Week of Dec. 17 in Teacher Ed News

| December 21, 2018

. Japan to provide fresh grant for Bangladesh’s primary education   For more than a decade, various approaches composed of policy strengthening, …and improvement of teacher’s training, as well as this financing support have been taken.

EdWeek Market Brief. Brazil’s Private Education Market Poised to Take Leap and Attract Investors, Says Report   Lack of technology infrastructure and teacher tech training has long been seen as barrier to those ambitions… The biggest challenge for bilingual schools is finding qualified teachers, the researchers say.

National Center on Education and the Economy. NCEE’s Top 8 for 2018  [incl. Singapore’s Educator Career Ladder: A First Person Account by Qidong ‘Alan’ Yang, alumnus of the joint-degree MA program between Teachers College, Columbia University and National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University]


1) Lawmakers pledge to ‘put some legs’ to new Colorado education plan   It also calls for maintaining a high bar through teacher licensing and for alternative certification programs — used by many to enter teaching as a second career or after majoring in something other than education — to have equivalent standards.
2) McQueen ends her Tennessee tenure the same way she started — focused on reading   Since 2016, Tennessee has launched a statewide coaching network for elementary reading teachers, offered new training for educators, and made investments in better resources for students. There are also new standards and expectations in teacher training and summer reading camps…
3) What worked (and didn’t) this year: 10 lessons from education research to take into 2019   Here’s a common-sense way to improve teacher preparation: ensure prospective teachers are paired with mentor teachers who are themselves effective. A trio of recent studies were among the first to document that teachers are more effective when they first taught under the supervision of high-quality teacher.

Charlotte Observer. Math portion of NC teacher licensing exam could be replaced   The math test that nearly 2,400 elementary and special education teachers have failed in their bids to secure their licenses might be phased out in a matter of months… The current licensing exam costs $139 and consists of three portions created by the for-profit Pearson publishing company: reading, math and a multi-subject test. 

1) Charter Schools More Likely to Ignore Special Education Applicants, Study Finds   “This pattern of results is consistent with an explanation that the costs of educating certain students are imperfectly compensated in most contexts,” write the study’s authors, Peter Bergman of Teachers College..
2) Four Things to Know About TEACH Grant Debt Forgiveness.  About 58 percent of TEACH Grant recipients said the program “was somewhat or very influential in their decisions to pursue teaching in a high-need field at a high-need school,” a March report by the U.S. Department of Education found.
3) New Mexico Highlands offers fast track to teacher licensure   New Mexico Highlands University will soon be offering a new online teacher licensure program aimed at getting professionals with bachelor’s degrees or higher into education careers faster.
4) Scrap Discipline Guidance, Consider Arming School Staff, Trump Commission Says   …it recommends that districts offer incentives for retired law enforcement officials, military veterans, and others with firearms training to serve as educators, as well as ease teacher certification so that they can more easily join the profession.
5) This State Is Reimagining How to Mentor Teachers in Alternative-Certification Programs   In Louisiana, almost 20 percent of teachers who are prepared through alternative routes leave the profession after just two years.. This school year, eight rural Louisiana districts received planning grants from the state to support 38 alternative-certification candidates who are teaching in 16 schools.
6)  What the Trump School Safety Report Says About Teachers  Finally, the report recommended that states reduce barriers to teacher certification for veterans and law enforcement officers—including allowing schools to hire retired law enforcement officers without any impact on their pensions. 

Grand Island Independent. New U of Nebraska program aims to develop more teachers   A gift from the William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation is underwriting the Teachers Scholars Academy, providing four-year scholarships that will cover full tuition plus $8,000 annually for other educational costs for 104 students.

Hechinger Report.
1) More black and Hispanic science teachers could mean more scientists of color   The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning trains physics and chemistry teachers based on the belief that it is harder to train people to be good teachers than it is to train good teachers to lead science classrooms.
2) The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation: A 2018 federal report found that only 18 percent of the innovations funded by the Education Department lifted student achievement   Big chunks went to building new KIPP charter schools and training thousands of new Teach for America recruits to become teachers.
3) Will the real Montessori please stand up?   5 things to look for in your child’s Montessori school: 1. Trained teachers: Teachers should be trained in the age group they teach by a teacher-preparation program accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.

Inside Higher Ed. Lamar Alexander Calls It Quits   His decision could have big consequences for a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act as well as congressional approaches more broadly on issues like student loans and college accountability.

John Hopkins University. Black Students Who Have One Black Teacher More Likely to Go to College   Relatedly, another working paper by the same team titled Teacher Expectations Matter, also circulated today by NBER, found teachers beliefs about a students college potential can become self-fulfilling propheciesPappageorge said. While we make efforts to find and train new black teachers, we also need to educate white teachers about implicit bias, teach them to be culturally competent, and show them how not to exacerbate these existing achievement gaps.

Tennessean. Audit: Some Cheatham educators did not have proper licenses to teach students between 2014 and 2018   … “the district employed unlicensed teachers, allowing each to teach courses for at least one full year, with the hopes that they would be licensed in the future.”

Texas Tech Today. Texas Tech Receives $9.1 Million to Grow National Teacher Prep Center   The funds will help double the size and expand the reach of the University-School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation National Center (US PREP), which collaborates with universities and school systems to help strengthen teacher talent pipelines and prepare educators for diverse classrooms.

U.S. Department of Education. FINAL REPORT OF THE FEDERAL COMMISSION ON School Safety  Teacher preparedness is critical to school security, especially in cases of an active shooter. As every state requires teachers to meet certain requirements for certification to teach in their state, it is recommended that states and school districts consider requiring basic school security and/or active shooter preparedness training as part of their state’s teacher certification requirements.


. New York State My Brother’s Keeper Community Network Reaches Significant Milestone with More Than 20 Member Communities Across New York State   … $3 million in Teacher Opportunity Corps II (TOC) grants to increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.

NYSED Regents. Board of Regents Advances 2019 Budget and Legislative Priorities and State Aid Request for the 2019-2020 School Year Increase access to a highly qualified, diverse teaching workforce through the Teacher Opportunity Corp program ($500,000);


Teachers College
. Teaching Residents at Teachers College (TR@TC) 2012-2018 Production Report. 17 peer-reviewed publications, 47 global conference presentations to date.