(Shocking) Week of Nov. 7 in Teacher Ed News

| November 11, 2016

Bangkok Post. OBEC to test teachers in maths, science The move is part of the Education Ministry’s effort to improve the quality of teachers in STEM-related subjects

Borneo Post. Conversion of teacher education institutes ‘stupid’

TeacherProgress [UK]. Our Teacher Prep Portal is designed to support applicants in preparing for their Initial Teacher Training programme.

AERA Educational Change SIG. LEAD THE CHANGE SERIES Q&A with Alfie Kohn …not how teachers can deliver information more effectively but whether learning is best understood as the delivery of information

1) Are ‘Qualified’ Science Teachers Culturally Competent?
2) Ed Schools Target New Source of Recruits The call to the profession came in a letter declaring that the recipient had the “qualities to become an outstanding teacher”
3) Trump Might Want to Scrap the Education Department; How Doable Is That?

1) After welcoming almost 150 undocumented teachers, Teach for America starts planning for a Trump reality
2) The day after: Hard questions as education reform wakes up to Trump’s America

Hechinger Report.
1) Donald Trump and teaching in a democracy: Where did we go wrong?: A collective failure
2) The mystery of President-elect Donald J. Trump and his education agenda: ‘There’s not much more’
3) Schoolchildren “have a lot of questions and a lot of fear” in aftermath of Trump victory

Hunt Institute. Teacher Preparation Programs: A Critical Vehicle to Drive Student Achievement

NPR. Poverty Wages For U.S. Child Care Workers May Be Behind High Turnover The state recently started requiring lead teachers like her to have a four-year degree…

NYTimes. More Awkward Than a 9th Grader [OpEd by D. Leonhardt re Boston Match Charters] Match takes the art of teaching very seriously… They regularly talk about how to get better at their jobs,

The Atlantic.
1) The Burden of Being a Black Teacher Increasing the pipeline of black college students pursuing teaching isn’t enough, nor is rethinking how colleges of education operate.
2) Ignorance Does Not Lead to Election Bliss: Perhaps the country’s political state owes itself to the failures of its education system.many teaching positions are filled by people with limited classroom training or educators who aren’t experts in the field …
3) There’s a body of research on cognitive reading processes, so why isn’t it being utilized? If you go to a school of education where they’re teaching the teachers of the future, there are few, if any, courses about reading.

EduKention. Advocating for Education: Meeting with Legislators

NYSED. ATS-W (edTPA Safety Net exam) VOUCHERS now available

Politico New York. Seismic national election leaves dynamic intact for New York education policy There’s no altered political balance in New York as a result of this election, so I think continuity in the policy balance is likely

Chalkbeat. How hip-hop, a field day and letter-writing are helping NYC students take action after the election

NYDailyNews. Teachers help immigrant kids cope after Donald Trump’s election win 

TC International Education Week Nov. 14-18

WNYC SchoolBook. How to Talk About the Election with Students