Week of Dec. 19 in Teacher Ed News

| December 22, 2016

VVOB. Improved mentoring skills; higher achievements during teaching practice In Cambodia, student teachers are required to carry out 14 weeks of teaching practice throughout their 2-year training programme.

AACTE. Call for Participation – Study on Yearlong Preservice Preparation Models [Bank Street SFP]

1) How Massachusetts Built a World-Class School System [M. Tucker blog] Massachusetts … built their own tests set to a much higher standard, using them to ratchet up significantly their standard for teacher licensure.
2) Mountain View School District considers arming teachers The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office would provide firearms training … that would allow a firearm to be carried on school grounds.
3) Va. Governor Asks Retired Teachers to Come Back to Work to Curb Shortage The Virginia Education Association president told the Post that while the union supports McAuliffe’s attempt to fill the classrooms with qualified teachers, there needs to be a long-term solution.

EdSurge. Brain Science and Education: How Much Should Teachers Know? Schools such as Bank Street College or Teachers College at Columbia—which offers a Neuroscience and Education degree program—have already began trailblazing the field.

edTPA/AACTE. Two New edTPA Resources Available

Getting Smart. PBL Quick Start Guide For Teachers

Hechinger Report.
1) College and university enrollment is down for fifth straight year …students over 24, who now make up 40 percent of undergraduate and graduate enrollment.
2) Who should be in charge of licensing Mississippi’s teachers? Task force calls for independent board to take on that role

InsideHigherEd. Is Distance Ed Rule DOA?   Education Department finally issues rule on state approval of online programs [SARA], but with opposition in Congress, it may never go into effect.

LATimes. One solution to failing K-12 schools? Let universities help We truly feel we can prepare educators in a much stronger way at local school sites.

Larry Ferlazzo [Blog]. The Best Collections Of Education Research – 2016

Lipscomb Univ. Lipscomb once again at the head of the class on 2016 Tennessee Teacher Preparation Report Card

1) To Boost the Economy, Help Students First Ironically, the benefits of these programs disproportionately fall on graduate and professional degree holders with high loan balances …
2) Yellen Tells College Graduates That Value of a Degree Is Rising research also shows that a college or graduate degree typically leads to a happier, healthier and longer life.

The Newport Plain Talk [TN]. State board launches newly designed teacher preparation report card  Since 2009, Tennessee has provided data on the effectiveness of colleges, universities, and educator preparation providers.

TCRecord. Disadvantaged Language Minority Students and Their Teachers: A National Picture …these teacher-training programs have only become widely available in the past several decades, and veteran teachers did not have the option of obtaining the same types of certification.

USDE, Office of Educational Technology. Advancing Educational Technology in Teacher Preparation: Policy Brief

Wall Street Journal. The government is reducing Social Security checks to recover unpaid student debt

Comm. on Independent Colleges and Univ. (CiCU)/Bank Street College. Teacher Prep Sustainable Funding Project [SFP] Webinar

NYSED. State Education Department Awards $10 Million In My Brother’s Keeper Grants For MBK Challenge Grant Programs And Teacher Opportunity Corps II …TOC grants will increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.

1) Great divide: How extreme academic segregation isolates students in New York City’s high schools Students in poor-performing schools often contend with ill-prepared teachers, lower expectations, and more behavioral issues…
2) In a win for the UFT, city reaches deal that moves further away from evaluating teachers based on multiple-choice tests

NYTimes. Columbia Challenges Vote by Graduate Students to Unionize