Week of Dec. 3 in Teacher Ed News

| December 7, 2018

Association for Teacher Education in Europe
(ATEE). Winter Conference 2019: Science and Mathematics Education in the 21st Century. [Apr. 15-17 University of Minho, Braga, Portugal]

New York Times.
1) Mexico’s New President May Investigate Soldiers in Missing Students Case   The abduction and suspected massacre of the 43 trainee teachers in the southwestern city of Iguala precipitated one of the worst crises of former President Enrique Pena Nieto’s government…
2) Teaching Children Regardless of Grade   The problem is widespread. Millions of students are in multigrade classrooms worldwide, especially in developing countries, but teachers rarely receive training to manage such classrooms and policymakers neglect the problem

New Vision. Teacher education symposium to address quality of teacher   As one way of addressing the quality of the teaching profession in Uganda, the Ministry of Education has organised the first symposium on Teacher Education slated for December 9 to 11

Washington Post. Educator: In Finland, I realized how ‘mean-spirited’ the U.S. education system really is   …Finland has no standardized tests, starts formal reading instruction at age 7, requires all general teachers to have a master’s degree and makes sure no student goes hungry.

World Education Services. Education in Ethiopia   Ethiopia’s teacher training system is currently in flux with reforms being implemented at varying speeds in different parts of the system. Elementary schoolteachers are trained at 32 public teacher training colleges under federal supervision, as well as at private institutions.


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.
Towson University Builds Clinical Curriculum Through Virtual Simulation   The program features eight faculty who develop problem-based case scenarios for teacher candidates to experience real-world human interactions with avatars via the virtual reality technology called Mursion.

Association of Teacher Educators. 2019 ATE Annual Meeting, registration now open  Keynote by Dean Goodwin, Univ. of Hong Kong [Atlanta, Feb. 16-20, 2019]

Education Week.
1) ‘Learning Styles’ Aren’t a Reliable Way to Categorize Students, Study Says   At this point, many researchers consider learning styles to be a myth… But the idea’s popularity in education circles persists—in part, said Papadatou-Pastou, because there are, of course, real differences among learners. “The intuitive appeal of learning styles rests on this reality,” she said.
2) Shortage of Special Educators Adds to Classroom Pressures   Leaders of teacher-preparation programs, those who have studied personnel shortages, and educators themselves cite additional factors when asked about the shortage: For example, fewer young people, particularly women are interested in entering teaching at all, let alone special education.
3) Special Education a Growing Priority in Teacher-Training Circles   More colleges of education and state education departments are beginning to put a priority on teaching their general classroom teachers how to work with students with disabilities. After all, those students’ success in mainstream classes hinges in large part on their teachers, experts say.
4) Special Education Plagued by Faulty Teacher Data  …low-shortage states produce eight teachers with special education degrees for every less-than-fully qualified special education teacher. In high-shortage states, preparation programs produce one special education graduate for every two teachers who are not fully qualified in the subject.
5) Teachers: I Trust My Students, I Trust My Principal, But Trust Me, You Don’t Want My Job  Only a little more than 1 in 4 teachers said they would recommend their profession as a career for a friend or colleague. By contrast, 42 percent of teachers said they would actively try to convince the friend not to become a teacher.
6) When Hiring Teachers, District Leaders Prioritize ‘Cultural Fit.’ That Can Be a Problem   When hiring teachers, district leaders prioritize “cultural fit” above all else, including training and experience. But most are unable to measure what exactly that means. 

Learning Policy Institute. Essential Building Blocks for State School Finance Systems and Promising State Practices   Effective teaching is the single most influential in-school factor impacting student learning and therefore requires significant investment to ensure a steady pipeline of highly educated, well-prepared teachers.

National Education Policy Center. Nancy Bailey’s Education Website: Common Core Creator Slammed Reading Teachers for Having a Research Gap—How Ironic   Several weeks ago, I criticized a series of reports about reading by journalist Emily Hanford. Hanford claimed teachers didn’t understand reading instruction and that their education schools failed to teach them what they should know.

New York Times.
1) A Ban on Parents in a School Lunchroom? Everyone Seems to Have an Opinion   Brian Perkins, a former superintendent in New Haven, and now an associate professor of practice in education leadership at Columbia University’s Teachers College, confirmed that parents lunching with their children was not a new or expressly suburban phenomenon.
2) Nation’s First Teachers’ Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago  In addition to higher pay for teachers and support staff, the union is asking that more money be spent on special education services for students and on a program that allows classroom assistants to continue their education and become lead teachers. 

The Intercept. Pro-Charter School Democrats, Embattled in the Trump Era, Score a Win With Hakeem Jeffries   …editorials or op-eds based on DFER’s anti-Darling-Hammond talking points, which focused on the Stanford professor’s criticisms of Teach for America and other alternative-certification programs for teachers. Less than two weeks later, Obama appointed DFER’s choice to the Education Department post, Chicago schools CEO [Arne] Duncan.

The Texas TribuneSan Antonio ISD is innovating to integrate its schools. Is it leaving some behind in the process?   …Ogden Academy, a chronically low-performing pre-K through 7th grade school in one of the city’s poorest ZIP codes, now serves as a training ground for student teachers from the Relay Graduate School of Education, a teacher training program founded by charter school operators. The student teachers commit to work in the district for three years after graduation.

U.S. Regulations.gov. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance  Summary: The Secretary of Education proposes to amend regulations implementing Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX). Dates: We must receive your comments on or before January 28, 2019.

World Education Services. Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teacher Shortages in the U.S.?   This report explores the role that immigrant and refugee professionals can play in addressing these urgent shortages – and increasing the diversity of the teacher workforce – through alternative teacher certification programs that tap into these newcomers’ training, skills, and professional experience.

1) Office of Higher Education. November Newsletter

  1. a) Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (Grades 7-12), Part Two: Mathematics Test
  2. b) New York State Next Generation Learning Standards
  3. c) DASA Task Force Recommendations

2) Regents Meetings, Dec. 10-11

  • Proposed Amendments to Section 52.21 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to Field Experience Requirements for Teacher Certification and the Registration of Teacher Preparation Programs
  • Proposed Amendments to Sections 52.21 and 80-3.7 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to Student Teaching Requirements for Teacher Certification and the Registration of Teacher Preparation Programs


Daily Kos
. A Statue for Shirley Chisholm in Prospect Park   Chisholm earned a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in 1946 and a Master’s degree in early childhood education from Teachers College at Columbia University in 1952. Before she entered politics and was elected to the New York State Assembly, Chisholm was a nursery school teacher and consultant to New York City’s Division of Day Care.

New York Daily News.
1) Brooklyn BP Eric Adams calls for fix to unequal sports, gym access for New York City school kids   A 2015 audit by city Controller Scott Stringer found 32% of the city’s public schools had no full-time, certified gym teachers, and that 28% had no indoor space for physical exercise.
2) EXCLUSIVE: Columbia University study shows program helped troubled NYC schools   “We found significant improvements in student achievement,” said Wohlstetter, a professor at Teachers College… The new report is a bit good news for de Blasio’s Renewal Program, which is in its fourth year and has been criticized for failing to boost outcomes enough to justify its massive price tag.

Teachers College. Teaching Residents at Teachers College (TR@TC) December Newsletter