Week of Aug. 7 in Teacher Ed News

| August 11, 2017

BBC. How Canada became an education superpower  Another distinguishing feature is that Canada’s teachers are well paid by international standards – and entry into teaching is highly selective.

Chalkbeat. Some Top U.S. Educators Went to Finland. Their Big Takeaway: Empower Teachers  Teacher preparation programs are rigorous and selective, and there’s only about a 10 percent acceptance rate, Nelson said. Because of that, teachers are not evaluated through standardized test scores. 

Commonwealth of Learning. A call to empower teachers to lead the next wave of the OER movement  We will need to rethink learning resources completely and empower teachers, through their initial training and through ongoing professional development, to contribute to curriculum and resource improvement as members of a learning community. 

European Conference on Educational Research, August 22-25, 2017; Copenhagen, Denmark. Online programme.

1) Dissertation Award Entries Due Aug. 18
2) Louisiana Tech Leads Transformation of Student Teaching With TEAM Model

Bridge Magazine. Fewer college students want to be teachers, and why it matters (searchable database)

Chalkbeat. A new study shows why it’s so hard to improve teacher preparation  It’s a difficult task, since there are two degrees of separation between a teacher training program and students taking state tests, and researchers use complex value-added models to control for a number of factors.

Chronicle. Award-Winning Teachers Reflect on Their Training

Data Quality Campaign. Using Data to Ensure That Teachers Are Learner Ready on Day One [calls attention to current data challenges faced by educator preparation providers (EPPs) and offers suggestions and examples for states to improve the situation.]

Detroit Free Press. Badly wanted in Detroit: Teachers for the upcoming school year  The vacancies are a symptom of a larger problem. Across the country, the number of people entering teacher preparation programs is down significantly. So is the number of people receiving teaching certificates.

1) Idaho schools try new tactics to combat teacher shortage  In Shoshone, there’s a relatively new partnership with Eastern Oregon University’s teaching preparation satellite program in Ontario, Ore., just across the state border.
2) Trump Ed. Dept. to Michigan: Your ESSA Plan Is Missing Major Details  It’s seeking a more complete explanation of how the state will train teachers to work with gifted students.

Educators Rising. Smyrna High School Seniors Train with Micro-credentials for Careers in Teaching

Hechinger Report. Will a one-year residency better prepare aspiring educators for a new style of teaching?  Summit charter school network in California will certify its own teachers so they’re steeped in the school’s culture

KQED. For Teachers Who Dread Math, Finding a Better Way  These words aligned with what Zager had observed in her job mentoring student teachers who expressed similar reservations about math. Teachers’ sentiment toward math is noteworthy because research has shown that adults can transfer anxiety to kids.

1) Professors as Targets of Internet Outrage  The Professor Watch List, for one, created last year by the conservative group Turning Point USA, is helping drive a new level of scrutiny of professors who, it says, “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” [Education faculty incl. Jenn Adair, Univ. of Texas; Bill Ayers, Univ. of Ill-Chicago; Sara Goldrick-Rab, Temple Univ.]
2) Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track  … the four-course sequence for which teachers were training at Marshall University, require math and physics instruction as rigorous as in the College Board’s Advanced Placement track. 

Washington Post. Why immigration proposal would have barred best teacher in America   It took him 10 years of study to learn the language and acquire California versions of the teaching credentials he had already earned in Bolivia.

Chalkbeat. Amid concerns about plan to let charter schools certify their own teachers, changes could be on the way

HuffPost [Blog]. How Charter Schools Buy Political Support  Cuomo’s political appointees who serve as trustees of the State University of New York (SUNY) are considering a proposal to exempt charter schools from the public school teacher certification requirements they approved less than two months ago.

Politico New York. How New York stopped being the nation’s education reform capital  After the evaluation deal collapsed, other dominoes fell: earlier this year, the Board of Regents, led by opt-out ally Betty Rosa, did away with a rule requiring potential New York teachers pass a literacy test. [Academic Literacy Skills Test: ALST]

1) New York City to bring high-profile Teaching Fellows program in-house, ending role for nonprofit TNTP  …the fellowship program was conceived to quickly place professionals from other fields into the city’s classrooms, skirting the traditional certification process.
2) Teach for America is sending more teachers into NYC this year — and it might have Donald Trump to thank  The summer institute also now counts as credit toward a master’s degree, offered through the Relay Graduate School of Education, which for the first time helped run its summer training program.
3) What New York City students learned about Christopher Columbus when their own classroom was ‘discovered’  In order to truly integrate, advocates say educators need to take a close look at the lessons they teach. In other words, schools need to be adept in culturally relevant teaching — making sure students of all identities are reflected in what is taught and how it’s taught.

Kings County Politics. Uncommon Schools Creating Pipeline of Teachers of Color in Brooklyn  …155 rising college seniors who are trying out their teaching skills at Uncommon Schools this summer in various locations, including Brooklyn.

NYPost. DOE fails to provide Harlem schools with librarians: activists  The DOE suggested Friday that there’s a shortage of certified librarians to staff city schools.