Week of April 23 in Teacher Ed News

| April 27, 2018

KT Press
. Rwanda Launches $6M Technical Teacher Training Institute

Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia Teacher Training Project (CTTP)

The Star, Kenya. Number of trainees in teacher training colleges rises, bureau statistics show


Association for Teacher Educators.
CFP Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA Feb. 15-19 [deadline July 1]

Chalkbeat. Newark looks to build school-to-work ‘pipeline’ by boosting vocational education   Individuals who have studied or worked in certain industries can get provisional teaching certificates, but they must then undergo two years of classroom supervision and coursework to become fully certified.

Chronicle of Higher Education.
1) Drew Cloud Is a Well-Known Expert on Student Loans. One Problem: He’s Not RealAfter The Chronicle spent more than a week trying to verify Cloud’s existence, the company that owns The Student Loan Report confirmed that Cloud was fake.
2) It Matters a Lot Who Teaches Introductory Courses. Here’s Why.   Because Ran’s new paper combines administrative data from six community colleges with a detailed faculty survey, it is able to shed light on why students who take early courses with adjuncts (a term it uses interchangeably with part-time faculty) fare worse, said Ran, a senior research assistant in the Community College Research Center at Teachers College of Columbia University.

CNN Opinion [L. Darling-Hammond] What teacher strikes are really about  Because teaching has grown so unattractive as a profession, teacher education enrollments have dropped by more than 30% in recent years while turnover also climbed.

Education Week. ‘I Am Scared to Walk Into a Classroom’: A Preservice Teacher on School Violence   This cannot be an issue on which future teachers remain idle and silent, twiddling our thumbs. Current teachers, responding to suggestions from lawmakers that teachers should be armed, began the #ArmMeWith movement… It’s never too early for preservice teachers to join the conversation.

Hechinger Report. Study: The U.S. isn’t doing enough to prepare students for the automation age   …the five top-performing countries have all started to adapt teacher education for the workforce changes ahead, the study says. This often involves training teachers in the use of advanced technologies.

Inside Higher Ed. Pentagon on PROSPER [US Higher Education Act reauthorization] Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which was created with bipartisan support in 2007, promises that student loan borrowers who work for employers in the public or nonprofit sector and make 120 qualifying monthly payments will have the remainder of their federal loan balance discharged. It potentially makes the armed forces, as well as other public employers, attractive to younger workers [including teachers] who might not consider that option otherwise…

Learning Policy Institute. Diversifying the Teacher Workforce: How to Recruit and Retain Teachers of Color   Barriers to recruitment and retention include: Inadequate teacher preparation when teachers enter through alternative routes and try to teach while they are in training…

1) Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class   “My adjusted gross income is $28,000,” said Shala Marshall, a Spanish teacher at Jenks High School. A 17-year veteran with a master’s degree and a finalist for Oklahoma teacher of the year, Ms. Marshall has two children. “I can’t support a family on that,” she said.
2) Teaching Activities for: ‘A Lynching Memorial Is Opening. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It.’
3) The Teachers’ Revolt Spreads to Arizona   … Arizona has such an acute teacher shortage that many schools are already hiring teachers without formal education training, some with only high school diplomas. 

Politico. Third judge rules against Trump move to end DACA

The Hill. The risk of kicking higher ed reauthorization down the road   …HELP Committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), indicated markup of the bill could begin this month. Let’s hope it does.

The 74. How the Push for Preschool Teachers to Earn Costly College Degrees Could Strain a System in Which Wages Are Only Half of K-12 Teachers’


My Brother’s Keeper
.  2018 Symposium for MBK Communities [April 27-28] featured speakers incl: TC Prof. Dr. Yolanda Sealy-Ruiz

NYSATE/NYACTE. CFP Fall Conference Oct. 12-18 [deadline May 15]


NYC Dept. of Education.
WeTeachNYC.  Search the library for lessons, professional learning resources, etc.

Teachers College.
1) Office of Teacher Education (OTE) social media updates OTE Twitter  OTE LinkedIn
2) Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) Program. 2018-19 applications now open [deadline Sept. 10]