Week of April 2 in Teacher Ed News

| April 6, 2018

The Irish Times.
Ten ways to tackle the teacher supply crisis   In no other profession are trainees asked to deliver a service unpaid for two years, while paying fees of more than €12,000 while they do so. We don’t ask nursing students to do so, so why do we expect teachers to teach unpaid?

The Guardian. Outdoor learning grows in Scotland as grasp of benefits takes root   The rest of the UK has likewise seen a huge growth in forest nurseries, teacher training and campaigns to celebrate outdoor learning…

The New York Times.
1) An International Final Four: Which Country Handles Student Debt Best?   The judging panel, which includes… Judith Scott-Clayton, associate professor of economics and education, Teachers College, Columbia University…
) Johan van Hulst, Who Helped Save 600 Children From the Nazis, Dies at 107   He headed a teachers’ college in Amsterdam when he came up with a plan to save hundreds of children from being sent to Nazi death camps.

Voice of America. Techno Teachers: Finnish School Tests Robot Educators  Despite their skills in language and mathematics however, the robots’ inability to maintain discipline amongst a class of primary school children means that, for the time being at least, the human teachers’ jobs are safe.


1) 2018 Annual Meeting Closing Keynote with Diane Ravitch
2) Diversifying the Teaching Workforce: An Observer’s Reflections

1) ESSA Pressures States to Assure All Students Have Good Teachers   Instead, many states included lofty goals in their ESSA plans that could take a decade or more to be realized, such as improving teacher preparation…
2) How Oklahoma’s Low Pay Dashed My Hopes of Teaching in My Tribal Community   After getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, I accepted a position to teach on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Laveen, Ariz…
3) New Teachers Report That They Feel Well-Prepared for Their Roles   … 80 percent of beginning teachers reported feeling most prepared to teach their subject matter, while 75 percent felt well prepared to align their instruction to content standards.
4) Tech Giants Announce New Funding for 1-to-1 Devices, Computer Science Education  Verizon Innovative Learning, the education initiative of the telecommunications company’s foundation, pledged more than $200 million Monday to furnish technology, teacher training, and internet connectivity…
5) Why One West Virginia Teacher of the Year Stood on the Picket Lines   Without competitive wages and excellent teacher preparation programs we will continue to be unable to fill the over 700 vacancies we currently have in classrooms across the state. 

Forbes. Teacher Strikes Strike Deeper Than Paychecks  Teacher education enrollment dropped by 35% between 2009 and 2014, and almost every U.S. state is experiencing teacher shortages. Several states have recently lowered certification requirements to attract people to the profession.

InsideHigherEd. More Aid for Student Parents: Congress triples federal funding for low-income student parents   … completing an online master’s degree through Grand Canyon University and expects to begin student teaching this fall before starting a career as an elementary school teacher — an outcome she said wouldn’t have been possible without the on-campus childcare.

National Center for Education Statistics. Preparation and Support for Teachers in Public Schools: Reflections on the First Year of Teaching   This Statistics in Brief investigates early-career teachers’ preparation for teaching and receipt of support by selected characteristics of the schools in which they taught during the 2011–12 school year.

1) A Student Loan Fix for a Teacher, and Many Other Public Servants  “The fight isn’t over until every single nurse, teacher, police officer and firefighter gets the student loan forgiveness that they earned.”
2) Building Skills Outside the Classroom With New Ways of Learning   Lasell’s “Pathways to Teacher Diversity” — part of a statewide effort supported by a Gates Foundation grant — is a partnership with four school districts in the state intended to encourage more high school students of color to pursue careers in education.

The Nation. No Wonder Teachers Are Saying Enough Is Enough   About half of public-school teachers have a Master’s degree. For every $1 someone with a Master’s makes, a teacher with a Master’s makes 79 cents.

Washington Post. Algorithms: Why you should learn what they are, how they affect you and your kids — and whether they actually work   This post looks at this problem and argues for “algorithm transparency.” It was written by Charles Tocci, an assistant professor of social studies education at Loyola University Chicago, a parent and a former high school teacher in Chicago Public Schools.


Inside Higher Ed
. New York Budget Restores Bundy Aid   Boosters of private colleges in New York are cheering after the state passed a budget including funding for a long-running program providing unrestricted aid to independent colleges based on their degree productivity.

NYS Education DeptApril Regents meeting agenda

NYS Register. Continuous Accreditation Requirement for Educator Preparation Providers  Data, views or arguments may be submitted by April 9th to: Kelly Grace, NYS Education Department, Office of Higher Education, 89 Washington Avenue, Room 979 EBA, Albany, NY 12234, (518) 486-3633, email: regcomments@nysed.gov

. ‘Connecting kids with who they are’: Why school diversity advocates are optimistic about Chancellor Richard Carranza  “There was a palpable, racist antithesis to the establishment of mariachi curriculum,” he told a documentary filmmaker. “How can you be against connecting kids with who they are?”

Diverse Issues in Higher Education. NYC Men Initiative Diversifies Teacher Workforce   “One place where we lose students in the [teacher] pipeline is actually in the K-12 setting,” said Dr. Travis Bristol…

NYTimes. Homework Therapists’ Job: Help Solve Math Problems, and Emotional Ones   Today, most educators are trained in social-emotional development, and advancements in brain imaging are increasingly indicating how closely cognition and emotions are linked.

Teachers College.
1) TR@TC2 hosts: “You Can’t Fire the Bad Ones!” – Book Talk at Teachers College [Mon, April 16, 2018 5:00 PM]  William Ayers, Crystal Laura, and Rick Ayers debunk persistent misconceptions about teachers, teachers’ unions, school “choice,”…
2) TR@TC2 AERA presentations. Teaching Residents research presentations