Month of August in Teacher Ed News

| September 2, 2016


IEN. A Tale of Two Countries: Improvement in Germany and Decline in Australia’s Educational Performance

     …high quality of Germany’s teachers including the strong focus on initial selection, state-based examinations, training and certification.

NPR Ed. The Best Schools In The World Do This. Why Don’t We?

     …in many top-performing countries,… educators are often trained at a handful of the best, most selective universities.

The Diplomat. India’s New Education Policy: What Are The Priorities?

     …curriculum development and examination reform, teacher and faculty training, lifelong literacy, higher education and long distance learning.


AACTE. Invitation: ‘Teach to Lead’ Teacher Prep Summit With USED [deadline Sept. 15]

Brookings Institute. High hopes and harsh realities: The real challenges to building a diverse teacher workforce

New study: Teachers’ wages lag further behind their peers than ever before

     The discussion about teacher recruitment and retainment can’t overlook what teachers are getting paid,…

No professionals say, ‘I became great at my work by attending workshops.’ Why do we treat teaching differently?
How did educators in the United States reach a point where we are, incongruously, using a completely different set of practices to help adults learn to be great than any other field?

First Person: It doesn’t matter how ‘proficient’ a potential teacher is. Here’s what we look for instead

Cloaking Inequity. Breaking News: @TeachForAmerica and @KIPP stole ideas and curriculum?

EdSurge. More Than a Million Syllabuses at Your Fingertips

EduVentures. Follow the Teacher

to maintain accreditation by CAEP, educator preparation providers must demonstrate the effectiveness of their graduates by linking student outcomes …


States Loosen Teacher-Licensure Rules Amid Shortage Fears
     …dropping the requirement that teachers who are certified in other states take New York’s own certification exams.

Teacher-Prep Accreditation Group Seeks to Regain Traction: CAEP standards in force this fall

Hechinger Report. Can Teach For America get more teachers to stick around in some of the nation’s poorest schools?

HuffingtonPost (A. Singer blog). ETS to Replace Students with Avatars in Teacher Certification Exams

Nat’l Conf. of State Legislators (NCSL). No Time to Lose How to Build a World-Class Education System State by State

NEA Today. First Few Weeks as a New Teacher: 3 Things I Wish I Had Known

New York Times (OpEd, TC Assoc. Prof. C. Emdin). Why Black Men Quit Teaching
     Instead of fixating on black male teachers, we need to examine how teachers are trained, their beliefs about young minority men,…

PBS News Hour. Illinois State’s Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline [9-min. news video]

PoliticoNewYork. Overturning precedent, NLRB rules graduate students may form unions

TeacherReady. New Online Teacher Certification Program

The Atlantic. Harvard’s New Approach to America’s Teacher Deficit

Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Appeals panel denies state’s request to dismiss teacher licensing lawsuit

Univ. of VA Curry School of Ed. Research You Can Use: Educators Edition 2016

US Ed Dept. Preparing and Credentialing the Nation’s Teachers: The Secretary’s 10th Report on Teacher Quality

University Affairs. Should education professors have school-related experience?


Inside Higher Ed. St. John’s U of New York Goes Test Optional

Lohud Journal News. Tough job market for NY teacher candidates

NYSED Regents. 2016-17 meeting schedule


Teachers College.

Doctoral Specialization in Teacher Education

Teaching for the New Majority: A TC institute reimagines education for racially diverse classrooms

The Atlantic. The Underestimation of America’s Preschool Teachers: One city’s attempt to professionalize early education could be a model for the nation.