Week of April 30 in Teacher Ed News

| May 4, 2018

. Professionalizing Teaching Isn’t About More Compensation For the Same Occupation     things that the countries with the best-performing education systems have done to assure a steady supply of first rate teachers… include raising the standards for admission to teacher education programs, much more rigorous programs of education in the subjects to be taught and much better training for the craft of teaching…

International Education News. The Latest Recommendations for Education Reform in Finland

NYTimes. Facing Budget Cuts and Teacher Shortages at Home, American School Districts Look Abroad to Hire   …the Philippines purposefully trains teachers, nurses and other workers “in a way that it’s easy for them to pass muster from licensing authorities here. They obviously speak English and they are willing to work.”

AssociatedPress. Proposed rule on teacher preparation programs draws pushback   A rule that would allow the New Mexico Public Education Department to oversee teacher preparation programs has garnered criticism and pushback by school leaders and education groups.

1) Arizona Teachers Face Heavy Resistance as They Continue to Strike.  … consequences for teachers could be if there are complaints made about their refusal to work—but they could include a letter of censure, suspension, or the revocation of their teaching license.
2) Museums Are Dabbling in Teacher Training, and the Results Are Promising
3) Playing Games in Teacher Education: How Do Preservice Teachers Respond to Game-Based Learning

Hechinger Report. Are teachers losing their grip on the middle class?   At Arizona’s three public universities, enrollment in undergraduate and graduate teaching programs has dropped by nearly twenty per cent since 2008. Over the same period, nationally, the number of college students majoring in education declined by fourteen per cent.

1) Economist to Lead Harvard School of Education
2) Private Lenders Eye Graduate Loan Market   The council argues that graduate students should have the option to take out private loans if they so choose but should also be able to borrow federal loans up to the full cost of their education. Students who aren’t able to do so, the group argues, lose access to benefits like income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Kappa Delta Pi. Getting Political About Teacher Preparation for Multilingual Learners [OpEd]   …most programs do not offer sufficient experiences to develop “sociopolitical consciousness,” or understanding of how social and political issues affect the education of multilingual learners.

NEA Today.
1) How Independent Teacher Prep Programs Fail Our Most Vulnerable Students
2) It is Time for Betsy DeVos to Resign   She led the charge to cut $9.2 billion from the Department of Education—eliminating teacher training programs and college prep courses for students in poverty.

NYTimes. Teacher Pay Is So Low in Some U.S. School Districts That They’re Recruiting Overseas   Many short-staffed schools turn to Teach for America, which recruits recent college graduates and career-changers for two-year stints in the classroom. But to hire a Teach for America recruit, who may have no teaching experience or coursework in education, the district must pay $5,000 per teacher, in addition to salaries.

Teachers College. Professor William Gaudelli will become Dean of Lehigh University’s College of Education

The Harvard Crimson. Faust Says Bacow Will ‘Focus’ on PROSPER Act, Though Bill Remains Stalled   …the bill is stalled in the House and the outcome of the Nov. 2018 midterm elections will likely have significant bearing on whether the PROSPER Act progresses.

The State.
1) ‘All of that costs money’: Solving SC’s teacher crisis is going to be expensive  Several legislative proposals would ease the financial burden on teachers looking to renew their certification or increase their pay.
2) No US passport. No education degree. Meet your child’s new SC teacher  Increasingly, they’re recruiting them from other countries and other states and through programs that, for example, take professionals in other careers and turn them into teachers in a matter of months.


NYSED Office of Higher Education
1) April Newsletter

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. New York City to add almost 50 bilingual programs, the latest in a push to help English learners  …the education department is helping with tuition reimbursement for other Albanian-speaking teachers who are working towards earning certifications to teach English learners.