Week of April 3 in Teacher Ed News

| April 10, 2017

NOTE: Teacher Ed News will resume the week of April 24


Huff Post. In Africa, For-Profit School Chain Plays Legal Hardball  In Bridge International Academies teachers are no longer teachers, but classroom managers who deliver scripted instruction. Many barely have high school educations themselves.

Unite for Quality Education. ‘May’ Days In March: Bridge Asked To Account By UK Parliament  …leads us to conclude that the teacher is just a cypher for learning and managing decisions made in the head office of a distant country thousands of miles away.



1) Educators Called to Disrupt Inequality at TeachingWorks Forum [Deborah Ball, Jason Kamras, Ernest Morrell, Na’ilah Suad Nasir]

2) Forum Promotes Systems Approach to Educator Preparation Policy



1) Principals matter — and Tennessee wants to do a better job of equipping them  Before, Title II money could only be used to train teachers in four academic core subjects. Now, it can be used to support principals, too.

2) Tennessee overhauls approach to low-performing schools under plan sent to Secretary DeVos  Tennessee’s plan… details how the state will use federal funds for everything from guidance counselors to teacher preparation to arts education.


Clayton Christensen Institute. Will deregulation help teacher preparation?



1) Educators Oppose Trump Plan to Scrap Teacher-Support Program  Pedro Rivera, the state chief in Pennsylvania, said his state considered both teacher preparation and educator effectiveness in writing its plan, which proposes moving to a full-year internship for beginning teachers…

2) Teacher-Prep Slow to Embrace Social-Emotional Learning

3) Video: Teachers Learn How to Use Popular Musical ‘Hamilton’ in the Classroom  Last month, 400 New York City public school teachers, half of whom were Teach for America corps members, saw the musical. (This was a fundraiser for Teach for America’s New York chapter and was sponsored by Barclays…)


Hope Street Group. The Future of Teacher Prep: A Conversation with Educators and Other Experts [April 11, 10-11:30 EDT]


Nashville Teacher Residency. Welcoming NTR’s Second Intern Cohort



1) The Assimilation of a Student Teacher: A step-by-step plan for smoothly transitioning a future educator into your classroom.

2) When Physical Education Is Cut, Who Picks Up the Slack? it should be common sense for all school districts to invest in PE as part of the academic day and not to expect classroom teachers — few of whom have training in exercise science — to try to fit it in when they can.


Nat’l Educ. Policy Cntr [NEPC]. Review of [NCTQ’s] Within Our Grasp: Achieving Higher Admissions Standards in Teacher Prep



1) 2 Education Dept. Picks Raise Fears on Civil Rights Enforcement  …raising fears that the agency could pull back from enforcing civil rights in schools and on college campuses.

2) Learning to Think Like a Computer  “computational thinking” is captivating educators, from kindergarten teachers to college professors, offering a new language and orientation to tackle problems in other areas of life.

3) Who Needs Charters When You Have Public Schools Like These?  a Union teacher with two decades’ experience and a doctorate earns less than $50,000. Her counterpart in Scarsdale, N.Y., earns more than $120,000.


SeattleTimes. Innovative training program places more teachers of color in Seattle’s public schools


Picower, B. & Kohli, R. (Eds.). (2017.) Confronting Racism in Teacher Education: Counternarratives of Critical Practice. New York: Routledge.


Singularity University. 6 Tips on the Future of Learning from Actual Teenage Exponential Thinkers  The role of the educator, however, is shifting from an individual who delivers facts to that of a guide… Their favorite teachers were those who asked questions, not those who gave answers.


The Atlantic. The Alt-Right Curriculum: Teachers are facilitating conversations with students about white nationalism.



Buffalo News. Buffalo looks to own students to diversify teaching force  Students who finish the program will be given preference for jobs in the city schools – in exchange for a five-year commitment to teach in Buffalo once they graduate.


Chalkbeat. As state budget debate rages on, Board of Regents set to push back on Success Academy renewals  The Regents will hear a presentation about establishing a computer science teaching certificate.


NYSED Regents. Board of Regents Act To Amend State’s Teacher Certification Requirements Based On Recommendations Of Expert Panel And Public Input  NYSED will accept comments on the proposed amendments for 45 days. Please email comments to regcomments@nysed.gov(link sends e-mail)



Chalkbeat. Students were allowed to enroll in troubled Renewal schools — even after they were slated for closure  Aaron Pallas, a professor at Teachers College, said that given the thousands of students who are assigned mid-year, sending 25 to closing schools did not seem like a large number.



1) Teaching for Social Justice in the Early Childhood Classroom [commentary]

2) Mindful L2 Teacher Education: A Sociocultural Perspective on Cultivating Teachers’ Professional Development [book review]


NOTE: Teacher Ed News will resume the week of April 24