries Generally speaking, the smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective…

OECD. Singapore tops latest OECD PISA global education survey  …successful countries share: high and universal expectations for all students; a strong focus on great teaching; resources targeted at struggling students…

1) Board Election Results
2) Statement on DeVos Nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education
3) Webinar: Dec. 2016 Federal Update

American Association for Employment in Education. Educator Supply and Demand Survey

DataQualityCampaign. Good Guidelines Can Foster Growth: A Teacher’s Perspective on ED Teacher Prep Regulations

1) Advice From 2016-17 Milken Educators: How to Create a Successful Classroom
2) Elementary Teacher-Prep Programs Are Getting Better, According to [NCTQ] Study
3) ‘Fake News,’ Bogus Tweets Raise Stakes for Media Literacy …over-emphasis on standardized test preparation, and slow-to-evolve teacher-preparation efforts have left the K-12 sector struggling to keep pace

EdSource. College campuses to receive $8 million to boost teacher-prep programs Twenty-nine California colleges and universities will share $8 million in state grants aimed at stemming teacher shortages…

Hechinger Report.
1) Arkansas schools hire untrained teachers as people lose interest in the profession
2) Finland can teach Betsy DeVos a thing or two about valuing teachers and school choice that’s real Networks of top schools, teachers and training programs can produce many educational choices.
3) How to find minority teachers who want to stay in the job? Schools are turning to their own former students as teaching recruits

HuffPost. Undermining Public Education Has Been A Bipartisan Affair [by A. Singer, Hofstra Univ. Social Studies Teacher Ed] Teaching and learning are not passive activities. Students and student teachers learn best from interaction and engagement with others…

NCTQ. Standards For Traditional And Non-Traditional Teacher Prep The Teacher Prep Review (TPR) evaluates critical areas of traditional and non-traditional teacher preparation

SeattleTimes. Finnish teachers, seen as global stars, call U.S. schools exhausting, uninspiredgetting into a teacher-training program in Finland is akin to acceptance at M.I.T. — only the very top applicants make the cut.

The 74. A ‘Founders’ Excerpt: How 4 Visionary Entrepreneurs Joined Forces to Launch Uncommon Schools Lemov remains part of Uncommon, but he has shifted to full-time teacher-training work that was launched by his best-selling book …

YouTube [Open Access]. Autism Classroom- EdTPA Practice Filming One- “Pre-teaching Concepts for Outdoor Zoo Field Trip” While getting ready for the EdTPA here in Georgia, I decided to start filming my large group lessons in my classroom.

Albany Times Union. Resources needed for students new to English [NYSED Commissioner Elia at public hearing]including an easing of dual-certification requirements for teachers and a push for bilingual programs at the pre-kindergarten level.

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU). Mary Beth Labate Appointed President of CICU

Bed-Stuy Patch. Patrice Bridgewater of Bedford Academy HS was honored at Sloan Awards for Excellent in Teaching in Science and Mathematics. She won a merit scholarship to Brooklyn College and graduated in 2010. She immediately returned to teach at Bedford Academy.

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU). Webinar: Sustainable Funding Project at Bank Street College of Ed [Dec. 19]

1) Pushing Back Against Teacher Attrition Making deep mentorship a key component of teacher preparation can begin to close the gap between preparation and active teaching.
) “Them That’s Got Shall Get”: Understanding Teacher Recruitment, Induction, and Retention …Simply put, we train teachers poorly and then treat them badly—so they leave in droves