Week of August 21 in Teacher Ed News

| August 24, 2017

Association For Teacher Education In Europe. Annual Conf. Dubrovnik, Croatia from 23 to 25 October 2017.

LiveMint. Govt plans to build content depository for improving teaching standards  [India] “Beyond content, it will allow education authorities and regulators to assess what kind of training is required for teachers,”

MyanmarTimes. Students protest against unfair appointing system  In this academic year, there are only a little over 7,000 teachers who graduated from 24 University of Educations and Education Colleges around the country …

Uni Reviews. Best Teacher Education Universities in Australia

AACTE. Advancing High-Quality Learning Through Clinical Teacher Preparation  Teacher candidates, like everyone else, learn best when they take an active rather than passive role in their education, and clinical preparation empowers them to engage actively.

Chronicle. A Profile of Freshmen at 4-Year Colleges, Fall 2016  Intended major … professional-school aspirations: Education-4.6%

CNN. Schools throughout the country are grappling with teacher shortage, data show  Goldhaber cites some solutions… Make teacher certification national instead of state by state.

EducationNC. UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State collaborating to help lateral entry teachers  As traditional teacher preparation enrollments drop nationwide, local school districts are increasingly hiring lateral entry teachers who meet content requirements but lack teacher preparation.

1) Districts Turn to Emergency Measures for Hard-to-Staff Teaching Posts In May, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, signed a law that allows districts to hire people without formal teacher training—similar to recent changes in Oklahoma and Utah.
2) Here’s What States Are Doing With Their ESSA Block Grant Money  Hawaii…is planning to roll the money into Title II, the main federal program dealing with teacher quality.
3) Some combat veterans finding new lives as Texas teachers  The U.S. Department of Defense program helps recent veterans navigate teacher certification processes
4) Survey shows more than 530 teacher vacancies in Oklahoma   … about 1,400 emergency certificates are expected to be issued for the upcoming year for teachers teaching outside their area of expertise.

Hechinger Report. Rural schools turn to high-tech teacher training solutions  A collective of schools in Kentucky decided to make its own training model for teachers

1) Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago  Elementary and secondary schools with large numbers of black and Hispanic students are less likely to have experienced teachers, …
2) Reader Idea | Using Times Education Articles With Aspiring Teachers in China  The idea below explains how Lindsey Russo and Sarah Elia use New York Times articles with their students as they prepare to travel from China to New York to complete their studies in early childhood education.
3) Student Loan Company Accused of Mismanaging Debt Forgiveness Program  The company, based in Harrisburg, Pa., holds an exclusive contract with the Education Department to service all loans enrolled in the public service loan forgiveness program and the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant program, or TEACH, which offers assistance to those who teach in high-need areas.

Policy Innovators in Education. The Power of Data Makes Educators “Learner Ready”  The report examines the challenges of lack of access to information—felt by educators, preparation programs, policymakers, and families as they try to navigate important decisions without a complete picture.

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning & Equity. Deadline for proposals extended until August 26 [edTPA Conf. Nov. 3-7; San Jose]

City and State New York. [OnEducation Event 8/16/2017]
1) Elia, Fariña and Milliken address equity and ESSA at On Education
2) Fireside Chat with Betty Rosa & MaryEllen Elia

SUNY Charter Schools Institute. Public Comment Period Now Open: Alternative Teacher Certification Compliance Pathways for SUNY

United University Professions. Public comment period on SUNY charter school proposal

Chalkbeat. NYC announces it will subsidize hiring from Absent Teacher Reserve — and sheds light on who is in the pool  The largest share of teachers in the ATR — 27 percent — are licensed to teach in early childhood or elementary school grades. Another 11 percent are licensed social studies teachers, 9 percent are math teachers and 8 percent are English teachers.

NY1. Early Head Start offers full-time school for two-year-olds by training parents to teach  …so the city started a second new program, a partnership between Children’s Services and CUNY paying for the parents of Head Start students to go back to school and become accredited teachers.

NYPost. Making kids suffer for teachers no one wants  Then again, many aren’t too valuable: A 2010 report by Chalkbeat found that nearly a quarter of ATRs were only licensed to teach specialized classes like swimming, jewelry-making and accounting.

NYTimes. City Will Move Sidelined Teachers From Limbo to Classrooms  …better for students to have a permanent teacher with the appropriate license than to have a rotation of substitutes.

Teachers College. First, Peace – Now, Music: A new program funded by the Jaffe family brings music to city schools  Through the program, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers earn master’s degrees at TC while teaching in high-needs New York City public schools. More than 850 of these Jaffe Fellows have become teachers during the program’s 32 years of teacher support and preparation.

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