Week of Dec. 12 in Teacher Ed News

| December 16, 2016

1) Defiance and Disillusionment in Heartland of South Korean President’s Support …Park Chung-hee, the divisive Cold War dictator who attended teachers college and taught in Daegu before embarking on a military career.
2) Life After the Caliphate: Boko Haram’s Nigerian Former Stronghold Now a Safe Haven Some of the women work in the school which also helps train them to become teachers,
3) Mexico’s Drug War Marks a Decade Amid Doubts, Changes In Iguala, Guerrero, where 43 teachers’ college students disappeared in 2014, relatives of other people who have vanished were emboldened enough to form a group…

TCRecord Book Review. Child Advocacy and Early Childhood Education Policies in the Caribbean … recommendations for policy and practice provide clear strategies to remedy the issues of teacher training and large classroom sizes.

World Economic Forum. Where are the worst teacher shortages?

1) ESSA Regulations, Deadlines Now Set for Accountability, State Plans States can submit their consolidated state plans by either April 3 or September 18, 2017.
2) NCTQ Teacher Prep Review members-only Institutional Response Kit. [AACTE sign in required]

1) CFP [due Jan. 25]
2) Handbook of Research on Teaching (Fifth Edition)

Brookings Institute. Teacher observations have been a waste of time and money We need more research to identify teaching practices that link directly to learning, rather than using notions of what effective teachers should be doing.

1) Congress Faces Range of Education Issues in Next Session Less certain is the fate of final ESSA accountability and testing regulations … as well as rules on teacher preparation
2) Ed. Department to Ed. Schools: Rethink Tech Training for Future Teachers
3) For Advice on Teacher Preparation, States Turn to the Experts: Teachers Themselves
4) GOP Lawmakers Put ESSA Accountability, Teacher-Prep Regulations on Hit List The Obama administration’s teacher preparation regulations under the Higher Education Act and its accountability regulations for the ESSA appear headed for the trash heap
5) House Freedom Caucus Seeks to Dump Obama Transgender, Nutrition Rules The Senate Republican Policy Committee has also put teacher-prep rules on its hit list.
6) In Some States, a Tug of War Over ESSA Plans “What’s going to be important is whether states have a … vision of what the role of public education will be in promoting the well-being of the state,” said Jeffrey Henig, a political scientist at Teachers College, Columbia University
7) Many Teachers Can’t Talk About LGBT Issues in the Classroom, Report Finds Educators acknowledged that harassment was prevalent, but that they lacked training and support to know when and how to help.
8) Program helps teacher assistants become certified teachers
9) Technology Should Replace Basic Teaching Tasks, a New Paper Says   As school districts across the country have struggled recruiting teachers for certain subjects, technology has been used as a stopgap measure to curb the shortage.
10) Two Va. School Districts Invest in Teacher Training, See Student Achievement Gains

Hébert, C (2017). What Do We Really Know About the edTPA? Research, PACT, and Packaging a Local Teacher Performance Assessment for National Use. The Educational Forum, 81: 68–82. The article argues that the distinctions between the assessments are too vast to rely on PACT data to support the edTPA, given the localized nature of PACT and the way in which it is scored.

Hechinger Report.
1) Four reasons why there’s no substitute for classroom time in teacher training Today’s simulations are not yet sophisticated enough to challenge a teacher candidate to merge content knowledge, appropriate questioning, culturally sensitive pedagogy…
2) What should new teachers know before they set foot in a classroom?

NEA. Oakland educator’s African American girls’ initiative teaches girls of color they matter too She and Malloy have started training educators at their school to engage girls of color through a culturally responsive lens…

New Republic. Can Democrats Save Public Schools from Trump and DeVos? Democrats have to recognize their own culpability. Ravitch and Samuel Abrams, …at the Columbia University Teachers College, both say Obama, in particular, helped make it possible.

1) Betsy DeVos and God’s Plan for Schools Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University… was Mr. Trump’s first pick for secretary of education. Liberty University teaches creationism alongside evolution [incl. teacher prep pgms].
2) Make Colleges Diverse

PRWeb. Pearson Releases Research-Based Learning Design Principles for Public Use

The Hunt Institute. Defending the Teacher Prep Regulations: Why They Deserve to be Saved …it’s unlikely that states will ever have to put these new regulations into action. The new Congress that takes office in January is likely to nullify them under the Congressional Review Act.

NYSED Regents.
1) Development of New York’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan |  PDF [Draft plan released in May; public hearing and comment period May-June, submit to Governor in July (30 days), submit to USDE in Sept.]
2) Appointment to the State Professional Standards and Practices Board  BR (CA) 3
3) Proposed Amendment of Section 80-5.4 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Employment of Substitute Teachers Without a Valid Teaching Certificate  BR (CA) 6 *

1) Number of Art Teachers in City Schools Hits 11-Year High, Chancellor Says the DOE says it employees 2,757 full-time, certified arts teachers, a number not seen in 11 years.
2) Rapper Charged in Irving Plaza Shooting Speaks to HS Students at Columbia Troy Ave… was a guest of Christopher Emdin, an associate professor in science education at Teacher’s College