Month of August in Teacher Ed News

| August 31, 2018

Deutsche Welle
. Germany is desperate for teachers   The problem is the result of many factors: an increase in births, a large influx of refugees, a generation of teachers retiring, a lack of investment in education and high hurdles to get into teacher training programs at universities.

Inside Education. Southern Africa has low levels of trained teachers   According to the report, sub-Saharan Africa will need to train an additional four million primary school teachers and 11 million secondary school teachers over the next 12 years.

Le Monde Diplomatique. Privatisation de l’école, le fiasco suédois   …réplique Samuel E. Abrams, directeur du Centre national d’étude de la privatisation de l’éducation à l’université Columbia, aux États-Unis : « Ceux qui dégagent des profits dans ce secteur ont la motivation implicite de contrevenir aux intérêts des citoyens. Les parents, les contribuables, les législateurs ne peuvent pas savoir si les élèves apprennent ce qu’ils doivent apprendre. La probabilité qu’il se produise des malversations augmente quand il y a la possibilité de faire des profits. »

NCEE. Singapore’s Educator Career Ladder: A First-Person Account   NIE is Singapore’s teacher training and research institution and AST is the nation’s teacher-led professional development organization. [by Qidong ‘Alan’ Yang, alum of MALEC, NIE/TC joint degree program]

NYTimes. Mexico President Defends Missing Students Investigation   In a short video released via Twitter, Pena Nieto said he remained convinced that the students from the teachers college at Ayotzinapa were killed by a drug gang and incinerated in a massive fire.


1) 2019 Annual Meeting Registration Now Open Feb. 22-24, Louisville, KY
) Colleges of Education: A National Portrait (2018) …a comprehensive picture of colleges of education: the work that they do, the people who do that work, and the students they serve… the full spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programs, research, and service that occur within schools, colleges, and departments of education.

Chalkbeat. A cutting edge teacher training program is coming to Detroit’s main district and Marygrove College  Teacher training at the school would be modeled after doctor training. After student teaching alongside veteran educators, new teachers will remain at the school for three more years to continue their training while helping other, newer teachers learn the profession. The concept comes out of the school of education at the University of Michigan, which is partnering with the district to create the new school.

Chronicle of Higher Education. Universities That Granted the Most Research Doctorates, Over All and by Field, FY 2016


Rank Institution Doctorates
1. Teachers College, Columbia U. 119
2. U. of Georgia 101
3. Walden U. 95

1) Arne Duncan’s Take on School Reform: Read It!  …the top-performing nations don’t focus on getting rid of bad teachers.  They concentrate instead on creating an over-supply of great teachers.  Duncan did very little on that front.
2) After Five Years, a Bold Set of Teacher-Prep Standards Still Face Challenges  “CAEP set out to improve K-12 learning through improving teacher preparation, and the question is still out—is CAEP achieving that goal?” said Brabeck, the board member. “I would like to see some progress made in answering that complicated question.”
3) Enrollment Is Down at Teacher Colleges. So They’re Trying to Change   Between the 2007-08 and 2015-16 academic years, there was a 23 percent decline in the number of people completing teacher-preparation programs. The largest decline—32 percent—has been at alternative programs (for people who already have a bachelor’s degree) that are housed in colleges or universities.
4) More Than a Dream: How to Teach King’s Famous, and Often Simplified, Speech
5) Most People Wouldn’t Want Their Child to Become a Teacher, Poll Finds   The PDK International poll on education, released today, surveyed a random national sample of 1,042 adults, which included an oversample of 515 parents of school-aged children.
6) Renewing a Teaching License Doesn’t Help With Professional Growth, Report Finds
7) Teachers in Kentucky No Longer Have to Earn a Master’s Degree

Inside Higher Ed. Report Shows Drop in Students in Teacher Ed  In the 1970s, the number of education degrees awarded annually peaked at 200,000. Today, it is less than 100,000.

Learning Policy Institute. Taking the Long View: State Efforts to Solve Teacher Shortages by Strengthening the Profession   Most states have been struggling to address teacher shortages for several years now, often filling the vacuum with underprepared teachers who aren’t able to give children the high-quality learning they need and who leave at two to three times the rate of well-prepared teachers.

Oklahoma Watch. As Teacher Shortage Nears Crisis, Other States May Offer Remedies   In just three months, state officials have already given emergency certification to 2,153 teachers who haven’t obtained certificates in the subject they will teach –surpassing the record from all of last school year. Some are certified to teach another subject area, but many have no classroom experience or training at all.

PDK Poll. Teaching: Respect but dwindling appeal  The survey is based on a random representative sample of 1,042 adults with an oversample to 515 parents of school-age children in May 2018.

SCALE/AACTE. 11th annual Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Conference, October 19th-20th, 2018 in San Jose, CA


. New York State sent 275 charter schools too much federal Title II funding and district schools too little, officials say   The state overpaid 275 charter schools and three school districts with federal Title II funds, which are used for teacher training.

1) Office of Higher Education; July Newsletter
2) State Education Department Awards My Brother’s Keeper Grants for Exemplary School Models and Practices  Also since 2016, NYSED awarded $6 million in Teacher Opportunity Corps II (TOC) grants to increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.

Politico New York. State education department mistakenly distributed $12M in federal funds toward charters   The $12 million misallocation is about 7.8 percent of the $153 million the state distributed to its Local Educational Agencies in 2017-18 for Title IIA, which supports professional development initiatives such as teacher training, recruitment and retention.

WKYT. Teachers still pursuing advanced degrees thanks to quality of online options   As you may have seen in recent news, teachers in Kentucky are no longer required to obtain an advanced degree under a decision made in August 2018 by Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB)… But that doesn’t mean they won’t (and shouldn’t) continue to earn them.


1) A college student is teaching economics at Success Academy — founder Eva Moskowitz’s son   Charter schools operate with fewer rules around hiring than district schools, which have specific anti-nepotism policies that prohibit city employees from hiring close relatives as well as certification requirements. A share of each charter school’s teachers can be uncertified.
2) New York City released its study of the SHSAT. Here’s why it won’t end the admissions debate.   “It tells us something we already knew: Kids who do well on the SHSAT do well in high school,” said Aaron Pallas, a researcher at Columbia who reviewed the study at Chalkbeat’s request. “But it doesn’t tell us what is the best combination of factors that predict who might do well in an exam school.”